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Speaker Dialogue
Koko Ci [V.O.] Power Spheras are high-tech robots carrying unimaginable superpowers. Coveted by many, these Power Spheras fled and hid themselves in various parts of the galaxy. However, one by one, Power Spheras have been hunted down and captured by those with ill intent. And now, their powers are used to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the universe. This is the story of Earth’s superhero named BoBoiBoy, and his quest to save the Power Spheras, and defend our galaxy.
[Open. ext. Adu Du’s ship.]
(Adu Du’s ship hovers near Planet Gurunda. Inside, Computer (Adu Du's) is scanning the planet for Power Spheras.)
Adu Du Rats! How much longer is it going to take for you to detect a Power Sphera?!
Computer (Adu Du's) Sorry, Mr. Boss. I require more time to scan the entirety of Planet Gurunda.
(Probe enters.)
Adu Du But you’ve been scanning the planet for ages!
Probe Huh? What’s putting you in such a bad mood, Mr. Boss?
Adu Du Computer, of course! She’s taking forever to find a Power Sphera!
Probe Ohh. (Sighs.) Don’t worry, Mr. Boss. Let’s see what Bago Go has in store! (Contacts Bago Go.)
Bago Go Hello! How’s it going, ladies, gentlemen and robots?
(Adu Du gawks at him.)
Bago Go And so we meet again in Bago Go’s shop! (Chuckles.) Today I have a special promotion to share with you, my beloved customers.
Adu Du Huh? A special promotion?
Bago Go You wanna know more? Why, of course, you do! Right? Well, check this out: the special Power Sphera detector by Bago Go! Or better known as: “Posferon Go Bagogo X9 GO!”
Probe (Whoops.) That’s so cool!
Bago Go So pick up the phone and call us now! (A phone number flashes on their screen.) I’ll give you a special price. You can get it for…absolutely free.
Adu Du and Probe For FREE?! For real?!
Bago Go You heard me right! It’s absolutely free! But it’s only free if you call us right this instant! Yes, yes, call right now! Don’t you want it for free, bro?!
Probe Ooh! We gotta hurry—! Huh?
Adu Du [on the phone] Uh, yes, yes. I’ll be taking one please. Ah, okay, okay. Thank you! (Hangs up.) Here, Probe, I’ve placed an order!
Bago Go Oh, so you bought it, eh? Congratulations, bro! You’re the proud owner of a Posferon Go, yes! And now, bro, all you need to do is buy a special battery to power up your Posferon Go.
Adu Du Special battery?!
Bago Go Yes, Bago Go’s Special Battery! At the price of…only 80 million, 80 cents, bro.
Adu Du (Grunts, then sighs and faints. Chuckles nervously.)
[Trans. ext. Unknown planet.]
(Adu Du wakes up on Probe in Vehicle Mode. He is wearing a helmet and they are driving through unknown terrain.)
Adu Du (Groans.) What…what happened? (Sits up.) Huh?! Where in the world are we?!
Probe (Sighs.) We’re tracking down the signal from the Posferon Go, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du When did you get the special battery, Probe?!
Probe Oh, uh, about that…uh… (Chuckles nervously.)
[Flashback begins.]
(Probe shakes Adu Du, but he doesn’t wake up, so he takes Adu Du’s wallet and takes out his Plutonium credit card.)
Probe [V.O.] While you were unconscious, I took out and used your credit card.
[Flashback ends.]
Adu Du (Stammers.) WHAT?! My…my money! (Groans and faints.)
Probe (Chuckles nervously.) Sorry, Mr. Boss.
[Trans. ext. Elsewhere on the planet.]
(Gopal sets a pile of rocks on a sheet.)
Gopal Heh! Chocolate ball Transformation! (Turns the rocks into four chocolate ball kebabs.) Okay, want some?
Ying and Yaya Eww! No thanks, we brought our own food.
Gopal Suit yourselves. More for me! (Chomps on two kebabs.)
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.) It’s been two days since we went looking for the Power Sphera. Where could it be?
Gopal Oh, lighten up, BoBoiBoy, it’s not our fault. (Starts on a third kebab.) [with mouth full] Every time we check out the Power Sphera, it just disappears!
Ying He’s right! Even Ochobot is drained from using his teleportation powers.
(Ochobot hibernates in his portable charging station nearby.)
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.)
Yaya Give yourself a break, BoBoiBoy. This is your first mission, after all.
BoBoiBoy I just don’t want to fail our first mission. We should— (Hears rustling.) Huh?
(The rustling continues, despite there being only rocks and small tufts of dead grass. Gopal hides behind BoBoiBoy.)
Gopal (Stammers fearfully.) What was that?
Ying Huh?
(They don’t see anything approaching their campsite, but they notice something when they look back at their campfire.)
BoBoiBoy Huh? I didn’t notice the cactus there before.
(The cactus moves to aside, revealing itself to be the tail of a cactus-kitten alien. It meows, looking at them with wide sparkling eyes.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal A…a cat?!
Ying and Yaya Aww! It’s super cute!
(The cat scratches behind its ear, then smells something. It eyes the water in BoBoiBoy’s drinking cup and licks its lips.)
BoBoiBoy Uh… Oh, you must be thirsty! Here, drink up. (Offers the water to the cat.)
Gopal Dude! What do you think you’re doing? Our water supply is limited!
(That cat growls and hisses at Gopal.)
BoBoiBoy Relax, what’s wrong with feeding him? Come on, little guy. (Places the cup down.)
(The cat hesitantly approaches the cup and drinks from it.)
Ying How about we adopt this little cat, yeah?
Yaya I don’t think so. It probably has an owner. Just look, that’s a collar on his neck.
BoBoiBoy You’re right! There’s a bell, too.
(The bell jingles as the cat moves. It burrows its nose into the cup so that it stays on its face when it holds it up to get the last of the water inside. The cup falls off and the cat smacks its lips before licking its paw to clean behind its ear. As it shakes its head, the bell jingles.)
Ying and Yaya (Both squeal.)
Yaya Aren’t you the cutest? (Pats the cat.)
(The cat is hesitant, but soon leans into Yaya’s touch and purrs.)
Gopal Hm! Don’t fall for it. First, he begs for water. Next, he’s gonna ask for food!
Yaya Hey! What’s gotten into you?
Gopal Go away! Shoo, shoo! (Waves the kebab skewer at the cat.)
BoBoiBoy Hey! Stop that!
(That cat hisses, growls and attacks Gopal.)
Gopal (Screams and exclaims in pain.) Get it off me! (Sighs.) My face hurts.
(He’s revealed to have been scratched and pricked with thorns repeatedly. That cat sits unharmed on his chest.)
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Awesome! (His Watch suddenly glitches.) Huh? What’s going on with my Watch?
[Trans. ext. Adu Du and Probe.]
Adu Du There goes all of my money, thanks to you. My debt keeps piling up and up!
Probe Come on, Mr. Boss. All that debt won’t matter once we find the Power Sphera and make money!
Adu Du Yeah, right! I bet that it will work like a—huh?
(The Posferon Go beeps rapidly as they approach the Power Sphera’s signal. Probe skids to a stop in front of a cave where the signal is coming from.)
Probe See? I told you so! This Posferon Go was worth every penny!
Adu Du Whoa! Well done, Probe! Well done! (Pets Probe. Laughs maniacally.) Ready all our Power Sphera hunting gear and find it inside!
Probe Okie-dokie, Mr. Boss!
(Multiple drawers with various equipment pop out from Probe’s sides. Adu Du brandishes an energy net.)
Adu Du Let’s go! (Chuckles.)
(They enter the cave.)
Adu Du Hey, hey! Probe, what in the world is that?! Attack!
(Weapon fire and roars are heard from the cave, as well as Adu Du and Probe’s terrified screams.)
[Trans. ext. The cave area the next morning.]
(BoBoiBoy’s gang approach the same cave. Ochobot scans the area for the Power Sphera signal.)
Ochobot Hmm, the Power Sphera signal is weak. I don’t think it’s here anymore.
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.) We lost the Power Sphera again?
Yaya Hey, guys, what happened here?
(Red scratch marks and discarded weapons are shown around the cave.)
Gopal (Whimpers.) This place is creepy! (Hides behind BoBoiBoy.) I don’t wanna be eaten by a desert bear, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy (Shakes him off.) Come on, there’s no such thing. Huh? (Picks up a net lying nearby.) What is this thing, Ochobot?
OchoBot Hm… (Scans the net.) This looks like an energy net. (Scans the scratches on the rock face.) And these marks here…looks like they’re from laser blasts.
Gopal (Whimpers.) You mean there’s a laser gun-toting desert bear out here?!
Ying Sheesh! Are you out of your mind—?
Waibi (Groans.)
Ying Huh?
BoBoiBoy Huh? What’s that sound?
Waibi [slurring] Water…!
Ying and Yaya Huh?
(A figure approaches the gang from the other side of the cave, silhouetted against the outside light.)
Waibi [slurring] Water…!
Gopal (Clambers on BoBoiBoy.) It’s the desert bear!
Ying and Yaya (Both exclaim fearfully and recoil.)
(The figure slurs unintelligibly before collapsing inside the cave, revealing its resemblance to a cactus.)
BoBoiBoy’s gang Huh? (All run over to the figure.) Huh?
BoBoiBoy A fallen cactus?
Waibi (Reaches towards them.) Help me!
Gopal (Screams.) The cactus can talk!
Waibi (Groans.) Water…!
Yaya He needs water!
Ying (Offers her drink bottle.) Here you go, sir. Drink this!
(The cactus-alien groans, then takes the bottle and chugs its contents.)
OchoBot Hmm. (Scans the alien.) It looks like this man is a native of Planet Gurunda.
Waibi Ah, much better! (Stands.) Thank you so much, little sapling.
BoBoiBoy Er, who are you, sir? What are you doing here?
Waibi I am a hunter from the great Kaktoi tribe. My humble name is…Waibi, The Thorny, Pok Pok Kat, the son of Pak Pak Go, and the son of Go Pok Go…
BoBoiBoy’s gang (Murmur in confusion.)
Waibi ...and the son of Pus Ga Tus…
[Trans. int. Cave later in the day.]
Waibi ...and the son of Go Go Pak, and the son of Pak Go Go…
Gopal (Yawns.) This is taking forever. Are you done yet?
Waibi ...and finally, the son of Pok Go Go! There. And who might you little saplings be?
BoBoiBoy Er, I’m BoBoiBoy. This is Ochobot, Gopal, Yaya and Ying.
Ying Hi!
BoBoiBoy How did you end up here, sir?
Waibi I was sent by my people to venture out and seek help from outside. My poor village has been attacked!
BoBoiBoy Huh? Attacked?!
Waibi Please help me, my little saplings! Please help my poor village! (Hugs BoBoiBoy and Gopal, accidentally piercing their skin with his thorns.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Both exclaim in pain.)
Gopal It hurts, it hurts!
BoBoiBoy Yeah, okay, sure! We’ll help you out, mister!
Waibi Huh? Oh-ho-ho, wonderful! (Sets them down.) I’m so glad you want to help my village.
(The boys grimace as they pick thorns out of their skin.)
Waibi Alright, come! Follow me! We need to move now so that we will arrive before the desert sun sets.
BoBoiBoy Come on, guys!
(They follow Waibi along a path outside the cave.)
Gopal How far is your village?
Waibi Oh, it’s very far. And we’re here! Welcome to my village, Kaktoi!
(The village is almost directly outside the cave exit.)
Gopal But you said we need to arrive before the sun sets!
Waibi Correct, little sapling. The sun is still high, yes?
BoBoiBoy This village looks abandoned. Where did everyone go?
Waibi (Sighs.) All the villagers have fled to that mountain to escape from the vile monster.
Waibi’s son (Runs up.) Father! Another house has been attacked!
Waibi WHAT?! Hurry, little young saplings, follow me!
(The gang follows Waibi as he runs to the house. They find that parts of its roof and walls has been ripped out.)
BoBoiBoy Huh? What happened here?
Waibi’s son The…the Gurunda monster attacked!
BoBoiBoy’s gang Gurunda monster?
BoBoiBoy What kind of monster is it?
Waibi Old legends tell, once, many moons ago, there was an animal! Consumed by hunger and thirst, it ran amok…
Gopal Dude, you just had to go and ask him, huh?
[Trans. ext. Kaktoi village later in the afternoon.]
Waibi ...and now, the Gurunda monster comes to ravage our village to dry out our water supply.
Ying and Yaya (Both get up and yawn.)
Ying So the monster was just thirsty?
Gopal Hmm. You could’ve just said that from the beginning — it’s just thirsty.
Waibi Yes! Long ago, the Gurunda monster can (sic) hydrate itself by drinking water from the cacti forest behind our village. However, now the cacti have transformed into bubblegum!
BoBoiBoy Uh…
[Flashback begins.]
Ying (Runs up.) Hey, Gopal, transform those cacti over there into bubblegum! (Points to cacti in the adjacent ravine.)
Gopal (Exclaims in fear.) Bubblegum Transformation Blast! (Yells and transforms the cacti.)
[Flashback ends.]
Gopal (Tsks.) Who would do such a thing?
Ying Hey, wasn’t it you?
Gopal [hushed] Dude, you were the one who told me to do it!
Ying (Giggles sheepishly.)
Waibi Huh? What are you little saplings arguing about?
Ying and Gopal Uh… (Both laugh nervously.) It’s nothing, sir! (Chuckle nervously.)
Waibi Hmm… (Scrutinises them suspiciously.)
BoBoiBoy Don’t worry, sir, we will help defeat the Gurunda monster, and chase him out of this village!
Kaktoi citizens Yay! Thank you, thank you! (All group hug BoBoiBoy and Gopal.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Both exclaim in pain.)
Gopal Yeah, yeah! Don’t mention it!
Yaya But how are we supposed to look for the monster?
Ying Hmm…I have an idea.
[Trans. ext. Adu Du’s ship on Gurunda.]
Adu Du Rats! I can’t believe we were beaten up so easily!
Probe Oh, it’s okay, Mr. Boss. Let’s just go back.
Adu Du Go back? You think I’m going to just give up like that?! (Growls.) We need to come up with a new strategy and new weapons! Computer, contact Bago Go right now!
(Bago Go appears suddenly on their communicator screen.)
Bago Go Oh, it’s okay. There’s no need for that, bro! I just had a feeling that you would call me.
Adu Du Fine, then I’ll cut to the chase. What’s the best weapon you have to capture a dangerous monster?
Bago Go Ohh, the best weapon to capture a wild and dangerous monster is…courage, bro.
Probe Huh? Courage?
Bago Go Oh, yes, bro. That is why…you need Pak Goro’s Courage Raisins! Also good for aches and joint pains.
Adu Du (Growls.) I want a weapon! Not some useless courage raisins!
Bago Go A weapon? Oh, why didn’t you just say so, bro? But it will be pretty expensive, bro.
Adu Du For the sake of Power Spheras, I’m willing to take a loan!
[Trans. ext. Kaktoi village.]
(A pool of water is laid behind the village. The Kaktoi residents and BoBoiBoy’s gang hide behind rocks nearby.)
Gopal Hey, are you sure this is gonna work?
Ying Of course!
[Ying’s plan is shown in a sequence.]
Ying [V.O.] The water we gathered here will be bait for the monster!
Gopal Dude, it isn’t a monster. It’s a bear with a laser gun!
Ying [V.O.] Whatever. So when it comes, BoBoiBoy is gonna trap it with his Earth power.
Gopal [V.O.] But what if it fights back?
Ying [V.O.] Don’t worry. If it does, Yaya and I are gonna stop it! Ha!
[Sequence ends.]
Gopal Okay. So what do I do?
BoBoiBoy You’re gonna change the cacti back to normal. It’s your fault the village got attacked in the first place!
Waibi Huh? What did you say?
Gopal (Stammers.) Nothing! This plan is totally gonna work!
Yaya Hey, that’s the kitten from last night!
Ying Huh? What’s it doing here? If the monster comes, it’ll be in danger. (BoBoiBoy runs past her.) Huh?
BoBoiBoy I have to go save it!
Waibi Huh? W-wait!
BoBoiBoy Go away, cat! Shoo, shoo! It isn’t safe here!
Waibi Run, BoBoiBoy! The monster’s there!
BoBoiBoy What? Monster?! Where, where?
Waibi (Facepalms.) Oh, this little sapling! That cat is the monster!
BoBoiBoy This cat?
(The cat purrs at him with sparkling eyes. A moment later, a large dart embeds itself into the ground next to the cat, which hisses and jumps aside. The shot is revealed to have been fired by Adu Du.)
Adu Du (Growls.) Rats! Missed the shot! (Reloads the gun.)
BoBoiBoy Adu Du? What are you doing here, huh?
Adu Du That Power Sphera is mine for the taking, BoBoiBoy!
OchoBot Power Sphera? (Scans the cat.)
BoBoiBoy Oh, you’re really asking for it! Elemental Powe— (Yells when his Power Watch glitches severely.) What’s wrong with my Watch?
OchoBot BoBoiBoy is unable to use his power!
Adu Du Take this! Tranquiliser gun shot! (Shoots another dart at the cat.)
BoBoiBoy Watch out!
(He grabs the cat and turns so that his body shields that cat. He screams when the dart hits him, then sighs as he collapses. The cat meows in concern as BoBoiBoy smiles in relief that it’s unharmed, despite passing out himself.)
Adu Du (Chuckles and reloads his gun.)
(The cat turns to Adu Du, its hiss morphing into a growl. It begins to glow, and suddenly it transforms into a huge feline beast.)
BoBoiBoy’s gang (All gasp.)
Waibi We’re done for! The monster is running amok!
Adu Du (Yells.)
(He shoots two darts into the monster’s foreleg, but they have no effect. Instead, the monster charges towards Adu Du.)
OchoBot (Scans the cat monster’s bell.) I get it! Yaya, Ying, protect that cat!
Ying and Yaya Okay!
(They chase after the cat, but Probe intervenes.)
Probe Do not get in the way! Mode: Mecha Probe!
(He fires dozens of missiles at the girls, who easily dodge them, but the kaktoi citizens are next in the line of fire.)
Waibi (Exclaims.) Run!
Gopal Bubblegum Transformation Blasts! (Yells and changes the missiles into bubblegum candy.)
(A few stray blasts hit the surrounding cacti. The kaktoi citizens gather angrily behind Gopal.)
Waibi So…you’re the one responsible for our bubblegum cacti problem!
(Meanwhile, the cat continues to charge at Adu Du. He desperately fires two pistols at it, but the shots only further the cat’s fury. It headbutts the hill Adu Du is standing on, leaving him on the ground at the cat’s mercy.)
Ying A Thousand Rapid Kicks!
Yaya Gravity Punch!
(The girls’ attacks send Mecha Probe flying back, but he quickly finds his footing and brandishes a blaster.)
Mecha Probe Energy hunting shackle!
(A metal rope shoots from the gun and wraps itself around the girls. Mecha Probe spins them around like a hammer throw and throws them a distance away. They land roughly on the ground, weakened.)
Ying and Yaya (Both scream.)
(The cat monster moves to swipe at Adu Du, but Mecha Probe’s shackle stops it.)
Mecha Probe Energy hunting shackle! (Struggles to hold him back.)
Adu Du (Cackles.) Well done, Probe!
(The cat hesitantly waves its paw and mistakes the rope for a toy. It playfully pulls on the rope.)
Mecha Probe Whoa! Hey, hey! Stop playing with that! (Yells.)
(The cat’s antics yank Mecha Probe off his feet towards its head.
Mecha Probe Oh, no!
(The cat notices Mecha Probe and growls. It starts ferociously batting and shaking Mecha Probe as if he’s a giant cat toy.)
Mecha Probe (Screams.)
BoBoiBoy [groggily] (Chuckles.) He is a cat, after all.
Adu Du A cat? Hmm…
Mecha Probe (Groans.) That hurt…!
(A laser dot appears next to the cat monster. It tosses Mecha Probe away and chases the dot, which is the laser guide on Adu Du’s gun.)
Mecha Probe (Yells.)
Ying Oh, no! It’s playing with the laser pointer!
Adu Du Come closer. Here, kitty, kitty. Here, kitty. Come into my Power Sphera trap!
(He leads the cat to a pointed capsule that springs up and traps the cat when it approaches.)
Adu Du (Yells.)
(He presses a button that electrifies the net, intensely shocking the cat monster for a prolonged period.)
BoBoiBoy Huh?!
Adu Du (Cackles.) I’ve got you now!
(The cat monster collapses…
Gopal Huh?!
(…and transforms back into its kitten form. BoBoiBoy gets to his feet.)
BoBoiBoy (Pants.) I…I have to save it! (His watch glitches. He groans.) Come on! (He shakes it and it stops glitching for a moment.) Alright, it’s working! BoBoiBoy, Triple Split!
[Triple Split sequence.]
Adu Du (Aims at the cat at point-blank range.) Say goodnight!
BoBoiBoy Wind Wind Blast!
Adu Du (Screams as he’s thrown aside.)
(Lightning runs towards them with his Lightning Blades.)
Adu Du Get him, Probe!
Mecha Probe Energy—
BoBoiBoy Lightning Lightning Sword! (Hurls his blade.)
Mecha Probe —hunting shackle!
(The Lightning Blade collides with the shackle to split it precisely down the middle all the way back to the blaster, where it electrocutes Mecha Probe. Adu Du attempts to collect the cat while it’s still weakened.
BoBoiBoy Earth Earth Barrier!
(A barrier rises to protect the cat.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Don’t you dare touch the cat! Earth Punch! Multiple Earth Punch
Adu Du and Probe (Both exclaim repeatedly in pain.)
(A final Earth Punch sends them flying into the distance.)
[Trans. ext. The Kaktoi village.]
(Gopal finishes reverting the bubblegum cacti.)
Gopal Okay, every single cactus is back to normal. (Exclaims in pain when Waibi puts an arm around him.)
Waibi Ah, thank you, my little saplings. We will forever remember you for your good deeds! But…don’t ever do it again!
(Nearby, Ying and Yaya play with the recovered cat.)
BoBoiBoy Hmm…but why did Adu Du call him a Power Sphera?
OchoBot Take a closer look. Do you see that thing on the cat’s collar?
BoBoiBoy Hmm…a bell?
OchoBot It’s not a bell, BoBoiBoy. That “bell” is a Power Sphera.
BoBoiBoy Power Sphera?
BellBot (Turns around to show his face.) I am BellBot, Power Sphera with the power of Size Manipulation!
BoBoiBoy’s gang What?!
BoBoiBoy So why didn’t you just tell us earlier?
BellBot I’m sorry. I thought you guys were evil Power Sphera hunters.
Yaya So how did you end up giving your power to this cat?
[Flashback sequence begins.]
BellBot [V.O.] This cat was the first creature I met when I arrived at Planet Gurunda. He took good care of me, but because I was being hunted, I gave my Size Manipulation powers all to protect us both from the evil Power Sphera hunters.
[Flashback sequence ends.]
BellBot Isn’t Cattus awesome?
Ying and Yaya What? This cat’s name is “Cattus”?! That’s so cute!
Gopal That means our mission to find the Power Sphera is complete, right?
BoBoiBoy You’re right! Hey, BellBot, come with us!
BellBot Sorry, I can’t tag along. I need to stay here with Cattus. We need to look out for each other.
Ying If we don’t come back with the BellBot, the commander is gonna be furious!
BoBoiBoy It’s okay. I’m sure the commander will understand.
OchoBot What’s important, our mission is complete. Let’s go home!
BoBoiBoy’s gang Let’s go!
(Ochobot opens a teleportal to Koko Ci’s ship.)
BoBoiBoy Bye, Cattus! Bye, everyone!
Waibi Bye! Come back anytime! I still have a lot of stories to share with you!
BoBoiBoy’s gang Er… (All laugh nervously.) [nervously] Sure thing! Bye!
(They each pass through the teleportal in their own style.)
Gopal Yeah, we’re back! I don’t have to look at that crazy cat anymore!
BellBot Hey! Did you just call him a crazy cat?!
(Cattus growls.)
BoBoiBoy Huh?! You followed us back?
BellBot (Giggles.) Sorry, looks like Cattus likes you guys!
(Cattus purrs. Koko Ci enters the room.)
Koko Ci Congratulations, my young cadets! You’ve finally retrieved a Power Sphera—
(He accidentally steps on Cattus’ tail. Cattus yowls and transforms into his beast mode.)
Everyone (Screams.)
Koko Ci Why did you bring back a monster?!
[End credits roll.]