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Speaker Dialogue
[Montage of scenes from the previous episode begins.]
Papa Zola [voiceover] In the last episode, evil has attacked the boy with the weird cap and his friends until all of us are forced into the Sleep Monster’s Dream Bubbles! Also, Papa has been brought in to play in a dangerous game of checkers.
BoBoiBoy Oh, no!
[Montage ends.]
Adu Du (Strains.) Why is it that we’re also the pieces?!
Probe What a shame, what a shame.
Papa Zola Oh, no. Now what? I’ve never played checkers before.
BoBoiBoy Huh?! What do you mean never? (Turns to Gopal.) Then why did you challenge him to play this game?!
Gopal Uh…
Sleep Monster Enough! Let the games begin!
Papa Zola (Cracks knuckles.) Very well!
[Camera zooms into him from four different angles.]
Papa Zola Hiya!
[Camera repeats this three times.]
(Papa Zola picks up a piece.)
Sleep Monster Oi!
Papa Zola Eh?
(He’s holding Probe’s checker piece.)
Probe Why did you move me?
Sleep Monster Hey, hey! That’s my piece!
Papa Zola What? What do you mean?
Probe What a shame, what a shame.
Papa Zola Er… (chuckles.) I was just trying to, uh, mess around with your mind! Here, I shall move the knight! (Moves a piece like a knight chess piece.)
Sleep Monster (Groans and faints.)
Gopal He’s not bad at it—he’s just terrible at it!
Adu Du This is going to be as easy as eating pie!
Sleep Monster Haven’t you played checkers in your life before?!
Papa Zola Isn’t it just like chess?
Sleep Monster Of course not!
Papa Zola Oh, it’s not? Can you teach me first?
Adu Du There’s no need. It will be easier this way.
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.) Even if he knows, he’ll never be able to beat me! (Holds up five gold medals.) I’m the five times champion in the Monster’s Checkers League!
BoBoiBoy Monster also play checkers?
Sleep Monster Yeah! What do you think we’re gonna do when we’re not fighting Papa Zola?
Gopal Hmm… (Nods.)
Sleep Monster Enough! I’ve been dying for some payback. Papa Round is a pushover to me now! (Laughs maniacally.)
Papa Zola “Papa Round”, huh? Oh, just you wait.
[“5 minutes later…” title card.]
Sleep Monster Well, get it now?
Papa Zola Ha! Easy as pie! Soon you will be defeated by me!
Sleep Monster Arrogant fool! You think you can beat a five time champion?
Papa Zola More like champion of all the ugliest of monsters!
Sleep Monster Ha! We’ll have a three game match!
BoBoiBoy Huh, what a big bully!
Sleep Monster The best, two out of three games, is the winner. Ready…
Papa Zola Bring it on! My heart beats for glory in the battlefield! Let us begin this!
Sleep Monster Okay, you start first.
Papa Zola Huh? Me first? Hm… Okay. Don’t be a sore loser, eh?
Gopal Ha, you’re gonna regret letting the master make the first move!
[“5 minutes later…” title card.]
Gopal (Sobs.) We’re finished!
Papa Zola Who is finished?! I still have one piece left! Hiya!
[Camera repeats him moving Gopal’s piece three times.]
Sleep Monster Huh?!
(Gopal has been moved so that Sleep Monster can capture him. Sleep Monster gapes.)
Sleep Monster Oh, uh, okay. (Captures Gopal with Adu Du.)
Papa Zola Hiya! You walked right into my trap! (Flicks Gopal off the board.)
Gopal (Yells.)
Papa Zola My pieces are finished, and I am the winner! (Laughs.)
Adu Du Hey! What do you mean?
Papa Zola My pieces are all gone, so I’m the champion!
Sleep Monster Oi! Not like that! Lose your pieces, you lose the game!
(Papa Zola’s jaw drops. BoBoiBoy is already on the ground, fainted.)
BoBoiBoy Ay, he still doesn’t get it.
Probe First round goes to…Sleep Monster! (Chuckles.)
Adu Du If you guys lose one more game, every one of you will be trapped here forever!
Gopal (Sobs.) If we keep this up, we’re gonna be dead! We gotta get out!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Both strain against the shackles.)
BoBoiBoy Let us outta here!
Adu Du (Chuckles.) A poor, futile attempt.
Sleep Monster Fool! You can only move when your piece is moved.
BoBoiBoy You’ll never…never get away with this!
(Tok Aba wakes up.)
Tok Aba Eh! (Mumbles.) W-what happened?
BoBoiBoy Huh? Tok? Are you alright, Tok? Hey, let my grandpa go!
Sleep Monster Oh, well, of course!
BoBoiBoy Huh? Really?
Sleep Monster Sure, only if he swaps with Papa Zola and beat me in this game.
Papa Zola Hey, gecko-face, you can’t change in mid-game! I can still own you! I…just let you win before! Don’t we have two rounds left?
Tok Aba What? Two more rounds?
Gopal Huh! Two rounds of checkers, Tok Aba. We dared the Sleep Monster to play checkers with us. Thought we were gonna win for sure.
Probe Well, you guys thought wrong. What a shame!
Tok Aba Oh, checkers, huh? (Laughs.) Let me take Papa Zola’s place!
BoBoiBoy Huh? Are you sure, Tok? You know how to play this game?
Tok Aba Hey, of course I do!
Sleep Monster Ha, good! Take Papa Round’s place! He’s just a waste of time!
(Papa Zola and Tok Aba switch places in two flashes of light.)
Tok Aba Huh?
Papa Zola (Exclaims.) You want a piece of me?!
Sleep Monster Silence! Your move, old man.
Tok Aba Oh, thank you very much! Hmm…
(The two begin to play. Several moves are made before Tok Aba pauses to examine the board.)
Tok Aba Hmm…give me a few minutes, alright?
Sleep Monster Sure, go ahead.
Tok Aba Hmm… Hm, he’s smarter than he looks. If I move my piece here, he’ll eat it up. If I move it here, he’ll eat it up, too.
[Camera zooms out.]
(Tok Aba is actually talking out loud rather than thinking in his head. Sleep Monster and Adu Du gawk in shock.)
Tok Aba Alright, then, I’ll use a bait! Let him have one of my pieces, and then… Hmm—
BoBoiBoy Atok, you don’t have to speak so loud. Everyone can hear you!
Tok Aba Oh, uh, did I just say that out loud?
BoBoiBoy Hm.
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.) Not so secret move after all, old man.
Tok Aba Not a problem! Just a slight change of plans. I will let him—
BoBoiBoy Atok!
Tok Aba (Chuckles.) Oh, I said it out loud again, did I? (Chuckles.)
[Transition to shortly after.]
Sleep Monster Hmm…
Tok Aba Hmm… (Moves Hanna’s piece.)
(Hanna wakes up.)
Hanna (Groans.) [groggily] What happened?
BoBoiBoy Hey, Hanna’s awake!
Sleep Monster Ha, take this! (Captures Ochobot’s piece and flicks it off the board.)
Ochobot Ow!
Tok Aba Ha! Here, take this! (Captures a piece with Ying’s piece.)
Ying [groggily] Huh? Take what?
Sleep Monster (Roars.) Ya! Ya! (Double-capture with Probe and kings him.)
Probe (Chuckles.) I’m… (Transforms into Super Probe.) Super Probe!
Tok Aba Oh! He got kinged! Hm… (Moves BoBoiBoy’s piece.)
Sleep Monster (Roars.) Ya! (Double-captures Ying and Hanna with Super Probe.)
Super Probe Eat this! (Chuckles and blasts the girls off the board.)
Ying and Hanna (Both scream.)
Sleep Monster Ooh, [?...?...?] tastes so good!
Gopal Ayoyo! Put me back, Tok Aba, put me back!
Tok Aba (Chuckles.) calm down, Gopal. You gotta see this first! (Double-captures a piece and Super Probe with Gopal.)
Gopal Food Transformation! (Blasts Super Probe off the board with his power.)
Super Probe (Yells.)
(Probe has been turned into a burger.)
Burger Probe Oh, no! Wha-what happened?! (Sobs.) Please change me back again!
Tok Aba (Chuckles.) How’s that?
Sleep Monster Huh? He has captured Super Probe?!
Tok Aba (Laughs.)
Sleep Monster (Growls.) You took down my super piece!
Papa Zola Hmm…impressive! You are close to my level. Hmm.
(Adu Du is moved behind Papa Zola, capturing him.)
Adu Du Huh! You talk too much! Take this! (Fires Papa Zola into the air.)
Papa Zola (Screams.)
BoBoiBoy Come one, Atok! Go get Adu Du!
Adu Du You want a piece of me? (Laughs.) Sleep Monster, king me into Super Adu Dududududu so I can destroy BoBoiBoy!
(The game continues and Adu Du manages to get to the other side of the board.)
Sleep Monster Level up!
Adu Du Feast your eyes on me as Super Adu Dududududu, (Transforms in a blinding flash of light.) who is tall and mighty!
[Camera focuses on Adu Du’s feet, then zooms out.]
(Super Adu Dududududu is revealed to have an extremely tall forehead.)
Gopal (Laughs.) That’s a really tall head!
Super Adu Dududududu Eh? (Growls.) How could you let this happen?!
BoBoiBoy (Laughs.) Awesome!
(Tok Aba moves Gopal into Super Adu Dududududu’s path.)
Tok Aba Ha, you gotta capture it.
Sleep Monster Hmm… (Captures Gopal with Adu Du.)
Super Adu Dududududu Multi-force headbutt! (Headbutts Gopal off the board.)
Gopal (Screams and grunts as he hits the ground.)
Super Adu Dududududu Heh, bet you’ve got a headache.
Ochobot Oh, man, what are we gonna do? They’ve got Super Adu Dududududu!
Super Adu Dududududu Capture what’s left of the pieces!
(Tok Aba sweats profusely as the next two pieces he moves and two others are captured.)
Sleep Monster Take it, take it all!
Super Adu Dududududu (Laughs maniacally.) Awesome! I’m super awesome!
BoBoiBoy (Clears his throat.)
Super Adu Dududududu Huh? (Realises BoBoiBoy is behind him.) Eh?
BoBoiBoy Hi!
Sleep Monster Oh, no!
Tok Aba You’re trapped! (Captures Super Adu Dududududu with BoBoiBoy.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Bolt attack! Ya!
(Super Adu Dududududu lies on the side of the board, electrocuted. Sleep Monster’s only piece left is positioned to be captured in his next move.)
Tok Aba Now then, it’s your move.
Sleep Monster Hm…(Groans.)
Tok Aba (Laughs.)
Sleep Monster Impossible!
Tok Aba Stumped already? Here, let me help you out. (Moves Sleep Monster’s piece.)
BoBoiBoy’s Gang, Papa Zola and Ochobot Take him down, take him down!
Tok Aba Move of Victory! Yaa! Ha!
[Camera repeats Tok Aba’s move three times.]
(The piece flies off the board and hits Sleep Monster’s eye.)
Sleep Monster (Yells.) My eye! (Falls over.)
Gopal Yaay! Tok Aba wins!
BoBoiBoy Yeah! Awesome!
Papa Zola Ha, if it was [sic] me who’s playing, we would’ve won by now!
(Crickets chirp as Hanna and Ying stare at him in disbelief.)
Papa Zola Uh, uh, nevertheless, congrats, Tok Aba! Congrats.
Probe The second round goes to…Tok Aba! (Sobs.)
Sleep Monster Don’t celebrate just yet! It’s best two out of three! I will use my super-ultra-secret checker moves! Prepare yourself!
Tok Aba Oh, I am. I’m just waiting for you.
Sleep Monster Huh, overconfidence. Just you wait!
[Transition to shortly after.]
Tok Aba Ha!
(The characters on Tok Aba’s pieces are all in attack positions.)
Sleep Monster Ha!
(Sleep Monster’s first three pieces are already Super Probes.)
Tok Aba Wait, why is [sic] there three Super Probes?
BoBoiBoy He must be cheating, Tok!
Gopal Heh, are you scared, or what?
Sleep Monster What? Me, scared?
BoBoiBoy Oh, yeah? If you’re not scared, then why do you have already three king pieces?
Gopal Three? Four, man! D’you see that extruding boxhead over there? (Points to Super Adu Dududududu.)
BoBoiBoy Hey, you’re right! This is not fair!
Sleep Monster Ha! Like I care! This is my dream!
Tok Aba Oh, a cheater, eh? Alright, I’m not gonna give you anymore chances!
Sleep Monster (Scoffs.) Chance, shmance! I have four king pieces! You can’t defeat me!
Hanna You guys, this isn’t fair, you know!
Adu Du Fair, shmair! As long as we win!
Papa Zola How dare you bigheaded block-for-a-head!
Sleep Monster Wait, do you hear the sound of losers whining?
Tok Aba Oh, you’re talking big! Come on, it’s your turn!
Sleep Monster Orange…Dragon…attack!
Gopal (Gasps in awe.)
Sleep Monster (Roars and slams his piece forward.)
BoBoiBoy What a show off! Look at Tok Aba. He’s so chill.
Tok Aba Rooster Smash attack! (Gently moves a piece forward.)
Gopal Hm, money see, money do. They both look the same to me!
Hanna Huh? Shouldn’t it be “monkeys”?
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.) Even got the phrase wrong.
Sleep Monster (Roars.) Red Dragon stance!
Tok Aba Hm…(Moves a piece.)
Sleep Monster Huh?! That was a bad decision! Double-headed Dragon attack! (Double-captures Hanna with Super Probe.)
Tok Aba Oh, no!
Hanna (Screams.)
BoBoiBoy Hanna!
Super Probe A chicken versus a dragon? Of course the dragon wins!
Tok Aba Heh, don’t bet on it. Check this out! Sweet and Sour Chicken attack! (Triple-captures Super Probe with BoBoiBoy.)
BoBoiBoy (Captures one piece.) A taste of rage! (Captures another.) A taste of suffering! (Captures Super Probe.) And a taste of defeat!
Sleep Monster What?! Impossible! (Growls.)
(The Dream World starts crumbling.)
Tok Aba Heh, taste good?
Sleep Monster I had four king pieces! How can this be?!
(The sky suddenly turns stormy. Lightning flashes.)
Papa Zola (Tuts.) A major mistake. You should’ve…you should’ve learned from me before.
Sleep Monster (Growls.) I was the one who taught you this game!
Papa Zola That one didn’t count!
Sleep Monster Why wasn’t that counted?!
Gopal Oh, man! The Dream World is crumbling down!
(The ground rumbles and more buildings sink into the ground.)
Ying That bad lizard must have something to do with it!
Adu Du Enough! Capture the rest of his pieces!
Sleep Monster Master Dragon attack! (Captures Papa Zola with Super Probe.)
Super Probe Super Probe attack! (Fires Papa Zola into the distance.)
Papa Zola (Screams.)
Tok Aba Hey! Comedy is over! Poverty Poultry Piece!
Gopal (Captures Super Probe.) Ha! Working all day… (Captures an adjacent Super Probe.) … so all of us can eat the eggs!
Hanna Eh? Shouldn’t it be “ends meet”, Gopal?
Sleep Monster Why do I keep losing?!
(Lightning strikes some buildings and thunder crashes.)
BoBoiBoy Huh? Why is everything shaking?!
Sleep Monster (Growls and charges up an attack.)
Ochobot Uh, oh! We have to defeat him quick, before it’s too late!
Sleep Monster (Roars.) Secret Dragon [?...?…?]!
Tok Aba Smashed Chicken attack! Yaa!
Ying Yaa! (Yells repeatedly as she squashes a checker piece. She winks as she reaches the other side of the board.)
Sleep Monster What?! You cheated!
(Hanna’s piece is attached to Ying’s piece in semblance of being kinged.)
Sleep Monster (Groans.) Dragon…Dragon…Whatever Dragon attack!
Super Adu Dududududu Ha, take this! (Blasts Gopal off the board.)
Gopal (Screams as he flies off.)
Super Adu Dududududu Heh, as long as I’m here, there will still be hope!
Tok Aba (Chuckles.) How can you still have hope when you fell into my trap?
Super Adu Dududududu Huh? What trap?
Tok Aba Heh, Chicken Scratch attack! (Captures Super Adu Dududududu with Hanna and Ying.)
Hanna and Ying (Both yell as they slam down on the board.)
(The impact crushes the centre of the board and sends the pieces flying up.)
Ochobot Finish him!
Ying Speedy Scratch!
Hanna Power Scratch!
Hanna and Ying (Both grunt as they attack.)
Adu Du (Exclaims in pain.) Stop it! Ow! (Lies scratched on the side of the board.)
Hanna and Ying (Both laugh.) Yay, we won!
BoBoiBoy Alright!
Sleep Monster (Gawks, then groans.)
Tok Aba Ha, you have lost!
Sleep Monster Impossible! (Throws the board up and breaks it.)
Everyone except Sleep Monster (All scream.)
(Everyone is thrown into the air, including Tok Aba, who is shrunk to the size of a checker piece again. When they land, they’re no longer shackled to checker pieces. Papa Zola’s leg is caught under a large piece of the board.)
Papa Zola (Exclaims in pain.)
Gopal (Gasps.) Master!
Adu Du How dare you flip me too!
Sleep Monster (Growls.)
Adu Du Eh?
Ying You useless gecko!
Hanna You’re unbelievable. When you lose, you cannot accept it!
Sleep Monster Silence! Slumbering Wave! (Roars.)
Hanna and Ying (Both fall asleep and grunt when they hit the ground.)
Sleep Monster (Roars.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Both yelp and jump out of the way.)
Sleep Monster (Roars.)
Ochobot and Tok Aba (Both sigh and fall asleep.)
Sleep Monster (Roars.)
(Papa Zola blocks the wave with a checker piece.)
Sleep Monster (Roars.)
Adu Du (Sighs.) I’m a target as well? (Falls asleep.)
Probe What a shame, what a shame. (Sighs and falls asleep.)
Papa Zola (Exclaims in pain.)
Gopal (Gasps.) Master! (Runs over to him.)
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.) Garbage!
BoBoiBoy Lightning Bolt attack! (Grunts as he attacks Sleep Monster.)
Sleep Monster (Absorbs the attack and laughs.) Your puny attacks are useless against me!
BoBoiBoy Huh?
Papa Zola Go…Gopal
(Gopal and BoBoiBoy run over to him.)
Sleep Monster What, wanna say your final farewells before I destroy all of you? (Laughs.) Go on, go on.
Gopal (Grabs Papa’s hand.) Yes? Yes, Master Zola?
Papa Zola The light…the light is fading soon.
Gopal Please! Don’t leave me alone! (Sobs.)
Papa Zola Remember this, my disciple: destroy the verandah of evil, and raise the flag of justice! Do not let yourself be blinded and fooled by—
Sleep Monster Are you done?! Shouldn’t you be croaking right about now?!
Papa Zola (Laughs sheepishly.)
Sleep Monster (Growls.)
Papa Zola (Hands Gopal his belt.) Here, I want you to have this. Take this belt which I bequeath to you, and teach that Komodo a lesson!
Gopal But you’ll lose your super powers forever!
Papa Zola (Laughs, then coughs.) My superpowers may be gone, but the pulse of justice will forever be with me…until…until the very end. (Groans, then faints.)
(BoBoiBoy blinks away tears. Gopal rests Papa Zola’s hands on top of each other, then stands, determined.)
Sleep Monster Huh?
Gopal You’ve gone too far, Sleep Monster! Ma-ma-ma-magnification…P-p-p-p-p-powers! (Spins around and does a flip. When he lands, he is the same size as Sleep Monster.) I will punish you for justice, and my master!
BoBoiBoy Wow, that’s awesome, Gopal!
Sleep Monster (Roars loudly.)
(Buildings crumble and sink. Lightning flashes. Gopal is dumbstruck for a moment.)
Gopal Wait a sec!
Sleep Monster Eh?
(Gopal shrinks back to normal size.)
Gopal Uh, you better get him, BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy Huh?! Why do I have to do it?
Gopal Uh…I don’t think I can win.
Sleep Monster Ha! All talk!
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.) Come on, gimme that! (Grabs the belt and puts it on.) Magnification powers! (Spins into the air and lands on the ground, super-sized.)
Sleep Monster Slumbering Wave!
BoBoiBoy Lightning Bolt attack! Ya!
(The Lightning Bolts collide with the Slumbering Waves and explode. Gopal is blown backwards by the force.)
Gopal (Yells in pain.)
BoBoiBoy Ha! I can see through all of your moves!
Sleep Monster All of ‘em? You haven’t seen this one yet! Tick-tock, tick-tock attack! (Pulls out a pocket watch.)
BoBoiBoy (Laughs.) Is that for me? What watch is that?
Sleep Monster Watch this, and observe. (Gently swings the watch back and forth.) [hypnotically] Tick-tock, tick-tock. Look here, BoBoiBoy.
(BoBoiBoy follows the watch’s movements.)
Gopal Huh? (Watches the watch.)
Sleep Monster [hypnotically] Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
(Gopal’s eyes start drooping, then he seems to snap awake.)
Gopal [droning] I will…I’ll do anything you ask me to.
Sleep Monster [hypnotically] Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy (Gasps. Pants and struggles to stay awake.) What’s happening? (Grunts, then sighs.)
Sleep Monster You’re getting sleepy.
BoBoiBoy [groggily] So…sleepy…
Sleep Monster Last night you worked till four in the morning.
BoBoiBoy [groggily] What…? (Snaps out of it.) Hey! I’m still a kid! I’m not working yet!
Sleep Monster Oh, no!
BoBoiBoy BoBoiBoy, Elemental Split! (Performs his ultimate power.)
BoBoiBoy Earth BoBoiBoy, Combo attack!
Sleep Monster No, wait, wait!
BoBoiBoy Wind Tornado Uppercut!
(Sleep Monster is swept up into the air.)
Sleep Monster Whoa, whoa, whoa! Put me down!
BoBoiBoy Wind (Grunts, and the tornado stops.)
Sleep Monster Huh? (Screams as he starts falling.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Earth Pillar! More Earth Pillars!
(Multiple Earth Pillars pop out from the ground and punch Sleep Monster back into the air..)
Sleep Monster (Repeatedly exclaims in pain.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm! (Transforms into Thunderstorm.)
BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm Yaa!! (Flies to attack with his Thunder Blades.)
Sleep Monster NO-O-O! (Screams.)
(A bright explosion of red lightning is seen in the sky.)
[Transition back to reality.]
[Camera focuses on Gopal waking up in his Dream Bubble, then zooms out.]
Gopal (Grunts and sits up.) I’m awake! This must mean BoBoiBoy won! Hanna! Ying! Where are you?
(Hanna and Ying wake up in their bubbles.)
Ying (Yawns.)
Hanna Impact Punch! (Punches out of her bubble.)
Ying Slash Kick! (Kicks out of her bubble.)
Gopal (Grunts as he tries to unsuccessfully pop his bubble.) Hm. Ah! Banana fritters transformation! (Transforms the bubble, but screams when he’s trapped inside.) Help, help!
Papa Zola Cane of Repentance! (Breaks the fritter open with a discipline rod.)
Gopal Huh?! (Looks up.)
[Camera pans up.]
(Papa Zola is still alive. He winks at Gopal.)
Gopal Eh!? Master! How can you still be alive after all that?!
Papa Zola Heh, of course I’m still alive!
Gopal I thought you said you wouldn’t last long!
Papa Zola Yeah! It won’t be long before I faint, not to die! Oh! My leg still hurts! (Groans.)
Ochobot Ay, don’t be a baby! It’s just a little scratch!
Papa Zola What, have you felt it before? Have you?
Ochobot How should I know? I don’t even have legs!
Papa Zola Well, never mind.
Tok Aba Eh? Where’s BoBoiBoy?
[Camera pans right.]
BoBoiBoy Wind, Lightning and Earth (All grunt and struggle inside one bubble.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Move aside! I’ll use my power!
BoBoiBoy Earth Quick! Adu Du and Probe are escaping!
[Transition to where Adu Du and Probe have escaped to.]
(The pair are still in their bubble.)
Adu Du Keep going, Probe. Keep going! (Laughs.) I bet we are already miles away from them!
Probe Yeah! Time to pop out of here! (Pulls out a pin and pops the bubble.)
(Turns out they are above a large canyon. Adu Du’s jaw drops before they fall.)
Adu Du Why did you pop over here?!
Probe (Screams.) I’m so sorry, Mr. Boss!
(They’re heard hitting the bottom.)
[End credits roll.]

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