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BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm

The Thunder Shield (Pelindung Halilintar) is one of BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's abilities. It was first used to shock the Crazy Cat while BoBoiBoy, Fang and Gopal is still in their small form caused by Shrinking Pistol owned by Adu Du and Probe.


Season 2, Episode 6[]

He used it to protect himself and Gopal from getting eaten by the Crazy Cat, when the cat attempted to jump in the shield, he got shocked, then soon, he turned to good and even gave BoBoiBoy, Fang, and Gopal a free ride to Tok Aba's Cocoa Shop.


  • It is BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's second power that was used to defend himself, first was Lightning Shine.
  • It can protect the user inside it, and also electrifing the enemy if they touch it or try to break it since it contains electricity.