Space Pirates (Lanun Angkasa) are the new villains that BoBoiBoy face in BoBoiBoy Galaxy. The captain reveals his name as Captain Separo in Episode 5.


In the first episode of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, the Space Pirates are hunting down Motobot who is saved by Commander Koko Ci. They lost track of his spaceship in the asteroid belt in outer space. As Koko Ci and MotoBot are trapped, Koko Ci contacts BoBoiBoy for help. Ochobot opens a teleportal for them to arrive on Earth but was stopped by the Space Pirates. Fortunately, BoBoiBoy, Gopal and Ochobot saved them.

After losing the spaceship, the Space Pirates finds information about BoBoiBoy, Gopal and Ochobot. The captain commands them to go to Earth to capture MotoBot and Ochobot by using the captain's hook, which is attached to Koko Ci's spaceship, as a tracking device.

He returns in episode 5 to find BoBoiBoy and the Power Spheras staying with him (OchoBot, MotoBot and BellBot). He also reveals he has a Power Sphere, and it's HookaBot, he was defeated by BoBoiBoy Leaf.