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Shadow Finger Prick (Tusukan Jari Bayang) is one of the abilities of Fang's Powers.

Shadow Finger Prick
BoBoiBoy Water vs Fang



Season 3, Episode 16[]

Fang used it to dodge BoBoiBoy Fire's attack.

Season 3, Episode 24[]

Fang used it to attack BoBoiBoy Quake but he switched to BoBoiBoy Water and defeated him with Wave Slap.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie[]

Fang used it to combine with BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's Lightning Spear to fight Kurita.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy[]

Episode 11[]

Fang used it to attack BoBoiBoy in order to prevent him from getting the Power Sphere in Planet Volcania.


  • In Season 3, Episode 24, it is called "Shadow Fingers Prick" (Tusukan Jari Jemari Bayang).
  • In the subtitles of BoBoiBoy: The Movie DVD, it is called "Shadow Spikes" (Tusukan Bayang).
  • In the subtitles of BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 11, it is called "Shadow Pierce".
  • The said fingers are technically tendrils.