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We are in the second season! I've spent dozens of episodes trying to defeat him, but failed!

Adu Du

This is the 7th episode of Season 2 of BoBoiBoy and the 20th episode overall in the series.


Fang can't remember why Ochobot consistently faints every time they encounter each other, while Adu Du gets his revenge with the Y Emotion Pistol.


BoBoiBoy, Yaya, Ying, and Gopal including Tok Aba started listen to Fang explanation. But, Fang said that he didn't remember what had happened between him and Ochobot. That made BoBoiBoy and his friend disappointed. BoBoiBoy wondered how Fang can forget what had happened. Fang said again that he didn't remember how Fang can get his power. Gopal mocked Fang and that made him angry. Yaya told BoBoiBoy to bring Ochobot back home. Gopal told Fang to beat him if BoBoiBoy didn't block him. That made Fang so angry again, this time he'll be about to use the Shadow Eagle to eat him.

Later in Tok Aba's House, BoBoiBoy accompanies Ochobot into his room. Then, Ochobot had a dream where he was being attacked, causing him to wake up from his state. Disturbed by the dream, he sought comfort from BoBoiBoy and embraced him tightly. Ochobot shared the details of his dream with BoBoiBoy and requested some time to rest and recover from it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.42

Probe was wearing the pyjamas.

Meanwhile in Cube Fortress, Adu Du was thinking something while walking. Probe accompanying Adu Du beside him. 7 hours later, Probe was seen wearing the pyjamas. Adu Du still thought something. Probe admonished Adu Du what was he thinking for seven hours. Adu Du said that he was thinking about BoBoiBoy. Probe said that Adu Du missed BoBoiBoy. That made Adu Du angry and he threw a mug to Probe. He said again that he was thinking how to defeat BoBoiBoy.

He said again that this was season two. Many episodes he tried to defeat BoBoiBoy, but failed. He said again that he dried from getting an idea. That made Probe splashing some water to Adu Du. Then, Adu Du was angry. After that, Probe said that he got an idea. Adu Du asked Probe what was that. Probe said that they could recycle Adu Du asked him what is recycle.

Sir Probe

Sir Probe was teaching Adu Du.

Probe began his teach to Adu Du about recycle. He asked Adu Du how many bottles he uses every day. Adu Du said 5 bottles every day. He asked again what Adu Du does with the bottle after drinking. Adu Du said that he throw it anywhere. That made sir Probe angry. He asked Adu Du to pretend if 7 billion people in the world did like that. He said that the Earth will full with bottles.

Actually, Adu Du didn't understand what was Probe saying. Probe said that recycle is taking a used thing and use it again. Finally, Adu Du understood him. Adu Du gave an example by throwing with the same mug many times but with a smile. Then, he asked Computer to send many mug to the factory and asked them to give back the money.

But, Adu Du wondered what was related between recycle and defeating BoBoiBoy. Probe said that they could recycle the old idea. Adu Du like the idea in Season 1, Episode 11. But, Adu Du asked Probe that the audience will bored if they used the same idea. Probe said that the audience will not realize that because Probe had changed to pink, but audience didn't realize it. So, they agreed to use the idea in that episode to defeat BoBoiBoy.

Fang & Ochobot meet before

Fang in Ochobot's dream.

Ochobot had his dream again. This time, he dreamed that Fang attacked him and took him. That made Ochobot delirious. BoBoiBoy want to split into three, but failed and hitted the ceiling. This is the first time that BoBoiBoy failed to do one of his power.

Ochobot woke up and asked BoBoiBoy why he made noise in the morning, but BoBoiBoy said that Ochobot was noisy. Ochobot told BoBoiBoy about his dream. He asked BoBoiBoy whether Fang is evil or not. BoBoiBoy told Ochobot to not think bad of him. Next day in Rintis Island Primary School, BoBoiBoy told about Ochobot to his friends. BoBoiBoy, Ying, and Gopal started to think bad of Fang. Yaya advised them to not accuse without proof. Then, Fang entered the class. Gopal came to Fang and asked Fang if he have the debt. Fang answered that Gopal have some debt with him. Gopal said that he will pay it tomorrow.

BoBoiBoy&Fang kena denda

BoBoiBoy and Fang was fined by Yaya.

BoBoiBoy came to Fang and accused him. He said that Fang took Ochobot and took his power. Fang said that he didn't remember. BoBoiBoy and Fang started to fight. Then, Yaya fined them. Behind Yaya, they fought. But, when Yaya looked at them, they pretended to be kind.

Cuti Tembak

Adu Du will shoot them.

Suddenly, Adu Du called BoBoiBoy using a speaker. That made Fang and BoBoiBoy fell. He warned that he will shoot BoBoiBoy's school. Stanley, Amar Deep, Iwan, and Gopal was happy because they will be in a holiday if their school was destroyed. But Yaya was about to write their names and Adu Du will destroy them too. Then, Gopal told them to not do that. Then, Probe pushed Adu Du because he violated the rules by stepping on the grass. Adu Du shot the sign.

61399 10151243857067280 1163502138 n

Adu Du: Enough! I'm the only evil character in this series!

BoBoiBoy and his friends including Fang came to Adu Du. BoBoiBoy and Fang still fought. BoBoiBoy said Fang was evil, and Fang said BoBoiBoy was evil. Then, Adu Du interrupted them by saying that he was the only evil character in this series.

Yaya and Ying asked Adu Du and Probe why they came at their school. Adu Du said that he wanted to shoot BoBoiBoy and his friends using Y Emotion Pistol. BoBoiBoy and Ying said that they can avoid that shot. Probe lied by saying that the teacher was coming, so they looked at the back. So, Adu Du used the opportunity to shoot BoBoiBoy and his friends.

21925 10151276121227280 161438153 n

Probe as a shaman.

After a few minutes, Adu Du was missing from that place. BoBoiBoy and his friends wondered why the pistol didn't make any effect for them. Later in the Cube Fortress, Probe asked Adu Du why he didn't destroyed BoBoiBoy directly. Adu Du said that he deliberately did that. Then, Probe didn't believe that was his boss. So, he became a shaman to release the ghost from Adu Du's body. He was angry and said let them go.

After that, BoBoiBoy and his friends walked towards their homes. Gopal guessed that his pistol were broken. Fang said that Adu Du was afraid of him. BoBoiBoy and Ying were angry of Fang and said again that he is evil. Gopal asked Yaya to write Fang's name, but she disappeared of that place. They wondered where was she. Then, Yaya was seen laughing uncontrollably. Ying asked what was wrong with she, but suddenly Ying behaved like attacked by electric shock.

Adu Du said that was the effect of Y Emotion Pistol. Ying acted cowardly, Yaya laughed uncontrollably, Fang was unusually kind, BoBoiBoy was constantly in despair and Gopal acted stylishly. Adu Du said that they will lose of memory forever and ever. Probe asked Adu Du for celebrating their victory. Adu Du said again that was just the first phase. He will launch the second phase later.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.43

BoBoiBoy and his friends affected by the Emotion Pistol at Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy's Cocoa Shop.

In Tok Aba's shop, Ochobot came and offer Tok Aba for helping him. He asked how are him, Ochobot said that he was in good condition. Tok Aba said it was alright because he can ask BoBoiBoy for help. Then, BoBoiBoy came with despair emotion. Then, Fang came. Without wasting time, Tok Aba immediately close Ochobot's eyes with handkerchief. Ying, Yaya and Gopal came too. Tok Aba wondered why they behaved like that, and asked them for discussing. Because of the crazy emotion, the discussion can't be done. Tok Aba asked them to focus.


  • Season 2, Episode 7 and Episode 11 are the most appeared dressed Probe (Pyjamas, Teacher, Shaman).
  • This is the third time Adu Du wake up Computer from sleeping (Season 2, Episode 3, Season 2, Episode 6).
  • This is the second time Fang's glasses screen is color red (Season 1, Episode 1).
  • Viewers who did not understand Malay thought it was unknown as to how Adu Du grew back to normal after he was shrunk in the previous episode. Actually, near the end of the previous episode before Adu Du was attacked by the Mother Fly, Adu Du said that he will have to make the shrinking potion antidote again, which is how he returned to normal size.
  • Adu Du breaks the fourth wall multiple times.
    • He says to Probe that the viewers might know that they are using the same ploy again and might get bored.
    • He states that he is “the only evil character in the series”.
    • He has a DVD set of BoBoiBoy containing Season 1, Episode 11.
  • Second time Probe said "The teacher's here, the teacher's here!" (Season 1, Episode 8).
  • This is the first episode where the Canteen Lady appeared outside the flashbacks, she appeared in the flashbacks of Season 2, Episode 3 and Season 2, Episode 6.
  • Season 2, Episode 7

    Adu Du holding a DVD set of Season 1, Episode 11.

    This is the first episode where an DVD set of an episode of the series appeared, perhaps the reason why Adu Du and Probe used the same concept in the Chemical X for the Y Emotion Pistol.
    • Although he was holding Episode 11, some scenes of the next episode also appeared.
  • In the Disney Channel version, Animonsta Studios didn't reuse the actual voices in the dub of Season 1, Episode 12, instead, it was recorded again, so BoBoiBoy stated Hurricane Ball instead of Amazing Storm Ball.
  • When Fang was thinking about BoBoiBoy's question about Ochobot, clips from Season 2, Episodes 1, 2, 5 and 6 appeared in his flashback.
  • Second episode where BoBoiBoy wore his sleeping clothes (Season 2, Episode 5).
  • The setting of the episode happened in three days, with the shortest day when Adu Du and Probe created their plans by Recycling.
  • Like Fang in the Malaysian dub, BoBoiBoy's English voice went deeper as Wong Wai Kay reached his puberty stage.


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