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Trio of Justice

Trio of Justice (Trio Kebenaran) is a team that consists Tok Aba, Papa Zola and Iwan. It made debut in Season 3, Episode 2.


The Trio of Justice was first formed in BoBoiBoy vs Ejo Jo Finale. BoBoiBoy's proposal was well received, especially by Papa Zola who praised the intelligence of his students. So Papa Zola and Tok Aba of worked together to form the "Malayan Superhero Team" and chose a power clock for them to wear. Tok Aba uses Ying's power watch, while Papa Zola is still confused to choose from the remaining two watches. Gopal and Yaya urge them to choose their own power clock, while BoBoiBoy tries to help by asking Papa Zola, what features he will use to choose the greatest power clock, either Gravity Manipulation Power or Molecular Manipulation Power. Finally, Papa Zola chose Yaya's watch because of its pink color.

Papa Zola's "funny" behavior made Ejo Jo almost lose focus. Gopal asked, who will wear his power watch. So Papa Zola asked his students who dared to join him. On average they refused because they were afraid and dangerous for their young age, but Iwan appear without hesitation. Tok Aba quickly told Iwan to put on Gopal's power watch, so the three of them got ready to fight. However, Papa Zola paused to discuss a more "trendy" name for his new team, making Ejo Jo lose focus on the formation of Shadow Dragon and Tok Aba who were upset and angry. After a brief discussion, Papa Zola settled on the name "Trio of Justice"! Ochobot said that Ejo Jo has not yet accumulated high maximum energy yet, so it is time to side with the newly formed hero team to save the situation.

Tok Aba starts first by using the Speed Manipulation Power to run fast towards the enemy, but stopped in the middle of the road because he felt unwell. Next, Papa Zola acts by turning on the Gravity Manipulation Power by flying swiftly in the air, but not about Ejo Jo instead hovering here and there. Although the attack of the two of th was not successful, but their behavior managed to affect Ejo Jo's focus and delayed the production of Dragon Shadow. This was confirmed by Ejo Jo's Computer who continued to support his master to continue his efforts. Despite being interrupted by Papa Zola, Ejo Jo manages to move to the next phase which is to open the vortex in the dark sky to summon the Shadow Dragon.

Through the cocoon's hole, BoBoiBoy told Iwan to change the Shadow Cocoon. Iwan immediately did what he was told to do by releasing the Molecule Manipulation Power, but to no avail. Fortunately, Papa Zola cleverly disturbed Ejo Jo with a Kick, thus canceling the vortex of the Shadow Dragon production. Seeing the kick, Gopal praised the greatness of his teacher. Ejo Jo who is angry because the production of Shadow Dragon is disrupted for the second time so ge create Shadow Self to avoid Papa Zola bothering him again. At the same time, Fang woke from fainting and saw the shadows of Ejo Jo fighting fiercely with his class teacher, while Iwan was still struggling to find a way to change Shadow Cocoon1 to save BoBoiBoy and his friends trapped inside. So, Gopal told Iwan to raise his voice while using that power, but Iwan seemed reluctant to do so.

Iwan is getting depressed to see Papa Zola being severely beaten by the shadows of Ejo Jo and screaming like a woman. Ejo Jo calls his shadow self to finish Papa Zola with the Death Kick and the production process of Dragon Shadow is almost maximum. Fortunately, Tok Aba comes and divert Papa Zola from being kicked by Ejo Jo's Shadow Self. Then, he teases Ejo Jo's Self-Shadow with Slow-Mo Power. Although the Shadow Self was destroyed, Ejo Jo was still happy because he managed to open the vortex again and remove the Shadow Dragon. Fang commented on the greatness of Ejo Jo's Dragon Shadow.

The shadow dragon tries to eat the Shadow Cocoon to swallow those who were trapped inside. After a long struggle with the power of molecular conversion without saying anything, Iwan finally complied with what his friends told him, but with one surprise, he threw an incredible hoarse voice! BoBoiBoy and Gopal giggled when he heard this, made Iwan discouraged and stopped. Yaya and Ying get angry and punish them with repeated blows. Then, Gopal asks Iwan to continue what he wants to do, while Shadow Cocoon is approaching the mouth of the Shadow Dragon. This time, Iwan shamelessly uttered his special voice and used the Power of Molecule Manipulation to change it. So, BoBoiBoy immediately uses his triple split and breaks the cocoon and escapes with his friends.

Ejo Jo was shocked and angry to see his enemies escaped and told the Shadow Dragon to suck them all. BoBoiBoy Quake responds by embodying Earth Attraction. However, Mukalakus did not have time to do so and was almost sucked by the Shadow Dragon. Fortunately, Adu Du managed to turn on the Maximum Power and speed away from the Shadow Dragon until it hit a rusty iron. The Shadow Dragon wind storm was so strong that they can't escape. BoBoiBoy Cyclone trying to control the situation by releasing the Hurricane Whirlwind, but not strong enough to overcome the suction of the Dragon Shadow. Clinging to the Land Attraction, Yaya, Ying and Gopal asked Papa Zola, Tok Aba and Iwan to return their power watch.