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ToToiToy is a minor character in BoBoiBoy. He is the son of Mrs. Wawa and the younger brother of Yaya. He later appears in Papa Pipi as a kindergarten student in the same class as Pipi.


Original Series

Season 1

ToToiToy is first seen playing with his dump truck in Episode 2 when he got fascinated with BoBoiBoy practicing his powers next door. He said that BoBoiBoy Lightning's Lightning Sword was 'pretty'.

He makes a brief appearance along with Yaya and BoBoiBoy Wind in Episode 11, who are making biscuits for World Biscuits Day. He ran away when Wind ate her biscuits which contained Chemical X and prompted his transformation into BoBoiBoy Cyclone.

Season 2

ToToiToy appeared alongside Tok Aba, Ying's Grandma, and Mr. Kumar as viewers for MKHIPI. He enjoyed the show, unaware that the hosts of the show were enemies of his sister.


Being a young baby, ToToiToy is easily amused by things and just likes to have fun. Although, like all the other people in the universe, he detests Yaya's cookies, fearing them.


  • His nickname, ToToiToy, is identical in structure to BoBoiBoy's name. It's possible that this naming structure is common in the BoBoiBoy Universe.
  • Although it's unknown why Potato is no longer Yaya's pet, it's possible that ToToiToy's arrival caused Potato to be displaced, but it's more likely that Potato merely ran away.
  • In Papa Pipi, he is now a preschooler and he is known by his real name "Otoi".