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Teleportation Power (Kuasa Teleportasi) is a power that can teleport its users anywhere in a short time. When used to attack an enemy or to avoid an enemy attack, this power does not require any coordinates. However, the correct coordinates are required if you want to teleport to a further destination.


BoBoiBoy: The Movie[]

This power was originally owned by Klamkabot, but being pursued by the Tengkotak team to obtain Teleportation Power for destruction and evil, he delegated his power to Ochobot, but he had to be upgraded. Because Ochobot had the Power of Teleportation and Bora Ra did not get the Teleportation Power from Klamkabot, he finally knew that Ochobot had gained that power and Bora Ra got the Teleportation Power by himself. Then after Bora Ra was defeated by BoBoiBoy, this power was returned to Ochobot.



  • Teleportal - Ochobot uses teleportation power to open teleportals to various locations and distant planets that need to be accompanied by the correct coordinates.