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Speaker Dialogue
[Montage of flashbacks to the previous episode begins.]
Gopal [V.O.] In the previous episode, BoBoiBoy has now moved to Rintis Island. Now, he’s studying in our school, and we’re even in the same class!
Ying and Hanna Hi, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Hi! (Chuckles.)
Gopal [V.O.] Ooh, awesome! Everyone was super happy, except that one weird kid. Yeah, and then I warned BoBoiBoy to never ever to use the road near that abandoned house.
Gopal You shouldn’t get too near to that house! That house is haunted!
Iwan (Yelps. Cowers behind the desk.)
Gopal [V.O.] But he was so stubborn, he went ahead and used it anyway. (Sobs.) What can I do?
[Open. ext. Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy's Kokotiam.]
(Tok Aba is taking Mr. Mat’s order.)
Mr. Mat One hot chocolate, and hold the sugar.
Tok Aba Got it.
Ochobot (Sighs.) Atok, I’ll make this one.
Tok Aba Hey, Ochobot, are you feeling better?
Ochobot (Sighs.) Just a little dizzy.
Tok Aba Why have you been constantly fainting for the last few days?
Ochobot I don’t know, Atok. (Takes over the drink.)
Tok Aba Your battery’s running out, I guess.
BoBoiBoy [O.S.] Tok Aba!
Tok Aba Hey, BoBoiBoy! You just got back?
BoBoiBoy Yeah. Tok Aba, I wanna ask you something.
Tok Aba Yeah? About what? (Serves Mr. Mat.)
BoBoiBoy Do you know anything about the old abandoned house near the school?
Tok Aba The old abandoned house near your school? Hmm…Oh, I do, I do! Around a week ago I heard people talking about it out loud. They say the house is haunted!
BoBoiBoy Huh? Is it true, Atok?
Tok Aba (Groans.) Of course it’s not true.
Mr. Mat It is true!
BoBoiBoy Huh?
Mr. Mat One day, when I was out on a delivery…I saw a black monster creeping around the house!
Tok Aba Hmm…
Mr. Mat It’s true, sir. There really is a ghost! (Slurps his drink.)
(Mr. Kumar suddenly pops up next to Mr. Mat.)
Mr. Kumar Legends say, the monster reveals itself during sunset. Sometimes it looks like a tiger, sometimes it looks like a human!
BoBoiBoy Huh? Now it can transform into other things?
Mr. Kumar Hey, everyone knows that ghosts can change shape. Don’t you even go to school?
(BoBoiBoy stares at Mr. Kumar.)
[Crickets chirp.]
Mr. Kumar Ay, this kid. Trying to tell the story here!
Tok Aba Just tell us.
Mr. Kumar Long ago, the house was owned by a family of nine. For the first six months, they were happy. On the seventh month…
[“Several hours later…” title card.]
Mr. Kumar (Laughs.) That is why the house is haunted!
BoBoiBoy How do you know about all these stories? Have you seen it?
Mr. Kumar Yeah— oh, no. Uh, it was Gopal who told me the story yesterday.
Tok Aba Wow, so it’s a story from Gopal.
BoBoiBoy Hm, awesome.
(Gopal walks by the cafe with a bike, too exhausted to pedal it. The basket is filled with his school books. He collapses on the ground.)
Gopal (Pants.) Oh, man!
Ochobot Are you okay? Why do you look so tired?
Gopal Hey, I took the long way…to avoid that haunted house.
Ochobot (Sighs.) Why is everyone talking about the haunted house?
Gopal Huh? Everyone?
(Ochobot gestures to Mr. Kumar talking to Mr. Mat, Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy at the cafe.)
Ochobot Look, they’re all busy talking about the haunted house.
Tok Aba I thought you saw the monster yourself.
Gopal Long ago, that house was filled with a family of—
BoBoiBoy Hey, your dad already told us.
Gopal Huh?
Tok Aba Hm. Like father, like son.
Gopal How could you, papa? Let me tell the story! What if you missed out some important details?
Mr. Kumar Hey, [?...?...?] amma, uncle, aunty, even the whole village loves it when I tell the stories!
(From behind a nearby gazebo, Probe has been watching them and listening to the ghost story.)
Probe Oh, I need to tell Mr. Boss about all of this. (Leaves.)
BoBoiBoy Hmm… I don’t believe any of that.
Gopal Hey, which road did you use to get here?
BoBoiBoy The one near the haunted house, of course.
Gopal Huh? Didn’t you get chased around by that ghost?
BoBoiBoy No. Er, but then, when I passed the house, something seemed to follow me around.
Gopal (Sobs.) That must be the work of the ghost! Please don’t use that road again, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Hmm…okay, then let’s go and check the house out.
Gopal Go! Eh?! Ch-ch-check it out?! (Faints.)
[Trans. ext. Junkyard.]
[Cut int. Boxy Bunker.]
Probe Mr. Boss, Mr. Boss!
Adu Du What’s up?
Probe I have some terrifying and scary news, Mr. Boss!
Adu Du Terrifying and scary news? Has BoBoiBoy already found out about our Boxy Bunker?
Probe Of course not, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du Huh? So what is so terrifying and scary?
Probe There’s a…a…a ghost, Mr. Boss!
Adu Du G-ghost? What’re you talking about?
Probe Eh? You don’t know what ghosts are? Computer, explain.
Computer Please look at this special video, master.
(She reads a disc and plays a video of a “Spot the Difference” puzzle. The images are two identical pictures of the Kokotiam.)
Adu Du Hmm?
Computer Find the odd one out in the picture.
Adu Du Find the odd one out from the picture? Hmm… (Scrutinises the images.)
Probe Look very closely, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du Hmm…Nothing seems odd one—
(A ghost image jumpscares him.)
Adu Du (Screams.) A ghost!
Probe Mr. Boss! Are you all right, Mr. Boss?
Adu Du (Pants, groans.) So that is a ghost. The human’s technology is really terrifying!
Probe It’s not a technology, Mr. Boss. The ghost is a very, very terrifying creature!
Computer According to the data, humans are really scared of ghosts.
Probe Ghosts are so bad, they’re bad like us, Mr. Boss!
Adu Du Hmm, how is it you know so much about all these ghosts?
Probe (Chuckles.) Every night, I like to read some ghost stories, Mr. Boss. (Hoots.) So scary, and yet so good!
Computer (Sighs.)
Probe (Picks a book.) This is the scariest, Mr. Boss. “The Ghost who was Late for the Bus”!
Adu Du No wonder you can’t go to the toilet alone.
Probe (Chuckles.) What a shame, what a shame.
Adu Du Enough! What is the deal with the ghost for this story?
Probe It’s like this, Mr. Boss: I know where the ghosts are, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du Hmm…so what?
Probe So…let’s go find those ghosts and invite them to join our gang.
Adu Du What if he doesn’t want to join us?
Probe (Sighs.) We’re evil like him. Why wouldn’t he want to team up with us?
Adu Du Hmm… (Cackles.) That’s a brilliant idea! After he becomes one of us, we’ll buy him lunch and invite him to attack BoBoiBoy!
Probe (Chuckles.)
Adu Du Enough! Let’s go and get to know our new best friend. (Cackles.)
Probe (Hoots.) That’s so scary, but so cool.
[Trans. ext. The Haunted House
(Adu Du and Probe approach the house’s steps. Crows caw nearby.)
Adu Du (Huffs.) Is this the house?
Probe Ye-yeah, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du What are you waiting for? Go knock on the door.
Probe (Whimpers.) Okay. (Whimpers.)
(He shakily knocks with one of the door knockers.)
Probe Mr. Ghost? Oh, Mr. Ghost! Are you at home? We’re here to, er, propose to you!
Adu Du Yeah, yeah. We’re here to—eh?
Probe Yeah, Mr. Boss, we’re proposing him to join our gang.
Adu Du Hmm…okay, I guess that’s true.
(The heavy double-doors creak open, seemingly on their own. Shadows seep out of the house like smoke.)
Probe Er, I guess we can go in now, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du Hmph. Let’s go.
(Adu Du has taken only inside before Probe yanks him back outside.)
Probe Wait, Mr. Boss!
Adu Du (Yells.)
Probe Eh? Oh, no! Sorry, Mr. Boss!
Adu Du What is the matter with you?!
Probe Er, before we enter the house, we gotta take off our shoes, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du (Groans.) So many reasons!
Probe Er, take off your shoes and put it right next to mine.
(Adu Du does so, placing them on a provided rack next to Probe’s purple bedtime slippers.)
Adu Du All right, let’s go in.
Probe We’re…we’re coming in, Mr. Ghost.
(They enter and the doors once again close on their own. Adu Du and Probe venture upstairs in search of the ghost.)
Probe Mr. Ghost! Oh, Mr. Ghost? Where are you? Are you at home?
(Adu Du peeks through an open doorway and finds the room in total disarray, filed with broken and dilapidated furniture.)
Adu Du This house is a mess!
Probe Ghosts love messy houses, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du (Hums.) This must be a lazy ghost. Look at all the dust! Doesn’t he clean up?
Probe (Exclaims.) Mr. Boss, don’t say that out loud! If he gets mad, if he hear [sic] us, he’ll eat us!
Adu Du He’s gonna eat me? Ha! Come and get some—! (Brandishes a blaster.) Eh?
(They hear a pounding echoing throughout the house.)
Adu Du Huh? What was that sound?
Probe Oh, no! (Whimpers.) The ghost is coming, Mr. Boss! I think he’s angry because you said he’s a lazy ghost!
Adu Du What? So wha—so what should we do?
Probe We gotta go hide, Mr. Boss! Here, Mr. Boss, in here!
(They run into a random room down the hall and shut the door.)
[“2 minutes ago…” title card.]
[Trans. ext. abandoned house.]
(Gopal is filming himself on a handheld video camera.)
Gopal [through camera] (Pants.) Right now, I am in front of the haunted house. (Pants.) I can feel the existence of an entity.
(He pushes the front door open and enters the house, taking in its dilapidated state.)
BoBoiBoy [through camera] (Clears throat.)
Gopal [through camera] Huh? (Whimpers.) What’s that?!
(BoBoiBoy is already in the house and he stares exasperatedly at Gopal through the camera.)
BoBoiBoy [through camera] What are you doing?
Gopal (Shushes.) Hey, you! Don’t say that out loud! The ghost will hear us!
BoBoiBoy Ghost? There is no ghost. I will prove that there is no ghost in this house.
(He walks over to a pile of wreckage and sorts through it.)
Gopal Don’t say things like that, BoBoiBoy. What if…what if…what if it suddenly appears here?
BoBoiBoy Wouldn’t that be much more awesome since you want to record him, right?
Gopal Well yeah but I— (Exclaims.)
(BoBoiBoy is whacking the stair banister with a wooden plank he found.)
BoBoiBoy Hey, ghost, come out! Gopal here wants to record your face then he’ll put it up on the internet and you’ll be popular!
(Upstairs, Adu Du and Probe only hear the pounding downstairs. BoBoiBoy’s voice is muffled and distorted.)
Probe (Sobs.) I told you, Mr. Boss. Why did you have to say that he was a lazy ghost? Now he’s angry!
Adu Du I didn’t know this ghost would be so sensitive. I didn’t actually mean it!
Probe What should we do? What should we do? Oh, no!
(While panicking, he bumps into a mirror. It teeters dangerously on its sides.)
BoBoiBoy Did you hear that? He wants to put you on the internet.
Gopal Hey, hey! Don’t say that here!
(The mirror tips over and shatters. Gopal and BoBoiBoy hear the crash from downstairs.)
Gopal (Screams.) Ayoyo, I’m doomed! It knows I’m putting the video on the internet. (Whimpers.) I’m done for!
Probe We’re done for! We’ve broken his mirror!
Adu Du (Whimpers.)
BoBoiBoy Come, let’s go upstairs. (Heads upstairs.)
Gopal [through camera] Upstairs?! (Sobs.) Mama, papa, if I don’t come back, please do my Maths homework. (Sobs, sniffles.) It’s on page 35. It’s due tomorrow. (Sobs.)
BoBoiBoy [through camera] Come on, Gopal!
Gopal Huh? Wait for me, BoBoiBoy! (Follows.)
Probe (Pants.) Don’t worry, I will protect you, Mr. Boss.
(He moves in front of Adu Du, just as BoBoiBoy reaches their door.)
BoBoiBoy Hmm, I think the sound from before came from here.
(Gopal places a night vision filter over his camera lens to film BoBoiBoy grabbing the door handle.)
Gopal Don’t do it, BoBoiBoy! (Whimpers.)
Probe (Whimpers.)
(BoBoiBoy starts to slowly turns the handle. On the other side, Probe grows increasingly anxious. When the door suddenly cracks open, Probe panics and jumps behind Adu Du, shoving him forward.)
Probe (Screams.) Just eat him first, Mr. Ghost! Please! He’s yummier! I’m just a metal robot, hard and low in protein.
(The door creaks open and Adu Du is the first thing Gopal sees through his video camera.)
Gopal (Screams.) A square-headed goblin!
Adu Du Hm? What? It’s you guys?!
BoBoiBoy Hmph! I thought so! So it’s you who’s been disturbing the people around here disguising as ghosts!
Gopal Yeah, that’s what I thought too! How many times have I told you before, BoBoiBoy? Things like monsters and ghosts don’t exist.
(BoBoiBoy stares at Gopal.)
[Crickets chirp.]
Gopal What?
Probe Don’t be fooled easily, Mr. Boss. I think this ghost is pretending to be BoBoiBoy. (Adu Du hits him.) Ouch!
Adu Du Enough! Of course that’s BoBoiBoy! I can smell him from far away!
Probe Yeah, right. You didn’t say that before.
Adu Du It’s been six months since we last met. However, the memory of getting beaten up by you is still fresh in my mind!
BoBoiBoy That’s enough! Why are you pretending to be a ghost?
Gopal Yeah, how dare you frighten me on my way back from class!
Adu Du Since when did I try to scare you? Since when did I pretend to be a ghost?!
Probe Yeah, yeah. As bad as Mr. Boss can be, he’s not as bad as a ghost.
BoBoiBoy Oh, so you won’t admit, huh? Lightning Bolt attack! (Wields a Lightning Bolt.)
Adu Du Oh, so you want to fight? (Whips out his blaster.)
(Both parties let out a battle cry and charge at each other.)
Fang Shadow strike!
(From another room, someone else in the house sends a torrent of shadow tendrils surging into the hall before the fight begins. The force of the blast hurls them all out of a broken second-storey window into the grounds below, dazing them. BoBoiBoy is the first to recover. He lifts himself up to see Mystery Boy standing in the hole in the house’s wall where they crashed through. Adu Du is the next to get up.)
Adu Du (Groans.) You? You, again?
BoBoiBoy Huh? So you know him?
Probe Of course we do! He is—
Fang Silence! (Jumps down.)
Probe Huh?
Fang Shadow Tiger!
(Mystery Boy forms a shadow puppet of a tiger on the house wall. It radiates with dark energy.)
Adu Du Huh?
(Darkness blankets the area before converging again over the shadow puppet in a writhing void of shadows. The void pulses and warps until it manifests as a tangible Shadow Tiger with red, flaming eyes, leaping forward with a snarl.)
Adu Du and Probe Huh?!
Fang Attack!
(The tiger roars and pounces on Probe first, swiping at him relentlessly. It’s at this moment Gopal wakes up.)
Probe (Screams, exclaims in pain.) Ow! No, no!
Gopal (Sobs.) That’s the ghost that attacked me the other day!
Adu Du (Winces.) Retreat, Probe. Retreat!
(Adu Du’s yell distracts the tiger for a moment, allowing Probe to flee with Adu Du.)
Fang After him!
(They don’t get far; the tiger catches up to them in a single jump. BoBoiBoy can only watch as the tiger mercilessly attacks them. Mystery Boy smirks as the tiger lets up only to chase them out the gate and down the road.)
Fang Now, it’s…your turn!
Gopal (Yelps.) We’re done for, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Hey, where did you get these powers?!
Fang (Scoffs.)
BoBoiBoy Why are you attacking us?
Fang Gopal and you? (Chuckles.) I’m only attacking you, BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy Huh? Me? What did I do?
Fang You don’t know?!
[Trans. int. Rintis Island Primary School, flashback.]
Fang [V.O.] The first day, when I moved to our school…
(Mystery Boy is walking down the corridor towards Class 5. Amar Deep notices him from inside.)
Amar Deep Look, there’s a new guy! There’s a new guy!
Students Who’s that? Who’s the new guy? Whoa! Who is that? Wow!
Nana He’s so cool!
Amy And stylish!
Student 1 I wanna be his friend!
Student 2 I want to get to know him!
Gopal (Hums.) But if BoBoiBoy was here, he’d be way cooler.
Amar Deep Yeah, he’s totally cooler!
Fang Huh?
Gopal If it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t be as stylish as he is now!
Fang (Growls.)
[Flashback ends.]
Fang Well, I…I do not believe that you’re better than me!
Gopal Come on, that happened once! You’re sulking ‘cos of that?
Fang Just once?!
[Trans. int. Class 5 Honest, flashback.]
Fang [V.O.] Two months ago, at nine o’clock, in Mathematics class…
Papa Zola Which one of you brave young souls can solve this Mathematics problem?
(A seemingly complex Math equation consisting of repetitive “+ 15 - 15”’s is on the whiteboard.)
Class (Murmurs in confusion.)
Ying Er, one? Two?
Fang Heh. (Raises his hand.)
Papa Zola Yes?! What is the correct answer?!
Fang Fifteen.
Papa Zola Correct! Absolutely correct!
Amar Deep Whoa, what a smart guy!
Papa Zola Now that’s my student over there.
Fang (Smirks, scoffs.)
Gopal (Sighs.) If BoBoiBoy was here, he’d be way smarter!
Class (All agree.)
(Mystery Boy gapes, shocked.)
Papa Zola Yes! Of course he is! BoBoiBoy is among the smartest of the smart! Gather around, children, let me tell you the story of how I met BoBoiBoy.
Class Wow! Tell us, Mr. Papa, tell us!
Fang Huh? (Growls.)
[Flashback ends.]
Fang After that, Mr. Papa talked about you for three whole hours!
BoBoiBoy Huh? Really? What did Mr. Papa say about me? Go on, tell me!
Fang You want me to tell you?! (Growls.) Now you’re really asking for it! Take this! (Manifests his Shadow Tiger.) Shadow Tiger, attack!
BoBoiBoy Huh?
(The tiger charges at BoBoiBoy.)
Gopal (Screams.) Oh, no!
(Gopal dives behind a bush to hide. The tiger pounces, claws out, but BoBoiBoy brandishes a Lightning Bolt in his hand.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Bolt attack!
Gopal Huh?
(The two clash, and BoBoiBoy manages to hold his own against the tiger, blocking its claws with his Bolt. Gopal hurriedly switches on his camera to record the fight.)
Fang Shadow Slash!
BoBoiBoy Huh? (Yells.)
(The tiger swipes at BoBoiBoy’s side, knocking BoBoiBoy to the ground and the Bolt into the air.)
Fang Ha. Keep attacking!
BoBoiBoy Huh?
(Snarling, the tiger lunges at BoBoiBoy. He dodges in time, but the tiger turns and immediately switches direction. This time, BoBoiBoy jumps over the tiger as it pounces, doing multiple handsprings as he hits the ground and spinning several backwards somersaults before landing. He glares back at Mystery Boy.)
BoBoiBoy Oh, so you wanna play? BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm!
(Without splitting or first becoming BoBoiBoy Lightning, BoBoiBoy transforms into his Thunderstorm form, red lightning crackling around him.)
Gopal Whoa, how did BoBoiBoy do that so easily?!
Fang (Growls.) Shadow Form!
(He dissipates his charging tiger into a trail that passes beneath and behind Thunderstorm.)
Fang Shadow Tiger, pounce!
(The tiger manifests and pounces on Thunderstorm from behind.)
BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm Storm Sword strike!
(He whips around and raises his Thunder Blade as the tiger descends. The strike goes straight through the tiger, immobilising it.)
Fang Huh?!
Thunderstorm Heh!
(Mystery Boy chuckles and dissipates the Shadow Tiger with a clap.)
Thunderstorm Huh?
Fang Surrounding Shadows, attack!
(Six Shadow Hands emerge from beneath him and rush along the ground towards Thunderstorm.)
Thunderstorm BoBoiBoy…
BoBoiBoy Cyclone Cyclone!
(He transforms into Cyclone and flies straight up on a small tornado.)
Fang Ha! You think you can run away from me? (Yells.)
(Mystery Boy scoops his hand up and the Shadow Hands shoot up to surround Cyclone from above.)
Cyclone Huh? What on earth?!
(Mystery Boy claps and the hands slam Cyclone down to earth.)
Cyclone (Screams.)
Gopal BoBoiBoy!
Fang (Chuckles.) Now, you should know who’s the strongest around here!
(The hands pull away, revealing nothing but an empty crater underneath them.)
Fang Huh?!
(The ground rumbles, revealed to be caused by BoBoiBoy Quake rising from underground on an Earth Pillar.)
BoBoiBoy Quake (Chuckles.)
Gopal (Whoops.) So stylish!
Fang (Growls.) How did you survive that?!
(He looks at the sky and realises that the sun has nearly set.)
Fang (Groans.)
Quake Earth Punch! (Yells.)
(He punches the ground and chunks of earth shaped like missiles shoot towards Mystery Boy.)
Fang Hm.
(Mystery Boy extends one hand to his side and envelops himself in a spinning cocoon of shadows that shatters and deflects fragments of Quake’s attack. Quake is forced to shield his eyes. When he looks back, the cocoon has dissipated and Mystery Boy is nowhere to be seen.)
Quake Huh?
Gopal Eh? Where did he go? Hmmm, he probably ran away.
Quake Ran? Chang, you chicken!
Gopal Hey, his name is Fang.
Quake Oh, really? Fang you CHICKEN!
(Fang watches this from a nearby rooftop and hears BoBoiBoy’s taunt.)
Fang (Scoffs.) Chicken? You’re lucky the sun’s about to set.
(He slides down the roof as the sun goes down fully and the first streetlights turn on.)
[Trans. ext. Junkyard.]
[Cut int. Boxy Bunker.]
(Probe and Adu Du are covered in scratches from the tiger’s attacks. Adu Du is in a wheelchair.)
Adu Du (Groans.) I got beaten up for no reason!
Probe Sorry, Mr. Boss. I didn’t know that Fang was actually the ghost.
Adu Du Yeah, how would you know? You are too influenced with those stupid ghost stories that you like to read so much!
Probe (Hoots.) Stupid, but cool!
Adu Du You call that cool?!
(He gets up and grabs Probe’s horror book collection, throwing them to the floor.)
Adu Du Computer, start a fire this instant!
(Computer does so, quite literally in an instant, with planks of wood.)
Probe Eh! Mr. Boss, what are you trying to do?
Adu Du Oh, nothing. It’s just dark. I find it hard to read these books with no lights on.
Probe Oh. Phew! I thought you wanted to burn my books just now.
Adu Du Let me read this one. “The Vampire of Strawberry Tree”. “Once upon a time a girl lived in a strawberry field…that was constantly burning!”
Probe Eh? The strawberry field was on fire? Hmm, I don’t remember the story going do— (Sniffs.) Eh? Eh?!
(The smoke that Probe is smelling is coming from his horror books that Adu Du is throwing into the fire.)
Adu Du Burn it! Burn it all!
Probe Hey, Mr. Boss! My books! (Sobs.) Please don’t! NO!
Adu Du All these books are damaging your mind! Do you know that?!
Probe (Sobs.) My mind is already damaged; you spilled water on my computer chip! (Sobs.)
Adu Du Enough! Don’t you dare read those horror books again! Go and make me some tea!
Probe (Sniffs, sobs.) How could you, Mr. Boss! Hmph!
[Trans. int. Boxy Bunker, later.]
Probe Mr. Boss has burned all of my horror books collection. (Sniffles.) It’s okay! I’ll just write my own horror stories.)
(He takes a pen and paper from a drawer and begins drawing.)
Probe (Clears throat.) “The Mystery of the Square-Headed Blockhead and the Boxy Bunker”. (Chuckles.) By Mr. R. L. Probe.
(The “Square-Headed Blockhead” on the book cover that Probe has drawn bears a clear resemblance to Adu Du.)
[End credits roll.]