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Speaker Dialogue
[Montage of scenes from the previous episode begins.]
Adu Du [voiceover] I hate that BoBoiBoy! He and his little friends have ruined my spaceship by turning it to food! This is all the Power Sphere's fault! If I had him for my own, I would have seized all the cocoa on this planet!
[Montage ends. Voiceover continues.]
[Open. Int. Adu Du’s lab.]
(Adu Du, Probe and Computer are in Adu Du's lab trying to replicate Tok Aba's cocoa using other cocoa samples.)
Adu Du [voiceover] Speaking of which, it seems Tok Aba's Cocoa contains the most powerful source of energy! This calls for some experimentation on cocoa.
(The substance undergoes multiple procedures before Computer inserts the completed experiment into a power capsule. A large energy wave is given off and she gives it to Adu Du.)
Computer Master, the cocoa experiment is completed.
Adu Du Excellent! Probe, come here!
Probe Huh? Okay.
(Adu Du inserts the power capsule in him and his power levels rise. Probe starts to transform.)
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) I have finally succeeded!
Probe I am…a super evil washing machine!
Adu Du Eh? What?!
Probe I will wash, rinse and dry BoBoiBoy into evil! (Chuckles maniacally.)
(His power levels start dropping and he returns to normal.)
Computer It seems the experiment has failed, Master.
Adu Du (Growls.) Blast it! This is the 1000th time! Why isn't it working?!
Computer Master, this is only the 10th attempt.
Adu Du Silence! What do you know?! I need to recreate Tok Aba's cocoa!
Computer It seems that Tok Aba's cocoa mixture is unique.
Adu Du Huh? He must have a secret formula for his cocoa! Order the minions to find Tok Aba's cocoa recipe!
Computer As you wish.
(Adu Du's Slave Robots chitter as they exit the ship)
[Transition to Ext. Tok Aba's house.]
Tok Aba BoBoiBoy, wake up!
(He runs into BoBoiBoy's room and starts shaking him awake.)
Tok Aba BoBoiBoy, wake up! Wake up, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy What for, Tok?
Tok Aba Help Me!
BoBoiBoy Huh? BoBoiBoy, Elemental Split!
(He performs his ultimate power.)
BoBoiBoy Earth What's wrong, Tok?
Tok Aba Help me deliver these cocoa cans.
BoBoiBoy Wind, Earth and Lightning Huh? (All faint)
BoBoiBoy Earth Huh? I woke up just for this?
BoBoiBoy Wind Yeah, I think we've been had.
Tok Aba (Laughs.) Awesome!
[Transition to Tok Aba's café.]
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.) Can't we just deliver these cocoa cans later?
Ochobot No way!
Tok Aba My customers need the cocoa in the morning.
Ochobot We have to deliver these before 7:00 a.m. Be punctual, maintain the integrity of our café.
BoBoiBoy Wow, you're really taking this seriously, huh?
Tok Aba Of course! He's the employee of the month!
[Camera pans to the right to show an "employee of the month" certificate on the wall with Ochobot's picture and name on it.]
Ochobot Oh, it's nothing. (Laughs.)
Tok Aba Here's a map and addresses. Ochobot, you go and help BoBoiBoy out.
Ochobot Okay, boss!
(They walk down the street.)
Tok Aba (Laughs.)
(The Slave Robots observe this from the sky behind them.)
[Transition to the town.]
(Ochobot and BoBoiBoy examine the map.)
Ochobot Okay, we have to deliver these to Uncle Kumar's house, Mrs Yah, and Ying's grandma. How are we gonna do this? We have three places to go to.
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Piece of cake! BoBoiBoy, Elemental Split!
(He performs his ultimate power.)
Ochobot Hey, you can't do this! This is power abuse!
BoBoiBoy Lightning Well, why not? I'm just helping Tok Aba out.
Ochobot Hey, I thought I told you: the longer you split, the more forgetful you get.
BoBoiBoy Wind Oh, don't worry, this won't take long.
Ochobot Okay, up to you then. Just be quick, okay?
BoBoiBoy Earth Alright, (points to BoBoiBoy Lightning) You'll take Mrs Yah's house, (points to BoBoiBoy Wind) you take Ying's grandma, and I'll go to Mr. Kumar's.
BoBoiBoy Wind and Lightning Okay!
(They all run off to their destinations.)
[Transition to Tok Aba's café.]
(Tok Aba mixes some cocoa, then remembers something. He pulls out a notebook and searches through its pages. Adu Du's Slave Robots target the book and Adu Du sees it from his ship.)
Adu Du That must be the recipe book! Seize it now!
(They charge at the café and try to grab the book. They start to attack Tok Aba just as Gopal shows up.)
Gopal Stop right there, you evil robots!
Tok Aba Huh?
Gopal Don't worry, Tok A—
(A Slave Robot shoots a laser at Gopal that narrowly misses him and hits a lamppost behind him.)
Gopal (Screams.)
(He hides behind the counter.)
Gopal What do I do? What do I do?
Tok Aba Hmph, what a joke. Why don't you just change the robots into food?
Gopal My power’s only strong when I'm scared!
Tok Aba Hey, aren't you scared already?
Gopal Hey, you're absolutely right!
(He faces the Slave Robots.)
Gopal Leave this place now, before I change you into junk food!
(The Slave Robots laugh and charge at him from the behind.)
Tok Aba Gopal, behind you!
Gopal (Screams.)
(His power Band flashes and he changes them into boxes of chocolate snacks.)
Gopal (Chuckles.) Huh?
(More Slave Robots charge at Gopal. He tries to summon his power but it doesn't work. Crickets chirp.)
Gopal Huh? Oh, no! I'm not scared anymore!
Tok Aba (Groans.)
Gopal I need something to scare me. What do I do?
(Tok Aba glances around his café and sees his notebook.)
Tok Aba Gopal!
(He throws him the secret book. In slow-motion, the book flies through the air.)
Gopal (Gasps.)
(The Slave Robots shoot lasers at him and the book hits him in the face. Everything returns to normal speed.)
Gopal (Grunts.) Huh?
[Three horror stings sound in time with the camera zooming in on Gopal's shocked face.]
Gopal (Screams.)
(He changes all the Slave Robots into boxes of chocolate snacks.)
Adu Du Huh? What happened?! How did he get stronger?!
Probe Must be…must be something about that book!
Computer Perhaps the book really contains the secret recipe!
Adu Du I must get my hands on that book! But then…how do I do it? Hmm…
Probe (Chuckles.) I know, Mr. Boss! (Repeatedly whispers "pss, pss, pss" to Adu Du)
Adu Du Why are you whispering "pss, pss, pss"?! I can't understand what you're saying!
Probe Oh, uh, it's like this Mr. Boss. First, we…
[Cut to Tok Aba's café.]
(Gopal places the boxes of chocolate snacks on a display rack.)
Tok Aba Hey, what are you up to?
Gopal (Laughs.) I'm selling the snacks! We'll share the profits, 50-50.
Tok Aba Don't be ridiculous! Snacks and junk food aren't good for you.
Gopal But…
Tok Aba Here.
(He places a Special Hot Chocolate on the counter.)
Gopal (Chuckles.) Is this free?
Tok Aba Of course it's free! A token of my appreciation. Thanks for coming to help me out!
Gopal Oh! Uh, what about the ones before?
Tok Aba Don't kid yourself. You still have to pay for the rest.
Gopal Man! Hey, Tok Aba, where's BoBoiBoy?
Tok Aba Oh, he's out delivering cocoas. He should be back by now. Ah, there he is!
(BoBoiBoy arrives with Ochobot.)
Gopal Hey, you know what just happened?
BoBoiBoy Hey! Aramugam! Long time, no see!
Gopal Huh? Aramugam?
Ochobot (Sighs.) He used his power to split up for too long.
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Tok Babas, one hot chocolate please?
Ochobot And that's why he's being so forgetful.
BoBoiBoy Huh? Hmm…
[Flashback begins.]
[“Mission 1: Mr. Kumar” title card.]
(BoBoiBoy Earth rings the doorbell of Gopal's house.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Hello? Hello?
Mr. Kumar Ah, yes, BoBoiBoy?
BoBoiBoy Earth Here's the cocoa that you ordered.
Mr. Kumar Oh, thank you very much.
(He realises the box is empty.)
Mr. Kumar Hey, tambi, where's the cocoa?
BoBoiBoy Earth Huh? Oh, no! I forgot to put the cocoa cans! Give me a minute.
(He leaves.)
Mr. Kumar Ayoyo, how could you forget? How am I going to make my chocolate ice-creams then?
[“20 minutes later…” title card.]
(BoBoiBoy Earth returns to Gopal's house and rings the doorbell.)
Mr. Kumar Ah, BoBoiBoy, finally here!
BoBoiBoy Earth Is Gopal at home?
Mr. Kumar Uh, oh, he's already out. He's at Tok Aba's stall.
BoBoiBoy Earth Huh, really? I-I thought he'd be at home. Okay I'll look for him there.
Mr. Kumar Hey, where is the cocoa?
BoBoiBoy Earth Huh? Cocoa?
Mr. Kumar Yes, the cocoa! The one you've been delivering?
BoBoiBoy Earth Oh, no!
[Flashback ends.]
Tok Aba Oh, dear! So did you actually deliver the cocoa?
Ochobot He did, but he was late.
Gopal Late? Was he angry?
Ochobot No idea.
Tok Aba (Sighs.) Well, at least that only happened once, right?
Ochobot Um, actually…
[Flashback begins.]
[“Mission 2: Mrs. Yah” title card.]
(BoBoiBoy Lightning shows up at Mr. Mat’s house. Mr. Mat is outside, cleaning his Burgerriak bike.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Hello? Is anyone at home?
Mr. Mat Yes? Who is it?
BoBoiBoy Lightning This is the cocoa that Mrs. Yah ordered.
Mr. Mat You've got the wrong house. Which Mrs. Yah?
BoBoiBoy Lightning You know, Mrs. Yah, who, um, (examines the map) lives on that hill over there.
Mr. Mat That hill?
BoBoiBoy Lightning Yeah.
Mr. Mat Then why did you send it over here?
BoBoiBoy Lightning Huh? Man, what's wrong with me?
[Flashback ends.]
(Tok Aba facepalms.)
Tok Aba Hey, you got lost even with a map?!
Ochobot Don't worry, Tok Aba, he did get it delivered to Mrs. Yah's house.
Mr. Mat Ha! I delivered it!
Gopal What's with you BoBoiBoy?! That's really bad!
Ochobot Hey, that's not bad, actually. There's worse.
[Flashback begins.]
[“Mission 3: Ying's grandma” title card.]
(BoBoiBoy Wind shows up at the Post Office.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Tok Aba's Cocoa delivery!
Postman Yes? Can I help you?
BoBoiBoy Wind I'm here to deliver this cocoa.
Postman Uh, this is the post office.
BoBoiBoy Wind Huh? Isn't this Ying's grandma's house?
Postman No, it's not.
[“20 minutes later…” title card.]
(BoBoiBoy Wind arrives at Ying's grandma's house. She is asleep on the porch.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Tok Aba's Cocoa delivery!
Ying's grandma Huh? Ah, you're finally here! Ooh, I've been waiting for you.
BoBoiBoy Wind What are you going to do with all this cocoa, grandma?
Ying's grandma Oh, why, eat it of course! (Giggles.)
(She eats some the cocoa powder.)
Ying's grandma Mmm, delicious!
(Postman honks the horn of his truck.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Huh?
Postman So, uh, you done?
BoBoiBoy Wind Yeah. Thanks for bringing me here!
Postman Sure, no problem!
(He drives away.)
[Flashback ends.]
Tok Aba Ay, you asked the postman to send you there?
BoBoiBoy (Laugh sheepishly.)
Ochobot Don't worry, Tok, he did get it right in the end.
BoBoiBoy Yeah! At least I didn't forget to deliver the cocoas.
Tok Aba But did you remember to collect the payments?
BoBoiBoy Oh, no!
Tok Aba Oh, dear! You do know that's one of my main income.
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.) I'm sorry, Tok. I screwed up really bad. Just go ahead and punish me.
Gopal Tok Aba, Tok Aba! Make him squat around the park. And then get him to stand on a chair on one leg!
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.)
Tok Aba It's fine.
Gopal Aw, man.
Tok Aba At the very least, he did his best. I'll just collect the payment later. For now, I can just put it on their tabs.
(BoBoiBoy hugs Tok Aba.)
BoBoiBoy (Sighs.) Thank you, Tok Abu!
Ochobot (Sighs.) His memory is still hazy.
Tok Aba (Laughs.) Why don't you let him rest at the back?
Ochobot Okay, Tok. Come on, BoBoiBoy! (Leads BoBoiBoy to a picnic table.)
Tok Aba (Sighs.)
(Probe appears in his Mrs. Stephenson disguise.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] Good morning! Hi!
Tok Aba and Gopal Hmm… (Both look suspiciously at Probe.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] Uh…
Tok Aba Eh, you're Mrs, uh, Stephenson who sells breakfast, right?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Huh?
Tok Aba Hanna's old neighbour?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Uh, yeah, yeah. That's right!
Gopal Hmm, this is Mrs. Stephenson?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Of course it is!
Gopal Hmm… (Scrutinises Probe suspiciously.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] (Whimpers.) [thinking] I'm doomed! If he finds out, he's gonna turn me into a burger!
Gopal Ma'am, you know, you're my hero!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Huh?
Gopal When you were staying here, my Amma used to buy breakfast from you everyday!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Oh! Really?
Gopal Totally awesome!
Tok Aba Oh, you don't sell breakfast anymore?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Oh, I don't have time. I've got my hands full just taking care of my one boy here.
[Camera pans down to show Adu Du wearing a cap and young boy's clothes.]
Adu Du Huh? Hi.
Tok Aba Wait, didn't you have, like, twelve children?!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Huh? Uh, uh, this one's the thirteenth, the youngest. The rest have gone off to college.
Tok Aba Oh.
Probe [high-pitched voice] Lewan, shake Tok Aba's hand.
Adu Du Eh? (Growls at Probe.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] Shake, I say!
(He slaps Adu Du.)
Adu Du Uh, nice to meet you.
Probe [high-pitched voice] (Sighs.) Kids, nowadays. They just don't have any manners.
Tok Aba Fine, Mrs. Stephenson. So, do you wanna order?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Uh, can I get a box of those cocoa cans?
Tok Aba Uh, I don't have enough. There's only three cans left.
Probe [high-pitched voice] Uh, (looks at Adu Du, who nods at him) uh, that will do.
Tok Aba Hm.
Adu Du [quietly] (Laughs maniacally.)
(He stops when he realises Gopal is staring at him.)
Gopal What's wrong with your son?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Uh, yeah, he's a little bit weird.
Gopal Hmm, maybe he's a little sick. His face is all green.
Tok Aba (Small chuckle.) Here.
(He offers a bag with cocoa in it to Probe.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] Oh, thank you
Tok Aba Eh, that's a robotic arm!
Gopal Huh?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Uh, uh, yes, I was in an accident so I have to use a prosthetic arm.
Tok Aba Oh. My, my, have things changed!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Hey, Aba, I miss your Special Hot Chocolate. Can I have two cups please?
Gopal (Laughs.) Make it three!
Tok Aba Hmm, coming up.
Gopal (Chuckles sheepishly.)
(Tok Aba starts to prepare the drink then remembers something and writes it down in his notebook.)
Adu Du [quietly] That's the recipe book! Get ready, Probe!
Probe [normal voice] [quietly] Patience, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du Patience? Patience for what?!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Let's have a drink first!
(Tok Aba places their drinks on the counter.)
Adu Du Oh, uh, yeah, sounds good.
(Hanna and Ying arrive at the café)
Hanna Hey! That's Adu Du and Probe!
(Probe and Adu Du spit out their drinks.)
Tok Aba and Gopal Huh?!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Huh? Where? Where?
Adu Du Where's Adu Du?
(He secretly takes Tok Aba's secret book from the counter.)
Ying Hey! What did you just take?
Gopal Huh? Eh, he's got Tok Aba's secret book!
(Probe shakes off his shawl and points a laser gun at Tok Aba's head.)
Probe (Chuckles.) Nobody move or I will shoot this old man! (Chuckles.)
Hanna (Growls frustratedly.)
Adu Du With this secret book, I will be invincible! (Laughs maniacally.)
[Cut to BoBoiBoy and Ochobot resting at a picnic table.]
Ochobot Hey, that sounds like Adu Du!
BoBoiBoy Adu Du?
Ochobot Let's go, BoBoiBoy!
(BoBoiBoy does a flip and lands in front of the café, backwards.)
BoBoiBoy How dare you come here, Adu Du! (Turns around.) Leave this place or you will regret it!
[Camera zooms out to show that BoBoiBoy is accusing Gopal.]
Gopal Hey! Come on, it's me, Gopal!
BoBoiBoy (Hesitates, then laughs.) You can't fool me that easily!
Ochobot Oh, dear!
Ying Huh? What just happened?
Ochobot Ay, he used his ultimate power for too long and now he's losing his memories.
Hanna (Sighs.)
(Adu Du looks around then grabs the two hot chocolates and pours them into Probe to get him to transform. Instead of Super Probe, he transforms into a feminine version of it.)
Probe (Laughs maniacally.) I am…[high-pitched voice] Super Mrs. Probe! Take this! Deadly Handbag attack!
Ying Wow! What a pretty handbag!
Gopal [sarcastically] Ooh, a handbag. So scary, ooh!
Hanna (Giggles.)
Adu Du Hey, what's wrong with you?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Eh? Uh, sorry. Mommy is still stuck in character.
Adu Du (Faints.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] But don't you worry. Behold, my beloved son!
(He holds the handbag in front of him and missiles come out of it.)
Probe Ha, ha!
Gopal Huh?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Take this!
(He fires the missiles. Everyone except he and Adu Du are blasted back.)
BoBoiBoy’s gang, Tok Aba and Ochobot (All scream.)
(Adu Du sits in the cockpit of Super Mrs. Probe’ cockpit.)
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) You can be a missus all you want if you're this good!
(The smoke clears and reveals that everyone is lying on the ground except BoBoiBoy. He stares up at the robot menacingly.)
BoBoiBoy Wow! You're so cool!
Adu Du Of course I am! With this Super Mrs.— Eh, wait, why are you complimenting me? What kind of trick is this, eh?
(The others get up.)
Gopal Hey, he just lost his memory.
Adu Du Huh? Lost his memory?
Gopal Yeah, yeah. If he uses his Elemental Split for too long, he'll start forgetting things.
Tok Aba [sarcastically] Oh, nice work, Gopal! Why does he have to open his mouth?
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) Excellent! Now I know your weakness, BoBoiBoy!
Probe [high-pitched voice] But we have to be really sure, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du You're right. Capture Gopal!
(Super Mrs. Probe grabs him.)
Gopal (Screams.) Hanna! Ying!
Hanna (Gasps.) Ya! Super Punch!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Sparkling Compact Mirror!
(He uses a compact mirror to reflect sunlight into Hanna’s eyes.)
Hanna (Screams and stops flying.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] Kitchen Knife Blast!
(He sends five kitchen knives at Hanna.)
Hanna Huh? (Gasps.)
Ying Hanna!
Hanna Huh?
Ying Huh?
[Camera zooms out to reveal that the knives only pinned Hanna's clothes to a tree, immobilising her.]
Hanna (Grunts in exertion.)
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.)
(Ying runs past and grabs the book from him.)
Adu Du Eh?!
Ying Hey! I got the book back!
Adu Du Stop her, Probe!
(Super Mrs. Probe targets Ying’s next location and places a giant spatula there.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] Blocking Spatula!
(Ying runs on to the spatula, and he flings her into the air.)
Ying (Screams.)
(She drops the book and Adu Du catches it.)
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) A futile attempt!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Spiky Dough Roller!
(He brandishes a rolling pin covered with spikes and holds it where Ying is falling.)
Gopal Huh?!
BoBoiBoy Huh?!
Ying Huh?
Gopal Food Transformation!
(He turns the rolling pin into a baguette. It breaks when Ying crashes into it.
Ying (Screams.)
Adu Du Huh?!
Ying Ow…!
Adu Du How dare you!
Gopal Transformation, Mak Timah’s Coconut Cakes! Co-co-co-co-coconut cakes!
(He changes Super Mrs. Probe's hand to coconut cakes. Tok Aba stares at him.)
Gopal What? Mak Timah's cakes are good!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Eh?!
(He shakes his arm and the hand falls off, freeing Gopal.
Gopal (Screams.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] Ha, so much for coconut cake! Eat this!
(He fires a laser gun at Gopal and he goes flying backwards.)
Gopal (Screams.)
BoBoiBoy Aramugam!
Gopal I'm Gopal, not Aramugam!
(Ochobot is unpinning Hanna’s clothes from the tree when Gopal falls on him.)
Ochobot Ow!
Gopal Sorry, Ochobot.
Ying Gopal, are you okay?
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] He's really lost his memories, Mr. Boss!
Adu Du Well then, let us end this right now!
BoBoiBoy But…
Adu Du What? What is it?!
BoBoiBoy But can I ask you something?
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) It seems you have one last request before I destroy you! (Laughs maniacally.) Go on, BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy Uh, which one of you is Adu Du? (Points to Super Mrs. Probe) You? (Points to Adu Du) Or him?
Adu Du (Faints.) Hey, are you for real?! I am Adu Du!
BoBoiBoy Oh, so you're Adu Du. Um, from where, again?
Adu Du (Growls.) What are you talking about?! What's that have to do with— Destroy him, Probe! Destroy him! (Realises BoBoiBoy is gone.) Eh?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Oh, where'd he go?
BoBoiBoy Right here! (Appears beside Adu Du on Super Mrs. Probe.)
Adu Du (Gasps.)
BoBoiBoy (Laughs.) I've got you now, Ago Go. I may have lost my memory, but I will never forget that I'm the superhero!
Hanna Wow!
BoBoiBoy BoBoiBoy, Elemental Split!
Ochobot No! Don't do it!
BoBoiBoy Huh!
Ochobot There he goes. He'll forget even more!
(BoBoiBoy performs his ultimate power. BoBoiBoy Lightning lands on Super Mrs. Probe and BoBoiBoy Earth and Wind land on the ground.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning (Laughs.) Lightning Bolt!
(He summons a Lightning Hoe.)
Tok Aba Huh? That's a Lightning Hoe!
Adu Du (Laughs.) A Lightning Hoe? Are you trying to plant potatoes?
BoBoiBoy Lightning Ha, you're the potato
(He plants the Lightning Hoe on Super Mrs. Probe and leaps off.)
Adu Du Huh? (Screams.)
(Hee and Super Mrs. Probe are electrocuted.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning (Laughs.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Landslide!
(He pounds the ground.)
Adu Du Huh? Huh?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Huh? Huh?
(They look behind them and find that a patch of land behind them has collapsed.)
Adu Du (Laughs.) You missed!
BoBoiBoy Wind Ha, Cool, Gentle Breeze!
(He blows a gently on Adu Du and Super Mrs. Probe. They start tipping backwards.)
Adu Du No!
Probe [high-pitched voice] Oh, no!
Adu Du and Probe (Both scream.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Earth Collapse!
(He pounds his fists together and makes the earth collapse onto Adu Du and Super Mrs. Probe.)
Adu Du This is not over, BoBoiBoy!
Hanna Yay! Way to go, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Lightning (Laughs.) Thank you, Mimi.
Hanna Mimi?!
Gopal Hey, that's not her name!
BoBoiBoy Lightning Eh! Uh, Margaret?
Hanna What's wrong with you?! You keep forgetting my name!
Ying Oh, don't get upset, Hanna. It's not his fault.
BoBoiBoy Lightning Yeah, Ah Meng's right!
Ying Eh? Ah Meng's a boy's name! (Scoffs.)
Ochobot What should we do? His condition's getting worse and worse!
Tok Aba It's okay. We'll all help BoBoiBoy gain his memory back, together.
BoBoiBoy Earth (Chuckles sheepishly.) Huh?
(The ground starts to shake and all three Elemental forms assume attack positions. The earth over the pit that Adu Du and Super Mrs. Probe were buried in starts to crack and they leap out from it.)
Probe [high-pitched voice] (Laughs triumphantly.)
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) You think it's that easy to defeat me?
Probe [high-pitched voice] Super Sparkly Compact Mirror!
(He uses the compact mirror to reflect light into everyone's eyes. They look away when the light hits them.)
Ochobot, Tok Aba, Gopal, Ying and Hanna (All groan)
(Super Mrs. Probe grabs BoBoiBoy Lightning.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning (Screams.)
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) Now I have the recipe book, Tok Aba's Cocoa, and Lightning BoBoiBoy! (Laughs maniacally.)
(Super Mrs. Probe flies away leaving a pink heart-shaped ring of smoke. The others watch as the villains fly away.)
[End credits roll.]

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