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The Whirling Wind (Pusaran Angin) is one of BoBoiBoy Wind's abilities.


Wind conjures up a protective whirlwind around himself to deflect projectiles.

Due to it's basic concept as a defensive move, BoBoiBoy is able to utilize it efficiently, even before evolving into Cyclone.


  • In the YouTube English version of the series, Whirling Twister is both known as Wind Attack and Tornado Attack.
  • It can also be called Pusaran Taufan in Season 2, Episode 9.
Leaf Whirlwind

Leaf using a whirlwind of leaves to deflect oncoming attacks.


  • In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, BoBoiBoy Leaf uses a similar attack called Leaf Whirlwind which is used in a very similar matter.
  • In the YouTube English Version of BoBoiBoy, Whirling Wind is also known as Wind Attack, Whirling Twister, and Tornado Attack.
  • In Season 2, Episode 9, it was known as Pusaran Taufan which roughly translates to Swirling Hurricane.