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Time Manipulation (called as Chronokinesis) is an ability to manipulate time surrounding the user.


According to Ejo Jo's Computer, this power can be used to manipulate time within 50 diameters. Everything that is inside that diameter can be sped up or down. When using this power, the user is immune to exhaustion.

Season 2, Episode 10[]

In this episode, Ejo Jo's Computer reveals that it is Ying's real power shocking Adu Du.

Season 3, Episode 1[]

Ejo Jo uses Ying's powers to slow down BoBoiBoy and his attacks.

Season 3, Episode 2[]

Tok Aba uses this to slow down the attack of Shadow Ejo Jo towards Papa Zola. But then Gave back to Ying. Then to Galaxy


  • Ying (main user)
  • Tok Aba (user when Ying was trapped in Shadow Cocoon)
  • Ejo Jo (with his armor suit)