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The train runs on magnetic levitation technology. It is a very advanced piece of tech.

The Yong Pin Aerotrain is a maglev (magnetic levitation) train, using magnets and levitation coils. Though it is a maglev train, there is no such opaque railing for the train to slide through, since all maglev lines use this. As said, it is odd. 3 passengers and 1 crew member (Wahid) have been seen in the train. BoBoiBoy rides this to visit his Grandfather.

It first appeared in the Pilot Episode. BoBoiBoy noticed that Wahid the Train Driver was singing because his microphone was still on so the Driver apologized and doesn't want anyone to report to his boss about what happened.

It also appeared in the Extended Finale where BoBoiBoy rides it to go home. It appears again in Season 2, Episode 1 when BoBoiBoy reunited with Tok Aba and Ochobot.



  • The name of the train itself is named after Kee Yong Pin, the Co-Director of the Series.
  • It is unknown where it gets its power.
  • The train doesn't use wheels, therefore, it's a maglev. But, the design of the Yong Pin Aerotracks is similar to ordinary tracks.