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What Yaya Says: Avoid eating Junk Food (Apa Kata Yaya: Elak Makan Makanan Ringan) is a special commercial of TV3 for BoBoiBoy.



The commercial/episode opens with Gopal transforming a book into crackers. He then asks BoBoiBoy what should he transform next, and he tells him to transform nuts, bolts, slippers and a vase to food. Gopal requests BoBoiBoy to throw the items towards the sky, and he did so. Gopal transforms the items into candies, pizza slices and lollipops. As Gopal and BoBoiBoy slowly indulge in the food, Yaya suddenly enters and asks what are they doing. BoBoiBoy was shocked, but Gopal, with a mouth full of candy, is confused. Yaya proceeds to tell them that junk foods are not good for them. BoBoiBoy says that they know, but Gopal says that they are delicious. Yaya says that they may be delicious but they are not good for the health. Gopal says that he is healthy after all. Suddenly, his tooth falls out. BoBoiBoy warns him about it, and realized it. He shrieks in horror and runs away. BoBoiBoy, running after him, exclaims that they have to go to the dentist to check the tooth. Yaya then looks at the viewers and gives them a message about refraining from eating junk foods and eating healthier foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Location featured[]


Differences between the old and new versions[]

Animonsta Studios released an improved version of the commercial with a few differences:

  • It's obvious that the characters are in their Season 2 designs.
  • When BoBoiBoy says "Ha," in the beginning, his fists are showing. In the old version, he never showed his fists.
  • In the old version, the slippers and vase are transformed first before the nuts and bolts. In the new version, the nuts and bolts are transformed first.
  • When Gopal is ready to transform the objects, he is shown to be fully smiling. In the old version, he shows little part of the inside of his mouth.