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Suzy is one of the students of Rintis Island Primary School.


Season 2[]

Suzy was also one of the girls who witnessed the destruction of Probe. She is also one of the 5th graders (including Teacher Papa) who are kidnapped by Ejo Jo and Computer.

Season 3[]

She also cried when BoBoiBoy got defeated by Ejo Jo in Season 3, Episode 1. She is often seen with the other girls.


She is taller than Siti and is about the height of Amy. She is seen sitting next to Ying in class. She have dark brown hair with bangs on the side and a red ribbon as a ponytail, dark brown eyes (a little bit purple in color) and fair skin. As the other minor school character, she is often seen in uniform which is her white long sleeve blouse with red stripes in the wrist, closed vest like Iwan and Ying but her's is purple, with bright yellow ribbon on it, and a black school shoes. She is often seen wearing a ponytail.


Suzy is a close friend with Siti and to the other girls. She is seldom seen talking to her boy classmates (except Iwan), which proves that she is more confortable with girls and uncomfortable with boys, other than Iwan. She is also friends with BoBoiBoy .


  • She claims to be Yaya's number 1 fan and dreams to become a hero such as her.
    • She keeps files filled with newspaper clippings that have Yaya in it.