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The Wisdom Kick (Tendangan Kematangan) is one of Papa Zola's Powers.

Kick of Authourity

Season 1, Episode 7[]

It was only seen in the TV Show where Papa Zola kicked the Sleep Monster because of insulting him.

Season 3, Episode 1[]

A real life version called Kick of Handsomeness was used by Papa Zola to kick Ejo Jo.


  • In the Disney Channel version, it is called Authority Kick.


(Disney Channel English) Papa Zola: How dare you insulted me monster!

Take this the Kick of Authority!

Sleeping Monster: Yaaah! Yaaah! Yaaaah!

(YouTube English)

Papa Zola: How dare you insulted me!

My Wisdom Kick!

Sleep Monster: Yaaah! Yaaah! Yaaah!