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Kon'nichiwa minasan!!! Watakushi wa Jazmine de gozaimasu!

Hello everyone! My name is Jazmine Gail, and welcome to my profile. I am the ADMIN of wikia. DEPUTY ADMIN(?), the real Admin is kuya DIRK CELOSO. And the others were GV Sapan & Froties Princess

And at this article...I'm gonna say some few things about me, myself, and I.

  • I am 14 YRS. OLD and my birthday is on JULY 22 (don't miss it! Just kidding X3).
  • I am a Gr. 8 student and part-time otaku! (Anime word for Anime Lover/Fan). But I'm also a fan of BoBoiBoy of course. And I gotta admit, at my first years of being a fan, I'm soooo inlove at him but now, I can say...Due to the inffluence of my classmates (which were mostly otaku), I fell inlove on anime characters (p.s., not a weeboo, just inlove).
  • I'm a 100% Filipino and I live at Imus, Cavite, Philippines with my mom, dad, and my younger brother. But the eldest of us siblings, which is my half-sister is separated to us.
  • My hobbies or pastimes, were of course...WATCHING ANIME, DRAWING, LISTENING TO MUSICS, MAKING FAN FICTS (currently, I'm making 4 stories at once that's why I'm so stressed =_=), WRITTING QOUTES, PLAYING BASKETBALL, READING (I love love love reading), and JUST CHILLING.

Nice too meet you all!

Questions & Answers 

For more informations just read. X3 Let's start with BoBoiBoy...

  1. Q. Why did you join this wikia?

         A. 'Cause I want to show my love and supoprt from BoBoiBoy by helping contributing on this wikia

    2.  Q. What made you like BoBoiBoy?

         A. At first, I really really hate BoBoiBoy because I thought that show was lame. Until, there was a time I can't find any good show to watch and BoBoiBoy is the only cartoon available in our T.V. Bore to death, I tried it and ya know what...I LOVED IT! And ever since that day, I kept watching BBB and NEVER missed any episodes...'Til now.

 3. Q. Since when did you started watching BBB? And when is the last time?

         A. I started watching BBB when I was in Grade 3 and I was 9 yrs. old at that time to be exact. And the last time I watched it? Well...It was when I was Grade 6 (12 yrs. old) which is 2 years passed. 

 4. Q. Why did you stop?

          A. All, I say, is bullying. But, I still secretly watch it but not like before that I'm so go on about it. Another reason is that I had so much to work on like assignments, projects, & requirements. What about this summer? Well, everyone knows that most updates from animes were released mostly on summer (which is Spring in Japan). And you know me, I'm a die hard anime fan girl and the updates of most animes I watched right now is very exciting. 

  5. Q. Who is your favorite character in BBB? The one you hate the most? Why?

         A. YING!!! Because, Ying is super duper cute and I like her boyish attitude. Also, she resembles me a little and her Malaysian voice actress, Yap Ee Jean is actually my friend. X3 And the one I hate...Yaya. Why? Actually, when I stil had a huge crush on BBB, I always thought of her as my rival. Why again? Because people ship them so bad! But for now, I also ship BBB x Yaya.

  6. Q. What is your most favorite episode on BBB? What is your least favorite? Why?

          A. My most fav. episodes on BBB is the transformation episodes (BBB Lightnigh turned into Thunder, BBB Wind to Cyclone, and BBB Earth to Earthquake), because for me...IT'S SO COOL! And my least fav is Yaya is making biscuits with BBB Wind alone! (I mean, duh! BBB Wind is my most fav among the three). 

  7.  Q. Among the three BBBs, who's my most fav and why?

           A.  BBB Wind! 'Cause he's so KAWAII ~^O^~ (Japanese for "cute")

   8. Q. If you am one of BBB's gang and Ochobot gave me powers, what powers would you like to have?

           A. Ever since I watched BBB, I always wanted to have the POWER OF ICE! I don't know why, but I think ice is so COOL. Literally X"D.

   9. Q. Who's your favorite voice actor/actress in BBB?

           A. Yap Ee Jean (Ying's voice actress on Malaysian vers.)!!! <3 'Cause not that were best friends, but also she's cute! ~^O^~ And I love the way she voices Ying. <3

      10. Q. Last question. Which characters from BBB resembles you most?

            A. ALL OF THEEEM! My personality is actually mixed: Ying + Yaya + Gopal + Fang + BBB.

Now to animes. X3

  1. Q. What is your favorite anime? Why?

        A. Well, I had lots of favorite animes. But my two most favorites were Naruto Shippuden and Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin). For Naruto; because it's story line is so relatable and most characters there resembles me and I can really relate to their emotions. For Attack On Titan; I love this anime because, it's so cool! It maybe brutal (since there were lots of dead bodies, blood, etc.) but the story line is amazing! It's fighting scenes will make your mind blow for amazement. But the most reason why I love these two it's because of the life lessons they gave.


   2. Q. When did you start watching anime? What is your first anime?

         A. This might be confusing. My first anime was when I was 4 and that is Mirmo de Pon, but I had no idea it was an anime. I was just entertained, that's all. And when I was 12, my childhood friend introduced anime to me; that anime was Naruto. And the story of my otaku begins. 

     3. Q. What made you like anime?

         A. Lem'me clear this guys. I DON'T like anime...I LOVE it! I love it because...First of all, it takes me away by their amazing plots, settings, etc. Second, characters that resembles me and others. Third, it's easy to relate with them. Fourth and most reasons...It gaves life lessons. 

   4. Q. Who is your most favorite anime character? Least favorite?

        A. That's though. I had lots of favorites and I don't know who's the least. 'Cause, in every anime, I had a favorite and for me, they're my top 1. And for the bad guys...I really don't know. X"D All I can give is 5 examples of my favorite female anime characters: Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie In April), Futaba Yoshioka (Ao Haru Ride), Hinata Hyuuga (Naruto Shippuden), Isabel Magnolia (Attack On Titan), and Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul). And for the male: Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul), Takumi Usui (Maid-sama), Seijuurou Akashi (Kuroko No Basuke), Kazuto Kirigaya (Swords Art Online), Jean Kirishtein (Attack On Titan) and Zen Wistalia (Snow White with a Red Hair).

    5. Q. If you ever found a portal to anime world, which world will you want to go?

         A. Another though question!!! Argh. I just don't know. I think that every anime I watched...'I wanted to travel!

    6. Q. You top 5 favorite anime music?

          A.  *Kirameki (Your Lie In April),

               *So Ist Es Immer (Attack On Titan),  

               *Punk Funky Love (Kuroko No Basuke)

               *Lovers (Naruto Shippuden)

               *Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul)

     7. Q. Your favorite anime quote(s)? 

           A. "If you have time to think a beautiful end, then live a beautiful life until the end..." (Sakata Gintoki from Ginatama)

                "Failing doesn't give you a reason to give up as long as you believe!" (Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto Shippuden), etc. X"D