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The Solar Beam Strike (Tembakan Solar) is an attack move of BoBoiBoy Solar.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie[]

BoBoiBoy Solar used this move to destroy Bora Ra's Gargantuan Black Hole, causing him to get sucked into it.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy (Season 2)[]

BoBoiBoy Solar uses this move again to attack the Plantosour Rex, but it absorbs this move, making it bigger and stronger.


  • This attack was performed in a way that; starting with BoBoiBoy Solar's eyes generating a bright sunset yellow light beam, while his eyeglasses takes place, to when the destructive Solar Beam Strike blasts from his eyes.
  • The strength of the impact so far in BoBoiBoy: The Movie has proved to be superior to Bora Ra's Black Hole power when the Solar Beam Strike eliminated his Gargantuan Black Hole in a single illuminating light blast.