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Fang can project a shadow animal called Shadow Tiger (Harimau Bayang).


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Shadow Tiger is the ability that is used by Fang to create a tiger out of shadow. He creates the Shadow Tiger by, at first creating a shadow puppet with his hands that resembles a tiger. It's eyes immediately glows red. As this happens, the shadow puppet explodes into purplish black mass of energy that forms into the Shadow Tiger itself. Like the real tigers, it roars, bites, and scratches the enemies with it's Shadow Scratch, though it's primary function is to intimidate it's opponent with both it's appearance and roar.

It is the power that Fang uses most often among his shadows, and is one of Fang's abilities that is recognized by Ejo Jo's Computer.

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Shadow Tiger is slashed by Kaizo's Energy Sword.


This ability's name is somewhat inconsistent, as when Shadow is in front, it is supposed to be called Shadow of the Tiger, if the Shadow was on the right, the move should be called Tiger's Shadow.

Though it can be attributed to its consistently distorted form, particularly while moving, Shadow Tiger at times resembles wolves, canines, and animals that lives in the forest or mountains.


  • Unlike the other shadow forms (minus Shadow Cat as an exemption), Shadow Tiger seems to be able to feel emotions and possess animal instincts such as the time when it felt scared and ran away despite Fang's orders for it to attack in Season 3, Episode 14 as well as feeling slightly angry towards Fang in the movie when Fang mistakenly accidentally calls Shadow Tiger to go and save falling Gopal although it cannot fly, hence causing it to fall as well.
  • Shadow Tiger is the one of the shadow forms that Fang always uses.
  • In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, it is sometimes called "Shadow Panther".



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