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The Shadow Cocoon (Kokun Bayang) was used by Ejo Jo to trap BoBoiBoy and his friends.

Season 3, Episode 1[]

After BoBoiBoy reunited with his friends again, Ejo Jo took Fang's power band and trapped them inside.

BoBoiBoy and Mukalakus tried to destroy it but they failed. Iwan, using Gopal's powers, transformed it into a coconut shell.

Season 3, Episode 16[]

Fang uses it to protect Gopal from BoBoiBoy Fire's attack. He later uses it to protect himself from BoBoiBoy Fire's Multiple Fireball but is defeated.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 11[]

Fang uses it as a shield to fend off BoBoiBoy Fire's Rapid-fire Attack.