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Hai! Saya Regina Chua :))) I'll consider myself as 1/4chinese and 1/4 American and 1/4 Malay and 1/4 Filipina.

-known to be Fang's #1 Peminat in the whole world!!!

but it's not that i started good at the Boboiboy Show, wanna know my story about being Boboiboy's PEMBENCI to a Boboiboy's Fan? here it is...

Before, i really hate Boboiboy because his name contains "Bobo" which means "dumb" in Filipino. then while I'm selecting a channel i glimpsed first at the episode which Boboiboy was afraid of popping balloons, then it happened to be my laughtrip haha.since then i watch boboiboy daily and then the season 2 came, then i have noticed that Fang is the most handsome guy in the whole cartoon world, so even if it's 6:30, i managed to wake up earlier than that to watch that show and to see my love, Fang. It's not that easy because when i fell in love with him, many changes occured.

Compatibility percentage: 90%
Fang                 Regina
Hot Tempered Hot Tempered
Clever Clever
Stylish Stylish
Chinese Chinese
easily Jealous easily Jealous
has a lot of admirers has a lot of admirers
Desocializing Desocializing

Fang and Regina kiss

Me dressed up as likely as Fang

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High School Life

My high school life was full of mysteries and miseries. 

  • Mystery because my perspective in this world are much influenced by television.
  • Misery because every year i am not strong enough to be BULLYPROOF.

The happiest year of being a highschooler for me is 3rd Year.

The most miserable is when i was a 4th year graduating student. I maybe the dorkest person who ever joined the citizenship army training (C.A.T). Aside for being an absent-minded, i am the only girl who always receive punishments from our commander.

Titles and Credits

Here are some titles which best describes me during my high school life:
  1. Best in Physics (4th Year)- Since only a few people who can pass this Physics test, and i am one of them, I got this title from my classmates...and some of them asks for my help in the formulas. My teacher also said that i am clever somehow.
  2. Hearthrob (1st Year) - I don't know why do i attract so many weirdos here in this planet. Guys who admires me were the guys whom i hate the most. To pass my test they must:
  • Be smart and studious
  • Gentleman
  • Educated 
  • Demure
  • Nice
  • Not a gangster or the ones who loves Filipino raps which contains grossy lyrics about "pag-ibig"

or else...I must avoid seeing them!

3. "Kapatid"(4th Year)-  I've earned "Frenemies"(Males) and we treat each other as brothers and sisters. We help each other  in times of need and at the same time teasing each other. Actually, they are the "heartrob" of many girls, but they are not my crush. maybe some of them admire me but their admiration had fade away cause they can't take my enigma that's why i have no boyfriend since birth in spite of raining admirers.Until one time, i met the unique one. 

4. Chuwariwariwap (1st Year)- My Social studies teacher gave this remark with me and my friends because we went back to the room from recess late. I don't know what this title have to do with us.

5. Best in Computer (1st& 2nd Year)- For being addicted when it comes to making a powerpoint presentation and other documentaries, my computer teachers praise me for having a good performance and also because I'm making a good impression in animations and following instructions.

To prove I'm right, here's my discovery:

IN PAINT: No one knows how I did it using brushstrokes made by "select" tool, brush and "Sticky Keys"

6. Best in English (4th Year)- My english teacher was very impressed with my statement at our last test. My friends asks for my assistance in writing a thesis. In some circumstances, a certain person makes me WEAK,  I mean when I'm having a conversation with him in english, my brain was really confused about the words that I use and sometimes i don't know why I'm feeling like I can't speak english and wrong grammars arise then later I realize that it's all wrong!

Somehow, there 's also  negative titles I've earned:

  1. Zombie- like what I've said with my CAT performance, my commandant gave me this horrible remark. Horrible because she shouted it out loud. I feel so humiliated in front of all my classmates and it's like that i have no face to show up because of my intense shame. Imagine, scolding me in front of them? ME ALONE!
  2. Walking Stick- Do you recall such insect as "Walking Stick"? well that's what the bullies, especially boys, shout out loud because of my slim appearance but i don't think that i am malnourished cause many girls envy my figure when we're showering at our 4th year retreat.

College Life          

Compared to what I've experienced in those preceded years, this new life is the better one. No bullies around and i feel free. But, in my course THEATER ARTS, people here do not stress themselves about studying. I am the only one who is the serious geek.

Titles that I've earned:

  1. Magna Cum Laude- My classmates calls me either "uno" or this stuff. Seriously, i was surprised because for the first time, i take the honor to be the no. 1 in academic performance.
  2. Best in Math- I always got the highest scores in Math quizzes. One time, my highest score was the only passing score. All of my classmated failed this quiz. i knew it because my Professor let me check all of the papers for getting a high grade. Now many of my classmates wants to be taught by me. Sadly, my professor said that i am the only one who will pass his subject.