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Water Shot (Tembakan Air) is an attack move of BoBoiBoy Water.




  • He shoots out either one or multiple concentrated torrent of water shots from his Water Bubble.
  • He can do it either on land or in air.

Short Comic: Fire vs. Water[]

He used this to attack BoBoiBoy Fire.

Season 3, Episode 20[]

Water Shot

Water Shot done from a Water Bubble

He used this move against BoBoiBot Thunderstorm and successfully stunned him by blasting a water shot on one of his Thunder Blades.

He used again to try to defeat BoBoiBot Water but it had no effect.

Season 3, Episode 25[]

He used this in an attempt to shatter Captain Kaizo's shield.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie[]

He used this move against Bora Ra but missed.