At this episode Ejo Jo located Adu Du on Planet Earth, Adu Du and Probe planned to postpone Ejo Jo's arrival on Earth by telling about BoBoiBoy and his friends's powers but it didn't work at all.


Adu Du was sleeping but the alarm clock was ringing, he was very disturbed and try to hit it using his hammer, but the clock still ringing. He then shot it using his gun. At the space, Ejo Jo was sent big radio waves to Earth before he was landed. Probe screaming to make Adu Du wake up. He want to shot Probe but he say that it is already 1:00 o'clock P.M. He reported that there is prominent finding in their radar. Computer tell that the radar that released is

Ejo Jo's Spaceship sent detector waves to the Earth.

similar like the previous ship. Adu Du throw his mug to Probe.

Then, the lamp in the underground suddenly flickered. Ejo Jo's computer said that Adu Du was the alien from Ado Doy's ethnic that was very low group in Ata Ta Tiga. Sector 42 is the worst sector

Maklumat konco-konco Adu Du

Ejo Jo obtained the information of Adu Du's henchmen.

that was discarded. Computer show also about Computer and Robot Combat Probe (which is now as Adu Du's assistant). Long time ago, the robot was made it as a combat robot. But when it is tested, one alien has slipped into power lines and cause broken to Probe when he upgrade to Super Probe.

Mesin rumput kambing

Lawnmower S8000 when Probe showed it to Adu Du.

Then, it is destroyed that was heard by young Adu Du that want to call someone. The, the robot was dumped and found by him. he was thing that the robot can be as covering food. But the robot tell that he is the combat robot, not a covering robot. Then, young Adu Du repair him and put some fish. Probe now become a robot and covering food. Then it mention event in Episode 10 and Episode 32.

Ejo Jo contact si Adu Du

Ejo Jo contacted Adu Du for the first time in the series.

The it say that Computer has components of XY2000, M8000, SIY234, and three unknown parts and also with coconut fibre. Back to Earth, Adu Du was very confused about the radar. Probe tell him about to get back their spaceship from Bago Go, but Bago Go say it is already sold. To substitute it, he recommended to buy the Lawn Mower S8000. It say that it use green technology and no need oil again and car free. It also comes with grass seed.

Abode FX Trial Version

Computer used Abode FX Trial Version to make Adu Du's loss dramatic.

It also can relief people work. Adu Du want the machine, but it is only a goat that bite their wire. It cost only RM9000000.09 (ten times cheaper than his previous product). But it is discount for 90%.

Ejo Jo gelak lagi

Ejo Jo laughed at Adu Du for getting wrong information on Yaya, Ying and Gopal.

Then Probe pawn Adu Du's Hiding Box . But, before he was about saw Probe in half, Ejo Jo contact him for the prepare. He actually ex class counterpart that always bully him just like BoBoiBoy.

Petai masih tak tahu nama

The combat robot of Ejo Jo which will be revealed as Petai.

He was the cause Adu Du ran away from his home forever. Ejo Jo wants Adu Du to make his headquarters that was sold by Bago Go. Not only that, he also buy their spaceship. He also know about their activity during in the Earth and about Tok Aba's Cocoa Drink and Ochobot. Then, Adu Du turn off the computer, but it is still on. Probe give a strategy to trick Ejo Jo. Adu Du try to turn off communication and Ejo Jo try to turn on communication (they do it many times until Ejo Jo gets angry), but Probe cover the computer with a dirty fabric. Then, he give instruction to Computer to scare Ejo Jo about BoBoiBoy. But, the edit is very freak because there is no original one. Then, he mention BoBoiBoy and his friends and their power. It also mention Fang and his power. Then, he ask computer to take his armor suit and his robot. Their panic, but there is a people that knock the door that actually is Probe. Then, Adu Du was scolding him and was about to saw him in half.




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BoBoiBoy Promo Musim 2 Episod 10

BoBoiBoy Promo Musim 2 Episod 10

BoBoiBoy Season 2 Episode 10

BoBoiBoy Season 2 Episode 10

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