Legends say, the monster reveals itself during sunset. Sometimes it looks a tiger, sometimes it looks like a human!

Mr. Kumar about the ghost in the Haunted House

This is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of BoBoiBoy and the 15th episode overall in the series.


After a scary story spreads through the Rintis Island community, BoBoiBoy and Gopal go into the Haunted House to investigate if there really is a ghost.


The episode begins at Tok Aba's cafe. Ochobot returns in time to take Mr. Mat’s order. Tok Aba wonders why he has been fainting so much recently, but Ochobot doesn’t know why either.

BoBoiBoy arrives from school and asks Tok Aba about the Haunted House. Tok Aba says he heard the stories last week but believes they’re nonsense, which Mr. Mat and Mr. Kumar (who appears out of nowhere) deny and recount their own experiences. The former once saw a black monster prowling around the house, while the latter claims the ghost appears at sunset in the form of either a tiger or a human.

Mana ada karut

He tells them the legend of why the house is haunted, which takes several hours, but admits that he hasn’t seen the house himself, only hearing the stories from Gopal. Speaking of which, Gopal arrives at the cafe, exhausted after taking the long route home. Upon finding out that BoBoiBoy was followed by something when he passed by it, he begs him not to take the road near the Haunted House again. BoBoiBoy decides to investigate the house to see if there really is a ghost and Gopal accidentally agrees to go with him.

In the Boxy Bunker, Probe informs Adu Du about the discussion he overheard about the Haunted House and a ghost. However, Adu Du doesn't know what a ghost is so Computer shows him a special "Spot the Difference" video where he is jumpscared by an image of a ghost. Probe learns from his Horror Books Collection that ghosts are terrifying, evil creatures and convinces Adu Du that they should invite the ghost to join their evil team and help them defeat BoBoiBoy.

Janganla cakap hantu ni malas

Probe: “Don’t say that out loud! If he hears us, he will eat us!”

Later, the two approach the house, and invite the ghost to join them. The door opens on its own and they enter, unaware that BoBoiBoy and Gopal arrived there two minutes earlier. They venture up to the second floor and Adu Du calls the ghost lazy due to the house’s messy state. He claims to be unafraid since he brought a weapon until they hear a sudden crashing sound throughout the house, making them hide in one of the rooms.

Hantu, keluarla

BoBoiBoy: “Hey, ghost, come out here so Gopal can record your face and put it on the Internet!”

It turns out to be a sceptical BoBoiBoy hitting a stick against the stair banister to get the ghost’s attention. Probe accidentally knocks over a mirror upstairs, which is heard below. BoBoiBoy and Gopal head upstairs to investigate the sound, and both parties are surprised to find the other there. BoBoiBoy accuses Adu Du of pretending to be a ghost to scare the citizens, which he denies. They prepare to attack each other but the “Mystery Boy” turns out to have been there the whole time and attacks first, throwing them outside the house.

Adu Du and Probe recognise the boy and are about to reveal his name when he silences them by attacking them mercilessly with a tiger he formed from a shadow puppet using his Power Watch, forcing them to flee. The boy refuses to explain to them how he received powers, but declares that he only wanted to attack BoBoiBoy, angrily explaining why via two flashbacks.

Both flashbacks involved the boy’s classmates being impressed by his traits (either his style, coolness or intelligence.), only for Gopal to say that BoBoiBoy was better than him in that aspect. His classmates agreed with him and their attention shifted to BoBoiBoy, neglecting the new boy. In the second flashback, Papa Zola ended up talking about BoBoiBoy for three hours straight.

BoBoiBoy eagerly asks to know what they said, infuriating the boy and making his Shadow Tiger attack him. To properly defend himself, he transforms into BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm without performing a split, surprising Gopal. The boy suddenly changes the Tiger to Shadow Hands which prompts Thunderstorm to switch to BoBoiBoy Cyclone so he can escape. The Hands capture him and crush him into the ground, but when they pull away, Cyclone is gone and BoBoiBoy Earthquake rises from below ground.

The boy frustratedly notices the sun beginning to set as Earthquake attacks him. He reflects the attack with a Shadow Shield and escapes while Earthquake is distracted. Earthquake calls him a scaredy-cat (“chicken” in the English dub) for retreating and addresses him as “Chang" before amending it when Gopal informs him that the boy’s name is “Fang”. From a nearby rooftop, Fang hears them and considers them lucky that the sun was setting.
Penakut kau Fang

BoBoiBoy: “Fang, you chicken!”

Back in the Boxy Bunker, Adu Du complains that he was beaten up for no reason and blames Probe for it since his idea to recruit the “ghost” came from reading all the horror books. He burns Probe’s books, thinking they are damaging his mind, leaving the robot in tears. With his books gone, Probe resolves to write his own horror story and calls it The Mystery of the Square-headed Blockhead at the Boxy Bunker”, basing the ghost on his boss.



  • This is the second episode in a row where Gopal recapped the previous episode.
  • Ochobot is seen making Hot Chocolate in this manner for the second time.
  • The “Mystery Boy’s” name is revealed to be “Fang”.
    • BoBoiBoy calls people “Ah Meng” (“Chang” in the English version) if he forgets or doesn’t know their name (seen in Season 1, Episode 5.). In Fang’s case, it was the latter.
  • BoBoiBoy no longer needs to split into three to use his Elemental forms.
  • There's no real differences that can be spotted in the video that Computer showed to Adu Du.
  • The Mystery Box Headed Child Ghost (“The Mystery of the Square-headed Blockhead and the Boxy Bunker” in the English version) can also be seen in
    Toyol Mystery
  • Probe's full name is revealed to be “A.R. Probe”.
  • BoBoiBoy Cyclone can also be called "Hurricane".
  • The scenes where Probe and Adu Du were scratched by the Shadow Tiger and BoBoiBoy Earthquake called Fang "Ah Meng" are cut in TV3.
  • In the English version, Markas Kotak means “Hiding Box” because the shape is like a gigantic box.
  • The scene where Adu Du burned Probe's books appeared as a flashback in Season 2, Episode 13.
  • First episode where Adu Du is seen wearing torn socks, he wears them again during MKHIPI in Episode 35 and while sleeping in Episode 37.
  • In this season, Anas Abdul Aziz replaces Nizam Razak as the voice actor for the Mr. Mat in both Malay and English languages.
  • This is the first episode where Anas Abdul Aziz voiced 5 characters in one episode (Adu DuProbeTok AbaMr.Kumar and the Burgerman), beating the episode of The Giant Game of Checkers where he only voiced 4 characters (Adu DuProbeTok Aba and the Sleeping Monster).
  • In one scene, Papa Zola tells the class to come infront of him to tell his experience about BoBoiBoy, so far, he already met BoBoiBoy and Gopal in Episodes 15 to 18.
    • This is cut when this episode first aired on TV3.
  • The reason why Adu Du said "You again" to Fang is because they already know him even before BoBoiBoy's return, it was revealed that they met Fang in a flashback in Episode 34.


  • The “Spot The Difference” game is a form of the prank in which viewers concentrate very hard on an image before being jumpscared by another image flashing onscreen.
  • In one scene, BoBoiBoy says that Adu Du is disguising himself as a ghost to scare people. This scene is almost the same in the film Geng The Adventure Begins when Singh and Salleh are disguising themselves as the Durian Ghost.
  • When they enter the house Gopal records his videos in a found-footage style that is used in some horror movies.

TV3 Airing Version

  • In the first time where this episode was aired in TV3 contains deleted scenes:

12:54 - 12:56 - BoBoiBoy stands up and saw Fang standing in the damaged wall of the house .

12:58 - 13:05 Adu Du said "You again,” BoBoiBoy finds out that Adu Du and Probe that they know him, Probe was about to admit but Fang said "Silence!”
Kau Lagi!

13:37 - 13:47 : When Adu Du and Probe are scratched by Fang's Shadow Tiger

15:34 - 15:41 : When Papa Zola ordered the class to come infront of him to tell his experience about BoBoiBoy.

18:22 - 18:28 : When BoBoiBoy Earthquake mistakenly called Fang "Ah Meng" to called him a scaredy cat, Gopal mentioned the boy's name.

18:33 : Fang said "Me?”


  • Adu Du burned Probe's entire Horror book collection but they still appeared in Episodes 36 and 39.
  • When Fang attacked BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Adu Du and Probe, the wall in the side of the house was damaged but when Gopal was wondering where Fang went after BoBoiBoy Earthquake attacked him, the damaged portion of the house disappeared.


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BoBoiBoy Season 2 Episode 2

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