You have to win this game, or else you will be trap in this world forever and ever!


Adu Du and Probe trapped BoBoiBoy and Gopal inside a video game, can they get out of the game or will be trap forever?


At around 11:00 in the morning, Gopal and BoBoiBoy are watching the Papa Zola series show.

Papa Zola was disappointed after the Sleeping Monster invaded his world, the Sleeping Monster attacked him with the sleeping wave which made him to fall to sleep, but then Papa Zola rose, because the monster insulted him, he was kicked, then BoBoiBoy turns off the TV.

BoBoiBoy explained that it was illogical but Gopal said that it was a cartoon, and it's hard to do an animation, Gopal shows the new game Papa Zola 5.

In the spaceship, Adu Du caught Probe for singing the theme song of the series, but when Adu Du told Probe to sing, Probe changed some of the lyrics and replaced it with Mister Boss.

With the help of Computer, Adu Du finds out that BoBoiBoy is playing the Papa Zola 5, Probe also have the game, Adu Du will used it for their plan against BoBoiBoy; to defeat him inside the video game.

At Tok Aba's house, Tok Aba asked BoBoiBoy and Gopal if he can help him in the house with Ochobot, but Gopal said that the game will only take 5 minutes until 5 hours later.

5 later, BoBoiBoy and Gopal are still playing the video game, Tok Aba warned them that they might get stuck inside the game if they will continue to play, suddenly, they were sucked by the TV and trapped inside it, Tok Aba knew that it was Adu Du's plan.

Probe warned them that they need to win the game, or they will get stuck forever, Ochobot taught Tok Aba how to play the game.

Before finishing Stage 1, BoBoiBoy and Gopal encountered Probe again, soon Ochobot and Tok Aba finds out they    need to click the video game controls throught the Down Forward Shoot move, soon, BoBoiBoy defeated Probe.

Tok Aba fainted when Gopal said that it was only stage 1. Ochobot called Yaya to go to the house and continue the game, at first Yaya was a bit nervous but Tok Aba said that she can do it.

BoBoiBoy and Gopal passed many levels like caves and the outer space until they reached the level where the met Probe again.

Suddenly Yaya told Tok Aba that she can't play anymore because of her limit to play only 30 minutes per day or else she'll get scolded by her mom, Tok Aba called her mom and agreed that can still play.


  •  Adu Du said the word "numbskull" again which is cut in Disney Channel Asia because it's considered to be a bad word, especially for children, to hear. He first mentioned it in S1, Episode 1  which is nor cut and muted. (in the Youtube English version, he said "Useless Robot". Though, a more kid-friendly and polite meaning for the underlined word is "headache".)
  • This is the first episode where Probe stated "The best game of the century, he stated it again in S1, Episode 10 as "The best book of the century".
  • In the YouTube English version, "Papa Zola 5: Truth Against the Forces of Darkness" is called "Papa Zola 5: Truth In the Alley of Darkness".
  • If you listen carefully when Tok Aba is talking to Mrs.Yah in the telephone, you can hear that Mrs.Yah is replying "popet", which is one of Probe's catchphrases.
  • The scenes of BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Adu Du, Probe and Papa Zola inside the game appeared in the background of the credits of Season 3.
  • First appearance of the Papa Zola series (Season 2, Episode 9, What Yaya Says: Saving Electricity)
  • If you look closely, at 14:56 in the YouTube English Version you can see Papa Zola flying in the background in Outer Space. This may mean that he can breathe in Space or where there is no oxygen but this has not been demonstrated anywhere else in the series.


For the YouTube English version of this episode, click here.


  • Super Mario - The Papa Zola 5 game is very similar to the Super Mario games. Both games are platform styled and the two main characters either attack the enemies with special moves or jump on them to defeat them.

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