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Kakazu Yumi
Yumi Kakazu in her image
Gender Female
Born June 18, 1973
Age Age 50 to 60
Job Voice actress
Voiced BoBoiBoy

Yumi Kakazu is a Japanese actress working for Square Enix and Animonsta Studios. She is the voice actor of BoBoiBoy, also she voiced Shizuka Miyamoto in Doraemon series and also voiced Yuffie Kisaragi in Final Fantasy series.


Before Debut[]

She haven't been aiming for a voice actor since she was a kid, and what she want to do in the future is (Kore! Without deciding) Short-term universityGo to work and find employment (children's clothing, etc. apparel she vaguely thought that the relationship was good).

Initially she wanted to be an official、While attending junior college part-time job. And jugging customers Miss Wuguis、While working at Teleapo, wake up to the fun of expressing yourself. (Thinking of what I really want to do), she decided to break the service industry's internalization and challenge the world of the longing actor, and now she's going to participate in a workshop.

She asked the person she met at that time to introduce the people involved in the office and belong to the office.. TV drama、movies, she wanted to do a job like that, so she found a recruitment in an audition magazine, consulted, applied、extra experience. As she received the auditions in a variety of ways, one of the auditions that she brought was familiar with the even animation industry, and one of the auditions she brought was a voice job, and the voice actor audition was given, April 4, 1996 (Mobile New Century Gundam X) Sarah Tyrell Voice actor debut.

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