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Speaker Dialogue
[Montage of scenes from the previous episode begins. Papa Zola’s theme plays in the background.]
Tok Aba [V.O.] In the last episode, they asked me to play a video game to save BoBoiBoy and Gopal! Of all people, they asked this old man to play a game! We were lucky to have won it. The strange thing is, after it was all over, Papa Zola suddenly appeared in the living room! (Sighs.)
[Montage ends.]
BoBoiBoy (Rubs his eyes.) Huh?!
(Gopal prods Papa Zola’s face.)
Gopal A-a-are you really Papa Zola?
Papa Zola I speak nothing but the truth! I am Papa Zola…
Gopal (Gasps three times.)
Gopal and Papa Zola Enemy of Evil, Lover of Justice!
Papa Zola What?! How did you know my secret move and motto?
BoBoiBoy Huh, what’s so secret about that?
Hanna Yeah, you do the same thing every week.
Papa Zola Ha! And who might you be? Friend or foe? Answer me!
Gopal Papa!
(He falls to his knees.)
Gopal I am Gopal, Assistant Monitor of Class 4 Jujur, PPZ’s number one fan!
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.)
Papa Zola Number one fan?
(He stares hard into Gopal’s shining eyes.)
[Papa Zola’s theme music plays.]
Tok Aba (Sighs.) How did all of this happen?
Ochobot He must’ve been released along with them just now!
Ying Haiya!
(Papa Zola continues staring.)
[The music crescendos.]
Papa Zola Your eyes…
(He places a hand on Gopal’s shoulder.)
Papa Zola …truly radiate pure justice!
Gopal That’s true, that’s true!
Papa Zola However, if you truly are my number one fan, then answer this! Why do I wear this belt with the “P” license emblem?
Gopal The “P” license belt reminds Papa that justice does not require a license to be executed!
Papa Zola Huh! That is correct! Well done, my boy, well done.
(He holds out his fist.)
Gopal Huh?! (Gasps twice.) I don’t believe this!
(They fist bump.)
Papa Zola Ya!
Hanna (Sighs.)
Gopal Please take me, Papa, take me as your disciple!
Tok Aba Oh, dear.
Papa Zola Sure thing. But before that, I have a very important task for you, young man.
Gopal Whatever you want, Papa. I will sacrifice all I have for you! Uh…
(He glances around the living room, then grabs the TV.)
Gopal …like this TV!
Tok Aba Hey! That’s my TV over there!
Papa Zola No need for that. Justice doesn’t need television.
Gopal Then…what does justice need?
Papa Zola Justice needs…!
[Camera zooms in on his face four times from different angles.]
(Papa’s stomach growls.)
Papa Zola Ugh! One fried rice with egg, sunny-side up! (Groans.)
BoBoiBoy What? Fried rice?
[Trans. ext. Adu Du’s spaceship.]
(Inside, Adu Du is getting up from the floor as a hulking shadow appears over him and growls.)
Adu Du (Groans.) Huh? Huh?!
Probe (Whimpers.) So scary!
Adu Du How did…how did you get out of the game?!
[Camera pans up to reveal the Sleep Monster is in the room.]
Sleep Monster How would I know? I’m the who should be asking that! Not you!
Probe Hey!
(He slaps the Sleep Monster and he falls over.)
Probe How dare you talk to Mr. Boss like that!
Sleep Monster Huh? He’s a master?!
(Adu Du gets up and brushes himself off.)
Adu Du (Sighs.) Hm!
(He and Sleep Monster stare at each other for a few moments.)
Sleep Monster No way!
Adu Du Oi, do you need me to shoot you before you believe me? (Pulls out a blaster.)
Sleep Monster Huh?! Uh, sorry, Master. (Bows.)
Probe Ha! Serves you right.
Sleep Monster Foul villains like us shouldn’t be fighting with each other.
Adu Du Enough! I have a mission for you!
Sleep Monster A mission? What kind of mission, Master?
Adu Du I want you to destroy BoBoiBoy!
Sleep Monster BoBoiBoy?
Probe Uh, what about me? Don’t I have a mission, Mr. Boss?
Adu Du Oh, you do. Go and get me a drink.
Probe Aww, just that? What am I, a waiter?
(He exits the control room.)
Sleep Monster So, who exactly is this, “BoBoiBoy”?
Adu Du BoBoiBoy is the boy who keeps ruining all my plans! He’s a pest—an annoying one! Did you know that he— (Realises the Sleep Monster has fallen asleep.) Eh?
Sleep Monster (Snores.)
Adu Du Eh?!
Sleep Monster (Snores.)
Adu Du (Growls.) Hey! How can you fall asleep when I’m talking?!
Sleep Monster (Snores.)
Adu Du Wake up! (Slaps the monster’s face.) Wake up!
(Sleep Monster continues sleeping.)
Adu Du Blast it!
(Probe returns carrying a mug of water on a tray.)
Probe What’s wrong, Mr. Boss?
Adu Du What’s wrong?! He’s sleeping on the job!
Probe Oh. He’s always like this, Mr. Boss. He’s a Sleep Monster!
Adu Du Well, how do we wake him up?
Probe Hmm. Oh, I know! I remember seeing Papa Zola wake him up in Episode 3! Man, that episode was awesome!
Adu Du Enough! Wake him up now!
Probe Oh, okay, Mr. Boss.
(He creeps up on Sleep Monster.)
Probe The teacher’s here, the teacher’s here!
(Sleep Monster wakes up.)
Sleep Monster Huh? What? What?! Oh! Uh, stand up! (Stands up.)
(Adu Du’s jaw drops. The chair that Sleep Monster was sleeping on falls over.)
Sleep Monster Good afternoon, teacher!
Adu Du (Sighs, faints, and sighs again.)And there goes my hope to defeat BoBoiBoy!
Probe (Chuckles.) What a shame, what a shame!
Adu Du Enough! Prepare to attack BoBoiBoy!
[Trans. ext. Tok Aba’s house.]
(Papa Zola is in the kitchen, eagerly eating a plate of fried rice with a sunny-side up egg.)
Papa Zola Well done! This is amazing! It tastes great! Where did you buy this?
Gopal (Chuckles.) I made it myself!
Papa Zola Huh? You made this?
Gopal Ha, ha! Check this out!
(He places a plate of rubber sandals on the counter.)
Gopal Transform to fried rice!
(Papa Zola gawks and rice falls out of his mouth.)
Gopal R-r-r-r-r-r-rice!
(The slippers transform into a fried rice meal.)
Papa Zola What?! You made me eat slippers?!
Gopal (Chuckles nervously.) Something wrong?
Papa Zola Not only is it wrong, it is immoral!
(BoBoiBoy and Ying walk into the kitchen.)
BoBoiBoy You’re done for, Gopal.
Papa Zola Lucky for you, I’m both stylish and kind, or [sic] I would’ve punished you severely!
Gopal I’m sorry, Papa! It won’t happen again!
Papa Zola Hmm…
(Hanna flies in with her basket.)
Hanna Here, my cookies are much better!
BoBoiBoy, Gopal and Ying (All gasp.)
Papa Zola (Examines a cookie.) Hmm… Is it really good? (Moves to bite into it.
Gopal NO-O-O!
(He tackles Papa Zola to the ground and tries to grab the cookie from him.)
Papa Zola (Yells.)
Gopal Don't eat that cookie, Papa. Don't!
(Papa bats him away.)
Papa Zola What is the meaning of this?!
Ying (Giggles.)
Papa Zola First you make me eat slippers…
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.)
Papa Zola ...and now you're telling me I can't eat this beautiful and adorable cookie?!
Gopal It's only pretty on the surface! Don't be fooled!
Ying That's right! If you eat it, you’ll faint!
Papa Zola Me, faint? (Chuckles.) Oh, young lady, Justice…Justice will never faint! (Eats the biscuit.) Om-mm!
Hanna How is it, Papa?
Papa Zola Mmm! Tastes like sandpaper! (Groans and faints.)
Hanna Oop!
Gopal (Screams.) Master! Wake up, Master!
BoBoiBoy (Laughs.) Awesome!
Hanna Er…
Gopal Hey, why did you make my master eat your cookies?!
Hanna But he was hungry, so I just have him my cookie. Is that wrong?
Gopal Not only is it wrong, it’s immoral!
Ying Yeah-uh! You're no better—you gave him slippers!
(Tok Aba walks in.)
Gopal Hey, my slippers are so much better than these cookies!
Hanna Huh?! What did you say about my cookies?!
Tok Aba Hey, hey! Quit it, you two!
Hanna Huh? (Glares at Gopal for a beat.) Hmph!
BoBoiBoy What do we do? Papa Zola’s passed out!
Adu Du [offscreen] Hey, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Eh?
Adu Du Come out right now!
Ochobot That sounds like Adu Du!
[Trans. ext. Tok Aba’s house.]
(Adu Du, Probe and Sleep Monster are there.)
Adu Du I have a gift for you.
Probe A gift? We didn't bring any gift, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du (Sighs.) You fool. The Sleep Monster is the gift!
Probe Hmm… (Something dawns on him.) Oh, I get what you mean! (Chuckles.)
Adu Du Come out, BoBoiBoy! Are you scared?
(The front door is pushed open from the inside. BoBoiBoy and his friends stand in the doorway.)
BoBoiBoy Scared? Why would I be scared of you?
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) Why would you be scared, you ask? Because of this! Behold, the Sleep Monster!
[Camera pans right to reveal a giant gift box.]
BoBoiBoy’s gang Huh?
(The Sleep Monster growls and struggles inside the box.)
BoBoiBoy (Laughs.) Looks more like a Box Monster to me!
Adu Du Huh? What?
Probe Ta-da! A present for you, BoBoiBoy!
Adu Du WHAT?!
Probe (Chuckles.)
Sleep Monster [muffled] (Growls.) Release me! Let me out of here!
Adu Du You wrapped the Sleep Monster up?!
Probe Yeah! Here’s the wrapping paper. (Chuckles.)
Adu Du You fool! (Hits him repeatedly with the paper roll.) Why did you go and wrap him up, huh?!
Probe Ow, ow, ow! Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow! But you said it was a gift!
Adu Du (Growls and continues him hitting him.)
Sleep Monster [muffled] (Growls.)
(He jumps out of the box with the ribbon stuck to his head.)
Sleep Monster (Roars and growls.)
Hanna That’s so cute!
Ying (Laughs.) It’s more like a Ribbon Monster!
Sleep Monster How dare you wrap me up!
Probe Eh…(Chuckles.)
Sleep Monster What do you think I am?
Gopal Huh? That’s the Sleep Monster from the Papa Zola show!
Ochobot Huh, he must’ve come out from the game just now!
BoBoiBoy Oh, no, Papa Zola’s still passed out! What are we gonna do?
(Sleep Monster fires a Sleep Wave.)
Sleep Monster (Roars.)
BoBoiBoy’s gang (All scream.)
(They jump out of the way, but Tok Aba and Ochobot are hit.)
Tok Aba and Ochobot (Both yell, then fall asleep.)
BoBoiBoy Atok! Tok Aba! Wake up, Tok Aba! Hey, what have you done to them?!
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.) Go to sleep, go to sleep.
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.)
Gopal Tok Aba and Ochobot were hit by the Sleep Waves!
Sleep Monster Who wants to sleep next, huh? (Roars and fires more Sleep Waves.)
BoBoiBoy (Grunts and jumps out of the way.)
Sleep Monster (Roars.)
Gopal (Screams.)
(He and Ying run away.)
Sleep Monster (Roars.)
Hanna (Grunts and jumps away.)
Sleep Monster (Roars.)
(A Sleep Wave heads towards her.)
Hanna (Gasps.)
BoBoiBoy (Gasps.) Earth Wall!
(He brings up an Earth Wall that blocks the wave before it reaches Hanna.)
Hanna (Pants, then growls.) Supersonic punch!
(She punches through the wall and charges at the Sleep Monster.)
Sleep Monster Huh? Sleep Barrier!
(He projects a red bubble of energy around himself.)
Hanna Take this!
Gopal Oh, no! Don’t, Hanna!
(She hits the barrier. Adu Du winces at the impact, but realises that Hanna is slowing down and starting to fall asleep.)
Hanna (Strains, then sighs sleepily.)
Sleep Monster (Chuckles maniacally.) Go on, here, here! (Chuckles.)
Probe Awesome! (Chuckles.)
Hanna (Sighs and pants.)
Adu Du Well done, Sleep Monster, well done.
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.) Sleepy, are ya?
Hanna (Sighs.)
Sleep Monster Take this!
Ying (Yells.) One thousand speed kick! Ya!
(Ying shatters through the Sleep Barrier and repeatedly kicks the Sleep Monster.)
Sleep Monster (Grunts.)
Adu Du Huh?!
Sleep Monster (Grunts repeatedly.)
Ying (Gives a prolonged yell.) Ya!
(She kicks him into the street.)
Hanna (Groans, sighs and falls asleep.)
Ying Huh? (Runs over to her.) Hanna, Hanna!
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.) She’ll never get up!
Ying (Growls.) Evil monster! You’ll pay for this!
BoBoiBoy Hey! Wake Hanna up, now!
Sleep Monster (Chuckles, then laughs maniacally.) You’ll have to beat me first!
Gopal Hey, you already lost!
Sleep Monster Lose? Are you dreaming?
Ying You arrogant lizard!
Sleep Monster Hm? You’re calling me a lizard?! Taste my Dream Bubble attack!
(He appears to charges up his attack, before pulling out a bubble blowing kit and gently blowing Dream Bubbles. BoBoiBoy gapes at the floating bubbles.)
Adu Du Help the Sleep Monster, Probe!
Probe Okay, Mr. Boss!
Ying Ha, slowpokes! Supersonic—
Probe Surprise pepper attack! (Throws pepper into her face.)
Ying Huh?! (Sneezes, then gasps.)
Gopal Oh, no!
(One of the bubbles reaches Ying and she’s pulled into it.)
Ying Huh? (Sighs, then falls asleep.)
(Her bubble floats up to join bubbles already containing Tok Aba, Ochobot and Hanna.)
BoBoiBoy Everyone's trapped inside the bubbles!
Ying [while sleeping] Yay! I want those shoes!
Gopal Oh, no, she’s sleep-talking!
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) Keep on attacking!
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.) Your turn is up! Dream Bubble attack! (Blows more bubbles.)
BoBoiBoy Do something, Gopal!
Gopal Uh, uh, transform to banana fritters! Ya! Ya!
(He manages to transform some of the bubbles, but there are too many to change all at once.)
Gopal There’s too many of them, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Don’t worry! Tornado attack! (Blows the bubbles away from them.)
Sleep Monster What the—?
[Screen cuts to black.]
Adu Du, Probe and Sleep Monster (All scream.)
[Screen fades in on the sky.]
(Passing birds chirp in the silence.)
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Awesome!
(Sleep Monster, Adu Du and Probe are all trapped in Dream Bubbles, fast asleep.)
[Trans. int. Tok Aba’s kitchen.]
(Gopal is standing over Papa Zola, who is just waking up.)
Gopal Wake up, Master, wake up!
Papa Zola (Groans and sits up.) What happened? Was I hit by a truck?
BoBoiBoy You passed out after eating Hanna’s cookies!
Papa Zola Passed out? (Laughs.) Nonsense! Impossible! I just fell asleep
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Eh…
Papa Zola What, you boys don’t believe me?
BoBoiBoy Just admit you did.
Papa Zola (Chuckles.) Uh, yeah, yes, I did pass out, but don’t go tell anyone else, eh? Here’s some cash for your troubles. (Offers them money from his purse.)
Gopal Not now, Papa. There are more important matters at hand!
Papa Zola What is it, young citizen?
Gopal We were being—
Papa Zola (Shushes.) Papa knows all!
Gopal Huh?! So Papa knew we were attacked by the Sleep Monster?
Papa Zola What?! You boys were attacked by the Sleep Monster?!
BoBoiBoy Huh! Thought you knew about it.
Papa Zola Uh, all I knew [sic] Papa’s road tax is about to expire. I’m not aware of this one. Uh, fill me in the details.
Gopal It’s like this, Papa. The Sleep Monster came out…
[Trans. ext. Tok Aba’s house.]
(BoBoiBoy and Gopal are showing Papa Zola the Dream Bubbles with everyone in them.)
BoBoiBoy Thunderbolt! Ya! Ya!
(He throws two Lightning Bolts at Ying and Hanna’s bubbles, but they don’t pop and the girls don’t stir.)
Papa Zola Ya! (Grunts as he unsuccessfully tries to pop Hanna’s bubble with a rod.) Hmm, this is difficult.
BoBoiBoy “Difficult”?! What are we gonna do?!
Papa Zola I said “difficult”, not “impossible”!
Gopal Got that right, Master!
Papa Zola All we need to do is to find a way into the Dream Bubbles!
BoBoiBoy Huh? What for?
Papa Zola They have all been sucked into the Sleep Monster’s dream world!
Gopal Huh?! Sucked inside a dream?!
Papa Zola Yes. Therefore, the only way that we have left to wake them up is to defeat the Sleep Monster in his own dream world!
BoBoiBoy But…we’re out of bubbles, Papa.
Gopal Yeah, I turned them all into those fritters.
Papa Zola Fritters, you say?
Gopal Huh, huh!
(Papa pokes then takes a bite out of one huge fritter, much to BoBoiBoy and Gopal’s shock.)
Papa Zola Not bad at all! Disciple, I want you to change them to Dream Bubbles back again! [sic]
Gopal Huh?! But-but I can only change stuff into food, not the other way around!
BoBoiBoy Yeah! He’s never done anything like that before.
Papa Zola Huh? (Picks up a rock and tosses it in his hand.) You see this rock here?
(The boys nod.)
Papa Zola This is one of your excuses! Ha! (Throws the rock high into the air.)
(The rock flies so high, it disappears.)
Papa Zola Your excuses are now no more! Papa needs you to change them all back! Do it now, Gopal!
Gopal Ooh!
Papa Zola Hey, come on.
Gopal Alright! Hiya! Yaa!
(He unleashes his power onto the fritters, but they remain the same.)
Papa Zola Again!
Gopal Ya!
(He tries again, with the same result.)
Papa Zola Again!
Gopal Hiya!
(Again, nothing changes.)
Papa Zola Again, again!!
Gopal (Sighs, pants.) Can’t do it!
Papa Zola You can’t do it? Do you want your friends and Tok Aba to rest in an eternal slumber forever?!
Gopal No! B-but—
Papa Zola There are no “but”s!
Gopal I…I need to get scared before I can get stronger!
Papa Zola Oh, is that so? Hmm…if that’s the case, come and follow me…(Walks off.) to the scariest place in the world.
Gopal Huh?! (Whimpers.) Where to, Master?
BoBoiBoy Let’s just follow him.
(They follow after Papa.)
Gopal How far is the place, Master?
Papa Zola Oh, not that far. Just five days journey, as I recall it.
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Huh?! Five days?!
(Shortly after Papa disappears behind the corner of the house, he jumps out in front of the boys and pulls a face while dancing around.)
Papa Zola Blargh! Roar!
BoBoiBoy (Screams.) Monster! (Falls over.)
Papa Zola (Continues prancing.) Rar! I’ll bite you!
(Crickets chirp as an unaffected Gopal sends a deadpan stare to Papa Zola.)
Gopal [sarcastically] Oh, yeah, Master, very scary.
Papa Zola Hmm, not scared, are ya? If that’s the case, I have no choice but to give you a test!
Gopal Huh? What test, Papa Zola?
Papa Zola A test of…MATHEMATICS!
Gopal MATHS?! NO-O-O-O!
[Trans. ext. Tok Aba’s yard later that afternoon.]
(Gopal is sweating profusely as he takes his impromptu maths test. Papa Zola supervises with a discipline rod in his hand.)
BoBoiBoy [offscreen] Double-check all your answers, Gopal!
Papa Zola Your time is up! (Slams a hand down on the page and takes the test.) Give me that.
Gopal (Yells.) Oh, no, oh, no. I’m dead! I didn’t finish checking my answer on question 35!
Papa Zola Now, then, your final math test results is [sic] in my hand.
Gopal (Groans.) How did I score? How did I score?
BoBoiBoy A or B? Or C?
Papa Zola (Examines the paper.) Hmm… (Sighs and rolls his eyes.)
Gopal Huh? What is it, Master? Aw, man, I’m toast!
Papa Zola Are you scared?
Gopal (Sobs.) Of course I’m scared, Master!
Papa Zola Excellent! (Throws the paper away.) Now, disciple, go ahead and turn those fritters into the Dream Bubbles again, disciple! [sic]
Gopal Ca-can I do it?
Papa Zola No more questions! Change them now!
Gopal (Nods.) R...r...r-r-r—reverse transformation! (Places his hands on the fritter and transforms it into a Dream Bubble.) Huh? I…I did it! I did it, BoBoiBoy! (Hugs BoBoiBoy.)
BoBoiBoy Yaay! Awesome!
Papa Zola Well done, my boy, well done! But for your math test you got…C! (Shows him the paper.)
Gopal C? It’s cool, I guess.
BoBoiBoy Cool? What’s so cool about getting a C?
Papa Zola Listen, Gopal. Promise me you will study and improve in your next test.
Gopal Yes, Papa! (Picks up a rock.) Think of this rock as my awful math test results! Ya! (Throws the rock away.)
(It rebounds off of several poles.)
Gopal (Chuckles.) Now that awful math result is gone for good!
(The rock rebounds into Gopal’s head.)
Gopal Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow! (A lump rises on his head.)
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Awesome! You won’t get an A if you just throw a rock, dude!
Gopal Ayoyo! Alright, I’ll study soon.
Papa Zola Enough! The important thing is, Gopal managed to turn the fritters into Dream Bubbles again!
BoBoiBoy Okay, let’s jump into the Dream World! Ya!
(He and the others jump into a bubble each and fall asleep. They’re transported via a spinning vortex into a city that resembles the one from the Papa Zola TV show. They land on the roof of one high rise, where everyone else is still fast asleep.)
BoBoiBoy, Gopal and Papa Zola (All grunt as they land.)
Adu Du Huh?! Why are you fools doing here?! [sic]
BoBoiBoy What are we doing here? We’re here to save them, duh!
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) To save them?
Papa Zola What? Who is this ugly-shaped head kid?!
Gopal That’s Adu Du, an evil alien! He is—! (Yells.)
(Probe pushes him out of the way and knocks him to the ground.)
Probe Papa! My name is Probe! I’m your biggest fan!
Papa Zola A big fan, huh? Hmm, uh, where do you want my autograph?
Probe Uh, right here, here. (Taps his head.)
Adu Du Oi! What are you doing over there?!
Probe Huh? Uh, eh… (Returns to Adu Du’s side.)
BoBoiBoy Let them go, right now!
Adu Du Ha! You have to defeat the Sleep Monster first.
Gopal Ha, let me at him! I’ll squish him into a pancake!
Adu Du Right there. (Points behind them.)
BoBoiBoy, Gopal and Papa Zola Huh?
[Camera pans up to reveal that Sleep Monster is now gargantuan like he was in the TV show.]
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.) I could do for a pancake now. Let me stomp you into one!
BoBoiBoy No way!
Papa Zola Hey, you, gecko-face!
Sleep Monster What?! You’re calling me a gecko-face?!
Papa Zola Pick on somebody your own size! Like me, the great Papa Zola!
(His belt twinkles and he starts spinning. An aura forms around him and he starts growing.)
Papa Zola Magnification powers!
(He grows until he’s the same height as the Sleep Monster.)
Sleep Monster You think I’m scared you’re a big man now? This is my dream! There’s no way—
Papa Zola (Shushes.) Enough with words. Let us fight to the death, and become best friends forever again!
Sleep Monster Huh? Best friends? We’ll be friends after I put an end to your face! Attack—!
BoBoiBoy Hey, wait! Stop the fight!
Sleep Monster Huh? What are you gonna do about it?
BoBoiBoy Uh…we’re gonna…we’re gonna… Hey, Gopal!
Gopal Huh?
BoBoiBoy What are we gonna do?
Sleep Monster Speak up, or I’ll eat you up!
Gopal Ah! I know! We dare the Sleep Monster to play a game of checkers!
Adu Du Eh? Checkers?
Gopal Yup, checkers, because there are two kinds of dares that [“Sleep Monster”] never resists [sic]: one, don’t dare him to sleep when studying; two, don’t dare him to a game of checkers!
Sleep Monster What?! How did you know all this?!
Gopal Meh, Papa Zola told us about it in Episode 12.
Probe You saw the episode already? Where’d you see it?!
Gopal I bought the original DVD. (Pulls out the DVD.)
Probe Whoa! Can I borrow it? Please? (Gets hit by Adu Du’s mug.) Ow! (Sighs.)
Adu Du What’s the matter with you?
BoBoiBoy Heh, awesome!
Sleep Monster Checker, you say? Sure, but under one condition.
BoBoiBoy And what’s that?
Sleep Monster All of you have to be the checker pieces!
(He points at the boys and they zap into a bright flash of light. They reappear on the roof, except it’s now a giant checkerboard and they’re bolted to giant checker pieces.)
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Huh? Huh?
BoBoiBoy Ah!
(He looks around and realises that his still-sleeping companions, as well as Probe and Adu Du, are checker pieces, too.)
BoBoiBoy Oh, no!
[Camera zooms out three times from the scene.]
Sleep Monster (Laughs maniacally.)
[End credits roll.]

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