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This article is about the animation episode of BoBoiBoy Galaxy (Season 2). For the comic issue, see The Secret of King Balakung!.

The Secret of King Balakung! (Rahsia King Balakung) is the 2nd episode of BoBoiBoy Galaxy Sori Arc and the 26th episode overall in the series.


Planet Rimbara is a former colony of King Balakung, the original wielder of the Elemental Power of Darkwood/Timber who died at the hands of Retak'ka. A planet filled with jungles also holds many secrets.

Can BoBoiBoy unravel the secrets of King Balakung and obtain the Elemental power of Timber?


The episode starts with BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Yaya, and Ying. Gopal demanded that they should find the Sky coconut quickly because he doesn't wanna stay at the place anymore. They later find the said coconut on top of a tree, Gopal hurried to the tree but was stopped by Mega Probe and Adu Du.

A few days ago, Adu du has been working on something and has put a chip inside something cube-shaped. Adu du has behold a device using a chip he had planted on ochobot, the watch is able to replicate any portal that Ochobot opens. Computer has detected an opening portal which leads to Planet Rimbara. Adu du thought that there may be a power sphera there and for the reason why BoBoiBoy and his friends had teleported there, he activated the Replication mode of the watch and opened a portal which Adu du and Probe walked in.

However, the portal had teleported them in space and was later run over by the MYS Kebanaran which was piloted by Fang. Adu du and Probe managed to hold on to the ship while holding their breath (Well only Adu du since Probe is a robot).

BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Yaya, Ying and Fang together with Hang Kasa flew the MYS Kebenaran spaceship to Planet Rimbara to help BoBoiBoy achieve is 3rd tier power. Gopal then ruins the moment by asking that will BoBoiBoy also drain energy from the trees like Retak'ka did, which earned Yaya, Ying and Fang a "huh?" terrified look and got Ying angry at Gopal's accusation and lectured him that only a bad guy such as the original elemental wielder would do such thing and Yaya agreed that he can't just destroy natural surroundings.

The screen shows the deforestated planet by Retak'ka while Yaya speaks. BoBoiBoy promised that If he ever requires the Timber power, he would never use it for evil. Hang Kasa then remarked that he has brought BoBoiBoy to the planet to learn from the original Timber Elemental Master, King Balakung. Yaya, excitingly asked if he was taking them to meet the king, which Hang kasa replied not exactly.

Hang Kasa explains the history of King balakung, that he was just a king and the most powerful warrior of Rimbara. He stated that the planet has achieved and era of peace and prosperity under his rule and that the king advocated the balance between nature and the people. (Even the price of fish was cheap under his rules). Nothing was the same after Retak'ka's attack and the King's fall.

As soon as they landed on the planet, they were greeted by a gloomy and barren atmosphere with all the trees looking withered. Yaya commented that if King Balakung were still alive, he could've thought BoBoiBoy how to gain access to his Timber power. Although King Balakung lives in history, Hang Kasa insists that there is still hope for BoBoiBoy to gain Timber Element by taking him and his friends to the Rimbara Forest. But what they did not know is that a hooded individual was watching over them.

After a tiring hour of walking, they arrived at a giant tree with a large entrance on its site, inhabited by an 'important man'. Hang Kasa instructed to walk straight without turning when entering. Once inside, the space was large inside the Tree, filled with mushrooms and overgrown plants. On their front is a bush of a tree.

Just as Fang asked Hang Kasa where the important person was, A voice was heard counting from one to four and asking them who they were. Suddenly the bush infront of them got up from the ground and appeared with a human-shaped figure with a lush bark as hair and shoulders, wearing a red robe. Hang Kasa finally spoke, introducing the humanoid tree as Grand Master Gaharum. The old man stretched for a bit and he was happy to see Hang Kasa, his old friend, again with a sense of wonder because of his old face in the way of rhymes; Hang kasa takes out a mirror from nowhere, after being shown his face in the mirror then he was shocked and realized how long he had been asleep.

In rhyme form, he has inquired on who BoBoiBoy and his friends might be. BoBoiBoy tried to reply with a rhyme also, but failed miserably and got embarrassed for. Gopal interrupted with a poem of its own, which did not even rhyme, not even a bit. Gaharum was amused to see the appearance of those who are Hang Kasa's students, Gaharum asked what was their purpose to come here. BoBoiBoy replied that he wanted to learn to use the elemental power of Timber at the behest of Tok Kasa. Gaharum was puzzled and asked if he inherited King Balakung's power, then he agreed. Then Gaharum asked Kasa if he had defeated Retak'ka, and Hang Kasa explained that he could only freeze Retak'ka, but it was BoBoiBoy who managed to defeat the villain.

Gaharum thanked BoBoiBoy with the rhyme of a well cooked dish that would bring him joy, But it was fang he turned at and not BoBoiBoy. Fang told the old tree that he was not BoBoiBoy and that is was the person next to him instead. BoBoiBoy replied your welcome while scratching his head, BoBoiBoy begs Gaharum to be trained by him to use his third level elemental powers, but Gaharum refuses because he is just a cook. The whole gang was shocked because they thought Gaharum was a former user who may be familiar with the power of Timber he was looking for. Gaharum explained that he was King Balakung's royal cook, and he even said that King Balakung was known for his appetite, and the main source of his strength came from his food, so it was Gaharum's responsibility to serve nutritious food for King Balakung to refine the elemental powers he had obtained as witnessed by Gaharum with his own eyes.

After hearing the story of the past, BoBoiBoy is relieved and asks again how to gain that power. Gaharum is willing to fulfill the request as long as he seeks four ingredients, namely Crystal Salt from the Northern Mangrove Forest, Sacred Pepper from the Southern Mountain Range, Sky Coconut from Tallest Tree, and Blue Flame as a complement to the three. Asked by Fang what the ingredients are for, he replied to cook Enchanted Tom Yam, Gaharum's own long-missed favorite dish. Gopal picked up the phone to order Enchanted Tom Yam, but was prevented by Gaharum's claim that the original Enchanted Tom Yam had to be cooked by himself with high quality ingredients. Regardless, BoBoiBoy responded to Gaharum's request and rushed out with his gang. BoBoiBoy is followed by Gopal and Fang while Ying is paired with Yaya.

After leaving the tree, the gang was greeted by the previous hooded person and suggested that they might need the help of his. He took his hood off dramatically to introduce himself, which randomly covered his head and interrupted his introduction, which caused gopal to have a muffled laugh. He introduced himself as Qually and revealed that Master gaharum has sent him to lend them assistance. BoBoiBoy asked him if he was his student and Yaya and Ying has commented that he has the same green skin and leafy hair. Nonetheless, Gopal and Fang found his suspicious as Master Gaharum never mentioned his existence. Qually took out a spatula from his back and replied of course he's a student of the said Master and that he can even help with food throughout the journey. Gopal's face brightened and told fang that he needs to stop being suspicious and pushed him out of the way to the side.

Gopal questioned Qually on what type of food he cooks or that does he have a BFF. BoBoiBoy was just happy and gave his signature "terbaik!" (awesome!) and told the people that they should find the ingredients. Qually reminded them that the first ingredient was the Crystal Salt.

While still in the Northern Mangrove Forest but successfully taken the salt, Qually, Gopal, Fang, and BoBoiBoy were chased by the Brolangkas Brothers, BoBoiBoy was happy despite the fact they're being chased because they had acquired the first ingredient, which he earned a complain from Gopal that it was not awesome and that they needed to escape first.

Qually took out a spatula and complained once again that It was not the time for Qually to cook, which Qually just chuckled as a reply and remarked that they just need to follow his lead. Qually attacked one of the Brolangka's brother using his Flaming spatula skill to make him trip as he runs which successfully worked and is unable to get up. BoBoiBoy turned into BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm while Fang unleashed Shadow Fog to trap their sight as BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm planted Thunder spears along the way to make the two Brolangkas Brothers trip. Gopal complimented Qually because of his help and that they were lucky to have him with them. Although, Fang still was suspicious of Qually and kept an eye on him afterwards.

All the other 2 ingredient were successfully taken and that the sky coconut and Blue Flame were the only ones left to acquire. BoBoiBoy Thorn, Gopal, Yaya and Ying have arrived at the top of the Sky Coconut Tree with the help of Yaya's gravity powers. (BoBoiBoy Thorn managed to get on top of the tree himself using his vines). They were amazed by the sight of the tall tree and that BoBoiBoy wished that Fang was with them since he couldn't join. Gopal stated the reason for it is because his spaceship broke down, and that he had to stay with it in mid air.

Gopal overhears Fang's crying for Lily (the name he gave to the spaceship) breaking down even from the top. Ying was confused on where Qually was as she thought that he was coming up with them. BoBoiBoy assumed that he might be helping fang from below. Gopal demanded that they should find the Sky coconut quickly because he doesn't wanna stay at the place anymore. They later find the said coconut on top of a tree, Gopal hurried to the tree but is stopped by a loud bang made by the landing of Adu Du and Mega Probe who are content to find them after three days and three nights in Rimbara solely for the sake of finding a Power Sphere.

BoBoiBoy says they are not here to find Power Spheres, but instead to pick the fruit, but Adu Du doesn't believe it because the shape of the fruit is round as if it were a Power Sphere. Gopal tries to submit the forms quietly, but is spotted by Adu Du who tells Probe to fire Rocket Launcher at him. Fortunately, BoBoiBoy transforms into BoBoiBoy Blaze and throws Fire Chakrams to counter Probe's attack. Ying and Yaya attack Adu Du with their powers but Adu Du repels them with his Electric Rod. Ying and Yaya were electrolucted by Adu Du, while Blaze and was fighting Mega Probe and aiming at Gopal. On the other hand Fang was finding the cause of ship's malfunctioning.

Back to the fight, Qually appears out of nowhere, shielding Gopal. Probe questioned on who the new kid was which Gopal introduced Qually as his new BFF, which Probe also introduced himself and Adu du as his BFL (Boss For Life). Yaya get's angry and released Mighty Punch to attack Adu du, which she missed as Adu du dodged it. Ying then follows with her High Speed Somersault Kick to separate the rod from Adu du, however, since it landed in the middle of Yaya and Ying, Adu du repels them with his Electric Rod. Ying and Yaya were electrolucted by Adu Du.

Blaze used Flaming Kick to attack Probe, which he was able to resist. Blaze remarked that probe has improved his skills and Probe replied that it was thanks to Hang Kasa's training. Blaze orders Gopal to go ahead and get the Sky Coconut. Mega Probe releases rockets, but BoBoiBoy uses triple split into Blaze, Thorn and Cyclone to stop Probe attacks. A rocket headed towards Gopal formed a hole in the platform, causing Gopal to almost fall, before being stopped by Thorn weaving a Mat into the hole. Gopal survived but was in pain due to the thorny mat. Blaze released Maximum Fireball to defeat Adu Du and Probe, destroying half of the platform in the process.

After the fight, Yaya and Ying reappeared, Ying asked Gopal on where did the Sky Coconut go as it was out of sight, which got Gopal to worry about. Qually called out Gopal and told him that the Sky Coconut was with him. Suddenly, Fang appears on the platform and warns his friends not to hand over the coconut to Qually because he is the one who sabotaged their spaceship. He showed Qually's spatula as proof. Qually insisted that it could be anyones, but that didn't work as Fang showed the carve of his name on the spatula's handle. Qually, upon discovered, threw a Black Pepper Bomb and fled with the Sky Coconut with his spaceship. Gopal watches Qually leaving heartbroken.

Differences in the Comic Version[]

  • In the comic version, BoBoiBoy and his friends meet Qually during their encounters with the Brolankas Brothers.
  • The actual massive difference between the episode and comic is when this episode has skipped Issue 3 and has proceeded to Issue 4, because of this, we never had the chance to meet the animated version of the Muriong Village aliens and Professor Utan's Appearance.



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