This is the 12th episode of the series.


Episode 12.1

BoBoiBoy Cyclone tried to force his friends to eat Yaya's Biscuits but he was attacked by Adu Du, Ying knew that BoBoiBoy became crazy because of him, BoBoiBoy Cyclone attacked Probe which made his outfit came out and then he fed Adu Du with Yaya's Biscuits, Cyclone wants to chase Adu Du and Probe but stopped by BoBoiBoy Lightning, BoBoiBoy Earth said that they should join now, if not they will loose their memories again, but BoBoiBoy Cyclone ignored it and teased BoBoiBoy Lightning  that he is very weak the caused him to get angry and turned to Thunderstorm which leafs to a fight.

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm tried to stopped BoBoiBoy Cyclone but he failed, finally BoBoiBoy Earth trapped him, while trapped, Ochobot showed to BoBoiBoy the ending of the Telenovela called Red Roses which made him cry and return to normal.

In the Spaceship, Adu Du felt pity for Probe after they got beaten up so much, Probe take care of Adu Du as he thought that he is sick but he doesn't have time to rest.

5 hours later, Probe told them to call The General of Atata Tiga, Computer said if Probe will tell the general all other alien along with the general followed him. Adu Du said he will keep his secret,aAnd after he get all the cocoa he will become the hero of Ata Ta Tiga and become super duper rich. But Probe told him that he cannot do it unless BoBoiBoy is defeated.

Adu Du, Probe and Computer think of ways to improved themselves as BoBoiBoy becomes stronger, Computer said that Bago Go, the weapon dealer from Ata Ta Tiga can help him.

Bago Go

Episode 12.2 

Computer had set up a transporter to transport Bago Go to the spaceship so Adu Du can buy weapons to defeat BoBoiBoy, while waiting, Probe warned Adu Du that he should be careful because Bago Go likes to trick his customers which worries him. After 30 seconds, Bago Go had arrived, when Adu Du saw him, he really thinks that he is a trickster then Probe showed Bago Go's Catalog Book to him and see the numerous weapons, Bago Go introduced some of his weapons like the Laser Beam X3400 but he was suprised that the weapons were all expensive and he even fainted.

In Tok Aba's Cocoa Shop, BoBoiBoy's Thunder and Wind unleashed their powers, BoBoiBoy Earth attempted to get his true potential but he failed, Gopal reminded that there's something to do about emotions that led their transformations. something should happen to BoBoiBoy Earth so his powers will increase, Tok Aba arrives and told him that BoBoiBoy will go home soon.

Mukalakus Robot Destroyer

In the junkyard, Adu Du scolded Probe for selling his spaceship to Bago Go to buy the Electric Spatula with the gift Robot Destroyer Mukalakus.


  • Second episode where Adu Du attempted BoBoiBoy to loose his memory by avoiding him to join with his otherselves (Season 1, Episode 6).
  • BoBoiBoy Earth thought that his upgraded version where Rock and Mud.
  • Like Adu Du, Bago Go's eyes are also yellow when he first appeared.
  • First episode where a phone number appeared in the screen.
  • First episode where the sentence "It can also be use to hit Flies" was mentioned and Adu Du hitted Probe with the Electric Spatula (Season 2, Episode 5).
  • First appearance of Bago Go.
  • It's unknown what happened to Adu Du's voice in the second half of this episode in the Disney Channel version.


  • When Bago Go said "Price" in 13:22, his mouth is closed.