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The Secret of King Balakung[1] (Rahsia King Balakung!) is the second issue of BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 2.


Planet Rimbara is a former colony of King Balakung, the original wielder of the Elemental Power of Darkwood who died at the hands of Retak'ka. A planet filled with jungles also holds many secrets.

Can BoBoiBoy unravel the secrets of King Balakung and obtain the Elemental power of Darkwood?[2]


BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Ying, Yaya and Fang together with Hang Kasa flew the MYS Kebenaran spaceship to Planet Rimbara to transport Cendawa Tribe who had to move due to BoBoiBoy Movie 2's incident. As soon as they landed, they were greeted by a gloomy and barren atmosphere with all the trees looking withered. Hang Kasa commented that Retak'ka has absorbed energy from the surrounding forest to strengthen the Darkwood Element. Gopal teased BoBoiBoy by waving a withered leaf on BoBoiBoy's face while challenging him to suck the Darkwood Element, but Gopal's actions offended the Cendawas, and Ying and Yaya appeared to reprimand Gopal for not damaging the environment just to get power.

Hang Kasa instructed BoBoiBoy to learn the elemental power of Darkwood from its original ruler, King Balakung. For further story, the leader of Cendawas brought BoBoiBoy's gang to his house which contains a painting on the history of King Balakung who is described as a mighty king and the strongest hero who ensures the security of his people, as well as the balance of population and environment, until he is overthrown by Retak'ka.

Although King Balakung lives in history, Hang Kasa insists that there is still hope for BoBoiBoy to gain Darkwood Element by taking him and his friends to the Rimbara Forest. After a tiring hour of walking, they arrived at a giant tree with a large entrance on its site, inhabited by an 'important man'. Hang Kasa instructed to walk straight without turning when entering. Once inside, there are two branches growing forward to cross the gap filled with giant monkey pots, one straight way and one on the left. Hang Kasa led BoBoiBoy's Gang through the middle branch, but Gopal refused to turn to the left branch, and even ran over the branch carelessly until he was almost eaten by a monkey pot; fortunately he managed to escape.

Regardless, the team safely crossed the monkey pot gap and arrived in a large space in the middle of a giant tree. However, there are no important people, only small trees in the center of the space. Just as BoBoiBoy asked Hang Kasa where the important person was, suddenly the important person got up from the ground under a small tree, appeared with a human-shaped figure with a lush bark as hair and shoulders, wearing a red robe. From being angry because he was disturbed from sleeping, he was happy to see Hang Kasa his old friend again with a sense of wonder because of his old face; after being shown his face in the mirror then he was shocked and realized how long he had been asleep.

The name of this important person is Guru Gaharum, and he greeted BoBoiBoy's gang with the poem "Aloe vera in the cave, who are you all?" BoBoiBoy tried to reply with a verse that was "There are leaves, there are roots, how are you?", But Gopal interrupted with a poem that was more like "Sea bass are brought to sail, we are Tok Kasa's students!" Gaharum was amused to see the appearance of those who are Hang Kasa's students, patting Hang Kasa on the back while asking their purpose to come here. BoBoiBoy replied that he wanted to learn to use the elemental power of Darkwood at the behest of Tok Kasa. Gaharum was puzzled and asked if he inherited King Balakung's power, then he agreed. Then Gaharum asked Kasa if he had defeated Retak'ka, and Hang Kasa explained that he could only freeze Retak'ka, but it was BoBoiBoy who managed to defeat the villain.

BoBoiBoy begs Gaharum to be taught to use his third level elemental powers, but Gaharum refuses because he is just a cook. The whole gang heard it because they thought Gaharum was a former senior King Balakung who may be familiar with the power of Darkwood he was looking for. Gaharum explained that he was King Balakung's royal cook, and he even said that King Balakung was known for his appetite, and the main source of his strength came from his food, so it was Gaharum's responsibility to serve nutritious food for King Balakung to refine the elemental powers he had obtained as witnessed by Gaharum with his own eyes.

After hearing the story of the past, BoBoiBoy is relieved and asks again how to gain that power. Gaharum is willing to fulfill the request as long as he seeks four ingredients, namely crystalline salt from the Northern Mangrove Forest, Holy Chili from the South East Valley, sky coconut from the Cloud Breaker, and blue apiru as a complement to his kitchen. Asked by Fang what the ingredients are for, he replied to cook Tom Yam Sakti, Gaharum's own long-missed favorite dish. Gopal picked up the phone to order Tom Yam Sakti, but was prevented by Gaharum's claim that the original Tom Yam Sakti had to be cooked by himself with high quality ingredients. Regardless, BoBoiBoy responded to Gaharum's request and rushed out with his gang. BoBoiBoy is followed by Gopal and Fang while Ying is paired with Yaya.

While searching the Northern Mangrove Forest to find crystalline salt located in the river cave in the middle of the forest, the BoBoiBoy's gang had to take refuge from the Brolangkas Brothers, a group of three giant crab creatures. While fleeing, Gopal got stuck between two trees, so BoBoiBoy turned into BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and pruned the tree attached to release Gopal, then told Gopal to turn the surrounding trees into food. So Gopal turned the trees into chewing gum to stop Brolangkas' progress. The blue Brother was successfully hampered, but the other brother managed to surround them and accuse them of intruding, but Fang explained their true intention to get crystal salt. However, the reason was not accepted and they were also accused of encroaching on their area.

Suddenly, a creature wearing a green coat introduces himself as Qually who "refuses to see people being bullied", trying to break the Brolangkas Brothers' threat against the BoBoiBoy's gang. BoBoiBoy turns into BoBoiBoy Blaze while Fang performs Shadow Bear Fusion, both of them attacked Brolangkas Brothers with a Fiery Punch and Strong Shadow Scratch, but the enemy's hard skin proved to be difficult to scratch and they even violated the BoBoiBoy's team by rolling. Qually calls out to them that there weakness is at the bottom, and extends its shovel to stop the blue Brolangkas at the fragmented part of the shell to drop it for example.

Gopal grabbed the yellow Brolangkas' leg to distract while Blaze whistled to Fang to knock him down from behind. Later, BoBoiBoy turns to BoBoiBoy Quake and summons Earth Golem to fight the Brolangkas chief. The Brolangkas chief showed the fiercest match, Earth Golem was also ordered to do an Quake Push to bring down the Brolangkas chief. The Brolangkas chief tried to avoid falling, but Quake joked with him to distract him while Qually appeared to overthrow him with a spatula. Brolangkas had a hard time getting up after being dropped on his back, so BoBoiBoy's team with Qually went to the crystal salt pool.

When the BoBoiBoy team collects the required ingredients, Qually tells them that he is the student of Guru Gaharum student sent to help them gather the ingredients and cook. While getting to know Qually, BoBoiBoy also wonders about Ying and Yaya's condition.

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  2. translated from official blurb.

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