BoBoiBoy vs Ejo Jo: Finale is the second episode of Season 3.


BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Ying, Yaya and Adu Du had fallen to Ejo Jo's trap. Now its up to The Truth Trio (Papa Zola, Tok Aba, Iwan) to save them.

Ejo Jo manipulates shadow hands and a cocoon to trap BoBoiBoy and his friends. Boboiboy changes to Boboiboy Thunderstorm to destroy the shadow along with Adu Du but failed because Ejo jo has strengthened the Shadow Cocoon. Ejo jo now tries to manipulate the Shadow Dragon. Boboiboy said to Tok Aba and Papa Zola that they may put the power bands to their hands in order to distract Ejo jo. Tok Aba put the Time Manipulation band while Papa Zola having hard time to pick which power band he should wear.Boboiboy told him to hurry up otherwise they might get attacked by Ejo jo. Gopal suggested that he should wear his power band just because his power is great but Yaya interrupts him by saying that he should wear her power band which is greater. Boboiboy asks Papa Zola which characteristics of power he like, Gravity Manipulation (Yaya's power) or Molecule Manipulation (Gopal's power). Finally, Papa Zola picks Gravity Manipulation because it's power band colour is pink and cute which shocked Boboiboy and his friends including Adu du. Next, he asks one of his pupils who dared to join them to fight against Ejo jo but all of them refused because they feel scared,in danger and still kids. Iwan agreed and Tok Aba asks him to put on Gopal's power band and he did so. Then, those three went up against Ejo jo until Papa Zola tried to find suitable name for his team which has disturbed Ejo jo's energy and concentration. Papa Zola now named his team as The Truth Trio. Then, Tok Aba use his power to run as fast as he can to stop Ejo jo but he failed because he felt tired, next Papa Zola tried to use his full power and stopped Ejo jo but he flew backwards. His action has made Ejo jo lose focus and got annoyed. He use Handsome Kick to kick Ejo jo. Ejo jo use his own shadow to beat him so that Papa Zola can't disturb him again and make the dragon. Ejo jo made the sky dark.

Boboiboy ask Iwan to change the shadow but he can't do it and Fang wakes up and sees the event. Iwan repeatedly tried but it certainly didn't. Gopal suggested to Iwan that he should use his own voice to activate his power. As Ejo jo's shadow manages to gain upper hand on Papa Zola, it almost kicked him until Tok Aba uses his power to slow them down and move Papa Zola so the shadow can't attack him then Tok Aba changed the time to normal and the shadow struggled at a junk. Ochobot and Boboiboy said awesome to Tok Aba and repeatedly slows down the time and Tok Aba drank and made a post under the legs of the shadow and normals the time and drank cocoa but suddenly Ejo jo finally manipulates the Shadow Dragon. Back to Iwan he can't manipulate molecules without using his voice but they cheer Iwan to do it but eventually the shadow hand ball flew up to the dragon but Iwan just changed it to fritterz with his own voice which make Ying and Yaya shocked and Boboiboy and Gopal laugh, which made Iwan stop saying and become shy. Yaya and Ying doesn't look happy to see the boys laughing, so they decided to hit them three times and Gopal allowed Iwan to said it. Boboiboy uses Three Times Power to set themselves free. Then Boboiboy Earthquake set an Earth Sharp so they can handle it by blowing through the dragon. Boboiboy Cyclone tried to use his wind to counter attack but failed. Yaya and Ying use their power to save their friends from getting eaten by Shadow Dragon. They ask Gopal to turn Shadow Dragon into other things and he did it so. But Ejo jo used his power to prevent Shadow Dragon from turning into other things. As Boboiboy Earthquake saw his friends are gonna be eaten by Shadow Dragon, he then summoned the Earth Dragon and battled the Shadow Dragon but drangled. Fang said to Boboiboy that he must stop Ejo jo to remove the Shadow Dragon. Then the 3 Boboiboys go to Ejo jo but the Shadow Dragon stopped them. Luckily, Mukalakus arrived just on time to punch it and throw it to Ejo jo, performed a mini combo on him and the band was removed from Ejo jo. As they celebrated their victory, Adu du appeared in front of Ejo jo and tried to attack him but Ejo jo managed to go to his spaceship and Adu du tried to attacked them although Boboiboy tried to talk to him out of it but the spaceship was driven to exile the earth and Adu du was very angry and called Ejo jo a coward. As he was about to leave, he looked at Boboiboy and his friends. He was pissed off and left. They feel glad that they are saved and Fang said that he was good until he was angry when Boboiboy thought that he is now better than him. They started again a fight while their friends are laughing at them.


  • This is the first time BoBoiBoy Earthquake summoned Earth Dragon.
  • This is the third appearance of the Shadow Dragon but second appearance in giant form.
  • Tok Aba, Papa Zola and Iwan are the second people to wear Ying, Yaya and Gopal's power bands.
  • This is the first episode where Iwan real voice was heard.
  • This is the second time Papa Zola screamed like a girl (the first being Season 2, Episode 12, and the third being BoBoiBoy: The Movie).
  • It was revealed that Papa Zola likes the color pink.



BoBoiBoy Musim 3 Episod 2- BoBoiBoy vs Ejo Jo Finale

BoBoiBoy Musim 3 Episod 2- BoBoiBoy vs Ejo Jo Finale

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