We all have to answer all these fan mails first!


Adu Du ordered Probe to steal BoBoiBoy's fan mails but Probe and Computer answered the fan mails in a honest way.


Episode 19

Adu Du ordered Probe to steal some Fan Mails of BoBoiBoy so his fans will not like him any more, since Adu Du went out to buy new clothes, Probe and Computer answered them instead.

Question No. 1

It's from Ali Kassim bin Ahmad Kassim, he is asking how BoBoiBoy is doing now as there is a school holiday.

Probe said that BoBoiBoy went to Rintis Island to see his Granddad since it was a long time when they see each other.

Question No. 2

It's from Aramugam, he is wondering why Adu Du is so suprised when he finds out that there is Cocoa Power on Earth.

The reason is because Cocoa Power has long disappeared from Planet Ata Tatiga 30,000 years ago because it was polluted like Earth but Adu Du and the rest of the aliens survived because they don't have a nose.

Computer said that Cocoa power is the strongest source of energy which can activate a Ball of Power like Ochobot, but unlike him, Probe's activation is only using Pipe Water.

Question No. 3

It's from Ahmad Kassim bin Abu Kassim which is the father of Ali Kassim, his question is why Probe sometimes acts like crazy, according to the logical thinking of Probe, he is not really crazy all the time so he gave three things about Adu Du.

  1. Humans eat Green looking things
  2. Adu Du is a green-looking creature
  3. Humans will eat green-looking things like Mister Boss

Then Computer said that Probe is a Loyal Prototype Experimental Robot not built properly which is the reason why he acts crazy sometimes.

Question No. 4

It's from Ah Chong, who claimed himself as the Number 1 fan of BoBoiBoy.

His first question is what are BoBoiBoy's Powers, Probe doubt about him being the number 1 fan.

Probe said that BoBoiBoy has the Elements of:

The second question is why Ochobot gave the power to BoBoiBoy instead of Adu Du

Probe doesn't really know why but he only knows that Adu Du is always having bad dreams while sleeping, but Computer said that it was Tok Aba's Cocoa which activated him.

He is asking if he can have presents but Probe say he cannot and Probe throw the letter.

Ah Chong also drew fan arts of BoBoiBoy and Probe

When Probe said that the Fan Art of Auntie Probe is Awesome, Computer said that he should continue reading Letters, but Probe teased her that he is jealous because she doesn't have a fan.

Question No. 5

It's from Shadowhunter98, he is wondering why Adu Du and Probe are always losing, and thinks that BoBoiBoy and his friends doesn't have any weaknesses.

Probe said that BoBoiBoy's Weaknesses is being Forgetful, while Computer said that Gopal is a Scaredy cat because he needs to be scared to gain powers.

Ying's Weakness is when she sneeze, she will loose all her powers.

Episode 20

Probe mentioned that if Ying sneeze again, she can regain her powers.

They also showed Yaya and her Powers, Probe thought that Yaya doesn"t have any weaknesses but Computer said that Yaya's Weakness is that her Biscuits are horrible. To know her recipe, viewers must watch the next episode (Episode 21).

Yaya's Biscuits ingredients:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Butter
  • Kurma Spices
  • Lemon Grass
  • Limeleaves
  • Cinnamon
  • Fresh White Goat Milk

Question No. 157


Probe and Computer said that Adudu wants Tok Aba's Cocoa because it has the greatest potential, Adu Du and Probe also used a disguise to trick Tok Aba (Episode 10), since they always fail on their attempts, Adu Du experimented the Cocoa of his own which he can use on Probe but all failed, he turned Probe into a:

He also stated that Adu Du always force him to do household chores like sweeping the floor and making drinks, and when Adu Du is throwing his mug to him which makes him emotional but comforted by Computer.

Question No. 158

(The Question is about what happened to the Multi-Monster and Papa Zola)

Probe said that after the Multi Monster helped BoBoiBoy and his friends escape from Adu Du's Spaceship (Episode 8), they started their own Community Colony in the Toxic Lake which can be found in the junk shop.

Computer said that Papa Zola had to attend many interviews so he could find a new job: To be a Math teacher in Rintis Island Primary School (Season 2, Episode 1), but his 1001 interviews failed, so he released a book callled: "1001 Interview Mistakes"

Available now at Bookstores

Question No. 159

(The Question is from a unnamed mother who's so worried because of Gopal transforming things to Junk Foods)

Probe said that Gopal changed his mind to transforming things to healthy foods because of what happened to his tooth in What Yaya Says.

Question No. 160

As Probe is about to read the next letter, the buzzer alarms which means that Adu Du is finished with his shopping and he will go back to the ship,

(The Question is why are the episodes of BoBoiBoy are repeated over and over)

Probe accidentally torn the paper and even catched a fire.

Question No. 161

(The Question is from Adam who's asking about the transformations of Earth and Wind BoBoiBoys after Lightning transformed to Thunderstorm)

Computer said that Wind will turn into a Cyclone and Earth to Earthquake followed by a sneak peek of Season 1, Episode 11, after that she also said that there is a finale of the first season.

Later, Probe and Computer were almost finished answering the mails when Adu Du suddenly arrived, he wa

So you are one of the fans who wrote to BoBoiBoy on the other day huh?

s shocked after he found out that Probe answered the mails honestly when he ordered Probe to be rude so BoBoiBoy's Fans will hate him, thinking quickly, Computer finds the last letter on the back and gave it to Adu Du for Adu Du answer it so only one human will get hate BoBoiBoy.

2 Days Later....

Probe accepted a letter which he thought that is the Electricity Bill, but when Adu Du opened it, it was the letter that he answered 2 days ago, the worst thing that he find out is that Probe is the one that wrote to BoBoiBoy, Probe asked forgiveness but Adu Du scolded him.


Character Bahasa Malaysia English (Disney Channel) English (Youtube)
BoBoiBoy Nur Fathiah Diaz Wong Wai Kay Alexander Rudra Keith Henderson
Yaya Nur Sarah Alisya Zainal Rashid Fairuz Arfa Ariff Syah Fairuz Arfa Ariff Syah
Ying Yap Ee Jean Chan Su Ling Chan Su Ling
Gopal Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria Ryan Lee Bhaskaran
Adu Du Anas Abdul Aziz Anas Abdul Aziz Anas Abdul Aziz
Ochobot Muhammad Fathi Bin Diaz Muhammad Fathi Bin Diaz Wong Wai Pang
Tok Aba Anas Abdul Aziz Anas Abdul Aziz Anas Abdul Aziz
Computer Yvonne Chong Shin Vun Yvonne Chong Shin Vun Yvonne Chong Shin Vun
Probe Anas Abdul Aziz Anas Abdul Aziz Anas Abdul Aziz

Papa Zola

Nizam Razak Nizam Razak Anas Abdul Aziz
Multi-Monster Anas Abdul Aziz Anas Abdul Aziz
Tauke Anas Abdul Aziz Anas Abdul Aziz
Child Passenger Muhammad Fathi Bin Diaz Muhammad Fathi Bin Diaz Wong Wai Pang

Popo (Penguin)

Anas Abdul Aziz Anas Abdul Aziz
Potato (Cat) Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria
  • Characters starting from the Multi-Monster and below are not credited.

BoBoiBoy's True Potentials

This episode also revealed what is the name of the 3 BoBoiBoys potentials.


  • Vlcsnap-2012-06-24-17h50m38s161
    In one scene, there is a Blueprints of Probe, but according to the Magazine called "Adu Du meeting Probe", Adu Du rebuilt Probe and became his Loyal Prototype Sidekick.
  • The scene from Probe were activated by Pipe Water until Meet BoBoiBoy is cutted in TV3 but became a bonus scene in the Season Finale.
  • The old man that Papa Zola interviewed is Tauke.
  • It's impossible that Adu Du's Spaceship will have any Electricity Bill because it's just parking on Planet Earth and not connected to any wires.
  • This episode reveals that the English name of the true potential of BoBoiBoy Lightning is Thunderstorm.
  • The fourth wall was broken numerous times in this episode.
    • Yaya breaks the fourth wall as she speaks to the audience to not eat too much junkfoods.
    • Probe speaks to the audience "This message was brought to you by Yaya".
    • Computer says "You have to watch our next episode", referencing to World Biscuits Day.
  • When Probe was explaining about the Multi-Monster, you can hear the monster's voice in Team BoBoiBoy.
  • If you want to know answer from Question No. 160 which unanswer in this episode, you can acess blog Animonsta Studios in this link.


  • Its revealed that Probe is one of BoBoiBoy's fans even though he is the sidekick of Adu Du.