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Speaker Dialogue
[Montage of flashbacks to the first season finale begins.]
Gopal [V.O.] Six months ago, my best friend BoBoiBoy managed to defeat the evil robot Mukalakus.
Adu Du (Screams.)
BoBoiBoy Cyclone, Quake and Thunderstorm (All yell.)
Gopal [V.O.] Good riddance to Adu Du, his destroyer robot and the missing spaceship! Now, the only thing he has left is his electric spatula!
Adu Du (Whacks Probe with the spatula.) You sold my whole spaceship just to get an electric spatula?!
Gopal [V.O.] After BoBoiBoy defeated Adu Du, he went back home. (Sighs.) When will we get to see BoBoiBoy again?
[Trans. ext. Outer Space.]
(In a red spaceship, a tall Kubulus alien examines a hologram of Spaceship A80, Adu Du’s former ship, that the salesman Bago Go has presented to him.)
Ejo Jo Hmm, I’ve been searching for this antique spaceship for a long time.
Bago Go Yes, sir! This was a hard find. It took me to the ends of the solar system. I didn’t go home for six months! Even my kid doesn’t recognise me anymore! How’s that?
Ejo Jo Huh. How much does this spaceship cost?
Bago Go The price? Oh, it’s super cheap, sir! After our half-year-end sale, it’s only 80 million and 80 cents, sir.
Ejo Jo 80 million and 80 cents?
Bago Go Yes! With a price so cheap, it’s everyone’s satisfaction guaranteed.
Ejo Jo Hmm…
Bago Go Oh, my, why do you have to think that hard, sir? You have so much money in the bank! It’s not good for us to save so much money, sir. It’s such a waste if you don’t use all that money now. Think about it! You have everything you need, sir! You’re rich, you’re handsome. Not to mention stylish, too.
Ejo Jo Hmm…of course.
Bago Go But it’s so close, yet so far, sir. You do not have this antique spaceship to complete your antique spaceship collection, right? And if I were you, sir— (Exclaims.)
(A mountain of cash drops down on Bago Go from the ceiling. He emerges from the pile with money in his mouth.)
Bago Go [muffled] Oh! Money! (Coughs out cash.) I will send that spaceship right away, sir! Hold on a minute, it’s already parked outside.
(The red spaceship is already holding Spaceship A80 at its side with a red beam.)
[Trans. int. Rintis Island Primary School.]
(Gopal is alone in Class 5 Honest doing homework when Ying and Hanna walk in.)
Hanna Wow, you’re so hard-working!
Gopal Huh? Hanna, Ying! Good morning!
Ying and Hanna Good morning!
Ying Hey, what are you up to?
Gopal Doing my homework. What else?
Hanna Huh? Aren’t we supposed to hand in yesterday’s homework tomorrow?
Gopal Of course, but this is homework from two months ago.
Ying and Hanna (Both groan.)
Gopal (Chuckles sheepishly.)
Ying Why are you only doing it today? Are you crazy?!
Gopal It’s not that I don’t want to, but ever since BoBoiBoy left… (Groans.) I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t even finish my homework! (Sighs.)
Hanna Excuses. You’re always like this! So-called “Assistant Monitor”! Hmph!
Gopal (Giggles sheepishly.) Hey! Hey, hey, look at that, look at that!
Ying and Hanna Huh?
(They turn and see the sullen “Mystery Boy” entering the classroom.)
Hanna [hushed]Hey, Ying, say hi to him.
Ying [hushed] No, you say hi!
(Mystery Boy glances over at them. The girls gasp, then attempt to send him friendly smiles. The boy ignores them, walks over to his desk at the far corner of the room, sets his bag down and stares out the window.)
Ying Huh! Show-off!
Hanna Yeah! We smiled at him, but he ignored us! What’s wrong with him?
Gopal I know, right? I’ve never even liked that weird purple-haired kid. He’s been in this school for six months, but I’ve never seen him make friends with anyone around here. What a weirdo!
Ying Yep! That’s why he has no friends.
Hanna Hm, he doesn’t have friends, but he sure has fans.
(She indicates the female students crowding around the door.)
Admirers (All giggle.) Hi!
Hanna Hmm, what do they actually see in him, Gopal—huh?
(Gopal has disappeared from his chair to join Mystery Boy’s admirers.)
Ying and Hanna Huh?
Gopal Ooh, isn’t he cool? Isn’t he?
Admirers (All giggle and agree.)
Ying Hey, Gopal! What’s wrong with you?
Gopal Huh? Er…
Hanna So much for all that. (Sighs.) Huh? (Sees the teacher approaching.) The teacher’s coming!
(The students spread the word around class and rush to their seats. They stand as the teacher enters. Hanna leads the morning greeting.)
Hanna Attention! (Clears throat.) Good morning, Miss Robinson.
Class Good morning, Miss Robinson!
Miss Robinson Good morning, everyone! Okay, before we start our lesson today, I want to introduce you to someone. Here he is! (Gestures to her right, but nobody is there.) Hey? Where’d he go?
BoBoiBoy [O.S.] Er, sorry, ma’am, my shoelace is untied.
Ying Huh? That voice sounds familiar.
(Mystery Boy casts a sideways glance at the door. Down the hall, the new kid finishes tying his laces and heads to class.)
[Trans. ext. Rintis Island train station, flashback.]
[“That morning…” subtitle.]
(Tok Aba walks up to the platform, accompanied by Ochobot.)
Tok Aba (Sighs.) I can’t wait to see BoBoiBoy.
(A train horn sounds in the distance.)
Station Announcer The hi-speed train will arrive at the platform. Please make sure that you have the right person.
Tok Aba Hmph! Took the time to tease me!
Ochobot (Chuckles.) He remembers how you hugged the wrong kid.
(In an almost exact recreation of last season, the train pulls up to the platform where Tok Aba eagerly waits. The doors open to reveal a slightly taller BoBoiBoy wearing new clothes.)
Tok Aba BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Atok! Ochobot!
(They run towards each other and this time hug the right people.)
Tok Aba So, how’s my grandson?
BoBoiBoy I’m fine. How are you?
Tok Aba Hm, I’m fine—
Ochobot (Screams.) It hurts! Let go of me!
BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba Eh?
(Ochobot flails as he’s trapped in the hug. BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba step back to let him go.)
Ochobot (Pants.) Can’t…breathe!
BoBoiBoy (Laughs.) Awesome!
Ochobot (Sobs. Hugs BoBoiBoy.) You finally came back, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles. Pats Ochobot.) Okay, let’s go home. I’m tired anyway.
Tok Aba Go home? You’ve got school today!
BoBoiBoy Huh? To school?! (Groans.) I’m tired, Tok. Can’t I just start tomorrow?
Tok Aba No can do. Studies are important. You can’t skip school!
Ochobot That’s right! Tok Aba even signed you up for school.
BoBoiBoy But…I don’t have a uniform, Tok.
Tok Aba (Chuckles.) I’ve already prepared everything! (Brings out a paper bag and hands it to BoBoiBoy.) Go and get changed.
BoBoiBoy Okay, Tok.
[Flashback ends.]
(The new kid walks to class. Via his shadow, we glimpse the cap he’s wearing before he steps into the classroom.)
Gopal and Hanna BoBoiBoy!
(The student is fully revealed to be BoBoiBoy, wearing an older version of the Rintis Island Primary School uniform. The pant legs are way too short. Gopal stifles his laughter while Ying and Hanna gawk silently at the sight.)
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles sheepishly.) Hi.
Ying and Hanna Hi, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Hi! (Chuckles.)
Amar Deep Oh, so this is the boy you guys have been talking about.
Miss Robinson Okay, BoBoiBoy, you can take a seat over there.
BoBoiBoy Yes, ma’am.
(BoBoiBoy makes his way to a desk behind Hanna, in front of Mystery Boy and to Gopal’s left.)
Miss Robinson All right, class! You can now take out your textbooks and open to page 35.
Nana (Giggles.) He’s so awesome!
(Mystery Boy hears this and glares at BoBoiBoy.)
Nana Pss, pss!
BoBoiBoy Uh?
Nana Hi, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy [shyly] Hi. Nice to meet you.
Ying Which century is this uniform from?
BoBoiBoy Er, this is…
[Flashback, ext. Rintis Island train station.]
(Tok Aba fixes the last button on BoBoiBoy’s “new” uniform.)
Tok Aba (Chuckles.) This is my great-great-grandfather’s clothes! They’re still holding up.
(He tugs the pant legs down to adjust them, but he accidentally rips the ends off. BoBoiBoy and Tok Aba gape at how easily the uniform ripped.)
Tok Aba Uh…er… (Chuckles nervously.) You can always roll it up!
[Flashback ends.]
Gopal (Bursts out laughing.) Hey, are you dressed up for school, or to work in a museum?
Hanna Seriously? You were the one begging BoBoiBoy to go to school here, and now that he is, you’re making fun of him.
Ying Yeah! You don’t have a heart!
Gopal I do…and that is why I’m amused and laughing my heart out! (Laughs.)
Tok Aba Hey, that’s enough!
Gopal Huh? (Turns around.) Huh?
(Tok Aba is sitting in Iwan’s desk, the one behind Gopal’s.)
Tok Aba You think you’re so funny, Gopal?
BoBoiBoy Eh? Atok?!
Hanna What are you doing here, Atok?
Tok Aba Oh, today’s BoBoiBoy’s first day of school, so I have to keep him company.
BoBoiBoy (Gawks, faints.) Aw, what?
Tok Aba I think I’ve gotta be here for him for a whole week!
BoBoiBoy You don’t have to, Tok. I’m already a big boy now. I’m not in Standard 1 anymore.
Tok Aba Oh, really? (Chuckles.)
Miss Robinson Why don’t you just let your grandpa keep you company today?
BoBoiBoy But, ma’am—
Tok Aba Hey, don’t question your teacher. You’ve gotta listen to what she has to say.
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.) All right. [dejectedly] Awesome!
(The rests of the class bursts into laughter, except Miss Robinson, Tok Aba and Mystery Boy, the latter of whom continues ignoring them.)
[Trans. ext. Tok Aba’s cafe.]
(BoBoiBoy’s friends are at the cafe while BoBoiBoy prepares drinks for the three of them.)
Gopal Hey, BoBoiBoy, how did you get to transfer here?
Ying Yeah, do your parents know?
BoBoiBoy Of course! I’ve asked them for permission.
Hanna What? You mean they’re letting you stay here?
BoBoiBoy Uh-huh! They let me move to keep Tok Aba company. Here, done!
(He sets three iced chocolate drinks on the table.)
Gopal Tok Aba’s Special Iced Chocolate! (Sips his drink.) So delicious!
(The girls do the same and agree.)
BoBoiBoy Also, I need to help Tok Aba take care of the shop. Ochobot alone is not enough.
Hanna Tok Aba is lucky to have a grandson like you.
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.)
(Tok Aba appears suddenly and startles BoBoiBoy so much that he falls over.)
BoBoiBoy (Yells.) Ow!
Tok Aba (Chuckles.) And that’s why I’m changing the sign board! Introducing: “Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy Kokotiam”! (Places a new sign on the counter that gleams in the light.)
BoBoiBoy’s gang Wow!
Tok Aba (Chuckles.)
Hanna Wow, that’s great, BoBoiBoy! There’s your picture at Tok Aba’s shop.
Gopal Hey, you misspelled this!
Ochobot Huh? What’s wrong with it?
Gopal What should be there is G-O-P-A-L.
Tok Aba Yeah, sure, Gopal.
Hanna Tok Aba, is it okay if I just put some of my cookies here?
Tok Aba Oh, sure!
Ying [aside to Gopal] Would anyone actually buy it?
Gopal [aside to Ying] Hmph, only someone crazy would buy it!
Hanna Huh? Buy what?
Gopal Er, buy…buy…buy this BoBoiBoy-shaped chocolate!
(The said chocolate in Gopal’s hand also sparkles.)
Hanna Huh? So cute!
Ying When was this available?
Tok Aba (Chuckles.) I made it specially for our brand new restaurant!
BoBoiBoy Wow! Awesome, Tok! (Hugs Tok Aba.)
Tok Aba Well, it would be more awesome if you help me put it up there.
BoBoiBoy Okay, Atok! (Performs his Elemental Split.)
[Elemental Split sequence.]
BoBoiBoy Earth You grab it from there, and I’ll handle it here. (Lifts the bottom.)
BoBoiBoy Wind (Flies up on a small tornado.) Okay, pass it to me so I can put it on.
(Mystery Boy watches them from behind some bushes under a nearby street sign.)
Ochobot Little to the right…just a bit more…Huh?
(Ochobot notices something behind him and turns around. He sees Mystery Boy hiding, who gasps and moves out of sight.)
Ochobot Hey, that’s…that’s—! (Glitches out, collapses.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Ochobot!
Ochobot Ow…! (His eyes spin.)
Hanna What’s wrong with you, Ochobot?
Tok Aba Oh, he fainted again!
BoBoiBoy Wind Eh? Ochobot has fainted before?
Tok Aba Yeah. This has happened for a while now. (Strokes Ochobot’s head.) Maybe he’s just a little tired.
BoBoiBoy Lightning Robots get tired, too?
Tok Aba Of course. All right, why don’t you bring Ochobot back and let us handle the sign board?
BoBoiBoy Earth Okay, Tok.
(Earth combines with the other two elemental forms. Tok Aba hands the unconscious Ochobot to BoBoiBoy. Mystery Boy is still watching them.)
Tok Aba Okay, here. Be careful with him.
Gopal (Clears throat.) Tok Aba, are we getting paid for this?
Tok Aba Oh, so you’re not helping sincerely?
Gopal Oh, I am, Tok. Well, if you want me to be more sincere, just give me one of your special hot chocolates.
Tok Aba Hm, all right.
Hanna Really, Gopal? Do you actually think that would make you seem more sincere?
Gopal (Giggles.) Anything for a free drink!
Ying All right, let’s put this thing up.
Gopal and Hanna Okay!
[Trans. ext. Cube Fortress, Junkyard]
(Probe flies through the Junkyard, stopping beneath a propped up cardboard box. He claps twice and a tunnel opens under him, sucking him into a dug-out underground bunker.)
Probe (Yells, grunts on impact, gasps.) Mr Boss, Mr Boss!
(He runs through the bunker looking for Adu Du, who is digging out more of the bunker.)
Adu Du (Pants, sighs.)
Probe Mr Boss!
Adu Du (Exclaims, groans.) What’s the matter with you?
Probe (Pants.) We’re doomed, Mr Boss. We’re doomed!
Adu Du Huh? Doom? What doom?
(He starts to take a drink of water, but Probe grabs his mug from his hand and gulps it down.)
Adu Du Hey! Are you drinking my water?
(He snatches the mug back, but a single drop of water is all that’s left.)
Adu Du Useless robot! I took all day to dig up your room, and you drank my water?! (Growls. Raises the mug to throw it.)
Probe Eh! Calm down, Mr Boss! I have some important news for Mr Boss!
Adu Du What is it? Speak up!
Probe BoBoiBoy…BoBoiBoy has returned, Mr Boss! (Whimpers.)
Adu Du What? BoBoiBoy has returned?!
Probe Yeah, yeah! We’re doomed, Mr Boss! Let’s just leave this place and go on a backpacking trip around the world, Mr Boss! (Hoists a bag behind him.)
Adu Du (Shudders, cackles.) BoBoiBoy is finally back! That’s good.
Probe Eh? Good?
Adu Du Yes, good. At last, my archenemy has finally returned! Prepare yourself, Probe. We will regain our honour and finally defeat BoBoiBoy! (Cackles.)
[“The next day…” title card.]
(BoBoiBoy arrives at school, now with properly fitted pants and a more updated, customised uniform. He enters the classroom, only to find it empty save for Gopal and their classmate, Iwan.)
BoBoiBoy Hi, everyone! Huh? Where is everybody?
Gopal Nada. Everyone is coming in late.
BoBoiBoy Eh? So then, why did you come early?
Gopal (Sighs.) My dad forced me to.
BoBoiBoy I see.
Gopal [hushed] Hey, BoBoiBoy, come here! There’s something I need to ask you.
(BoBoiBoy pulls up a chair and sits on it backwards.)
BoBoiBoy Huh? What is it?
Gopal Which way will you be taking to go home?
BoBoiBoy The one beside the field. Where else?
Gopal (Gasps.) The one with the abandoned house?
BoBoiBoy Huh-uh.
Gopal (Gasps.) Don’t!
(Gopal rushes to close all the windows and blinds, and the door, until they are left in near-darkness.)
BoBoiBoy Hey? Why did you close them all?
Gopal (Shushes.) So that no one can hear what I’m about to tell you!
BoBoiBoy Really? But Iwan’s here.
(Iwan slowly rises up to stand next to them.)
Gopal (Shushes.) So is it you or me that wants to tell the story?
BoBoiBoy (Groans.) Fine.
Gopal You shouldn’t get too near to that house! That house is haunted!
Iwan (Yelps. Cowers behind the desk.)
BoBoiBoy Huh? Haunted?
Gopal Yeah-uh! Three months ago…
[Flashback, 3 months ago.]
(Gopal is walking home from school through some alleys, munching on a lollipop. Something watches him from the abandoned house. He hears a low growl coming from inside, making him stop outside it.)
Gopal (Gasps, gulps.) Wh-who’s there?
(Shadow trails creep along the ground behind him.)
Gopal Hey! Don’t play around!
(He hears a noise behind him. When he turns around, a small black cat with red flaming eyes leaps at him. Gopal screams and flees down another alley.)
[Flashback ends.]
Gopal (Exclaims.) It was so scary! After that, when I was running away, I managed to turn around. I saw…I saw…
Iwan (Whimpers.)
Gopal I saw a red-eyed black monster chasing after me!
BoBoiBoy Whoa, how big was it?
Gopal As huge…
Iwan (Whimpers.)
Gopal …as this! (Brings his hands close together.)
BoBoiBoy Huh. That’s tiny as a cat.
Gopal Yeah-huh, but it had red eyes!
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) That’s a black cat with sore eyes!
Gopal No! I thought it was like that at first, but every time I passed by, it would definitely come for me! The black monster got bigger and bigger!
Iwan (Exclaims.)
BoBoiBoy Maybe the black cat was pregnant. That’s why it seemed bigger.
Gopal Pregnant?! That last time I saw it, it was this huge! (Spreads his arms completely.)
Iwan (Gasps, faints.)
Gopal How can a pregnant cat go from this, to this?!
BoBoiBoy So which road do I take?
Gopal Ha! (Pulls out a map of town.) Well, first, you walk past here. Then, take bus number 15 from here, and then stop at the third junction. After that, you can take a taxi to the town and rent a bicycle back to your house.
BoBoiBoy That’s far!
Gopal Hey, it could take five hours, but this life is still ours!
BoBoiBoy Five hours?! You’ve gotta be kidding me! Huh!
(The lights turn on and Class 5 Honest students flood into the classroom.)
Gopal Remember, BoBoiBoy. [spookily] Remember…!
(Gopal moves back to his desk as if he were a ghost, making BoBoiBoy roll his eyes.)
Hanna Hi, BoBoiBoy! Hi, Gopal!
BoBoiBoy Hi!
Ying Hey, Gopal, have you finished your homework?
Gopal Yes, I have.
Amar Deep (Runs inside.) Teacher’s coming, teacher’s coming!
Hanna Everyone, up! Good morning, Mr Papa!
Female student Good morning, Mr Papa.
BoBoiBoy Eh?
(Papa Zola, Class 5 Honest’s Maths teacher, walks in wearing a tie and glasses over his regular superhero costume.)
Papa Zola Good morning, children! (Flashes a grin.)
(Confused, BoBoiBoy motions to ask Gopal how this happened, but Gopal cuts him off.)
Gopal Don’t even ask.
Papa Zola Justice! All right, now, Mr Papa will give you a question from the subject of…mathematics! Ready?
Class Ready, sir!
Papa Zola If I have 5 pieces of apples, and you asked for 3 of them, how many apples would be left?
Class 2 apples, sir!
Papa Zola You are absolutely wrong!
Class (All murmur in confusion.)
Papa Zola The correct answer…would be…5 pieces!
Gopal Huh? 5 pieces? Didn’t we already ask for 3?
Papa Zola A-ha, you may have asked for it, but I don’t necessarily have to give you any. (Laughs. Bites into an apple he brings out.)
BoBoiBoy (Gapes, faints.) Is this a mathematics class or what?
Papa Zola Now, then, stand up on your feet, young one.
(Papa Zola offers his hand to BoBoiBoy. He takes his teacher’s hand and gets up.)
BoBoiBoy Eh? How did you end up becoming a teacher?
Papa Zola The truth is…becoming a teacher has always been…my goal in life.
[Flashback, int. an old classroom.]
(“My Ambitions” is written on the blackboard. The teacher addresses the class.)
Papa Zola’s teacher Okay, class, please share with me your ambitions.
Student 1 I wanna be a lawyer!
Student 2 I wanna be a doctor, mister!
Young Papa Zola I want to be…a mathematics teacher! I will add truth and justice, and “substract” evil from the world!
[Flashback ends.]
Papa Zola And then, with the power of algebra, I will find the square root of evil to find the median average sum of justice!
Stanley That’s enough, sir!
Gopal Hm, rocking his own boat again.
Papa Zola A boat, you say? Justice, justice is a ship! Enough! Now turn to page 54.
BoBoiBoy Okay, sir.
[“After the school period ends…” title card.]
(BoBoiBoy is walking home down the exact route that Gopal told him to avoid earlier. Something watches him through one of the abandoned house’s broken windows. BoBoiBoy hears the low growl coming from inside and stops outside the house’s gate.)
BoBoiBoy Huh? Hmm…
[Flashback, int. Class 5 Honest classroom.]
Gopal Remember, BoBoiBoy. [spookily] Remember…!
[Flashback ends.]
BoBoiBoy Huh? Hmph! Nonsense, Gopal! I told him there’s no such thing as ghosts. (Sighs.)
(He approaches the gate and manages to squeeze through the heavy doors. He walks up the path leading to the door until a wind suddenly blows past him. He looks up and the house appears to distort, becoming more imposing. A shadow darts behind BoBoiBoy, too fast for him to see.)
BoBoiBoy (Gasps.) Huh?
(He looks around, but the creature watches him from under a bush. It growls, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth. It has whiskers and long strands of fur that fall over its glowing red eyes. BoBoiBoy is on high alert when he spots movement in a bush.)
BoBoiBoy Eh? Lightning Bolt!
(He throws a Lightning Bolt at the bush and runs over to check it out. There’s nothing there but smoke and shadows.)
BoBoiBoy Hey? What was that just now?
(BoBoiBoy continues to be watched from inside the house. The small creature from earlier runs through the abandoned house. It dissipates into a shadow trail with glowing red eyes, and continues until it reaches a silhouetted form resembling Mystery Boy. His red lens and spiky hair match the eyes and fur of the creature.)
[End credits roll.]