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Water Whale Sphere (Bebola Paus Air) is one of BoBoiBoy Water's abilities. It is a super-sized Water Ball in the shape of a whale. It was used to attack BoBoiBot Water in Season 3.

Short Comic: Fire vs. Water[]

BoBoiBoy Water used this move against BoBoiBoy Fire's "Giant Fireball". The impact was so strong that it shattered the shield created by BoBoiBoy Earth and Fang.

Season 3, Episode 20[]

BoBoiBoy Water used this move in an attempt to stop BoBoiBot from transforming into BoBoiBot Water. It did affect Adu Du, but it only made BoBoiBot Water stronger.

Season 3, Episode 25[]

He used this move against Captain Kaizo's shield but it was evaporated by BoBoiBoy Fire's "Giant Fireball".