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Ying is given her powers by Ochobot and believed that her power was Super Human Speed, until it is revealed that she has the power of Time Manipulation. This allows her to slow the speed at which the objects around her move, giving the illusion of her having super-human speed when she is actually running at a normal pace. She can also slow down or speed up people and objects within her certain controllable radius.

The only drawback to her ability is that it consumes a large amount of power and she has a limit as to how long she can alter time, indicated on her watch. In the original series, her power used to be inhibited when she sneezed and/or lost her confidence, only by sneezing and/or getting through her nervousness again could she retrieve her power back, but some time between Season 1 and Season 2, this weakness was outgrown.

Picture Powers
Running Speed
Thousand Times Kick
Powerful Scratches
Speed Kick
Time Manipulation
Screenshot 20200818 143730
Slow-Mo Speed
Supersonic Kick
High Expulsion Run