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Retak'ka is the main antagonist of BoBoiBoy Movie 2. He is the alleged original owner of the Elemental Powers, and he returns to take those powers back from BoBoiBoy.



When Retak'ka was young, he was thrown away by his parents to Planet Gugura. There, he became the victim of harassment from various strong beings. He also met Hang Kasa and both of them quickly become the best of friends. At some point in their life, Retak'ka along with Hang Kasa discovered two Power Spheres, GammaBot and CrystalBot respectively. Retak'ka took GammaBot and Hang Kasa took CrystalBot. With this new power, both Retak'ka and Hang Kasa became unbeatable in battles.

Young Retak'ka finding Gammabot.

However, it was not enough for Retak'ka as stated by Hang Kasa. He became power-hungry, ruthless and cruel. So much that he is willing to fight every single elemental power owners to absorb their power, and his one and only friend Hang Kasa himself. As the battle ensues, Hang Kasa managed to absorb all of Retak'ka's elemental powers using Ochobot along with his own crystal element. Hang Kasa (unbeknownst to himself) managed to freeze Retak'ka using his crystal power (which explains why he is younger than him).

BoBoiBoy Movie 2

Retak'ka remains in the Crystal Prison for about 100 years until a group of illegal crystal collector arrives to dig some crystal and sell them. However, they unknowingly released Retak'ka from his frozen state. When freed Retak'ka revealed himself as the owner of the elemental powers but was displeased to hear the BoBoiBoy wields the powers now. He demanded the crystal miners to tell him everything about BoBoiBoy and TAPOPS and help him; for the sake of their safety and for them to harvest more crystal. The greedy miners eventually agreed to assist Retak'ka.

When BoBoiBoy reached the badly destroyed TAPOPS Station after getting the emergency message from Commander, he was shocked to know that Retak'ka is the original owner of his powers. A battle between the two followed, Retak'ka easily defeated BoBoiBoy and takes his four elements, forcing BoBoiBoy to escape from their and go to Planet Quabaq. Retak'ka was fierce to see BoBoiBoy escaping and tried to stop him but the team teleported in time.

When BoBoiBoy was training with Hang Kasa on Planet Quabaq, Retak'ka goes on a quest to suck energy from elemental-based planets to enhance his elemental powers. On reaching Planet Rimbara, he noticed that TAPOPS members were taking Cendawa Tribe's citizens to safety. He tried to stop them but was confronted by Ying, Yaya and Fang. He started draining the planet's energy. The trio tried to stop him by wearing ArmoBot but was defeated.

Later, on Planet Quabaq, BoBoiBoy receives a message from Retak'ka demanding him to come on Planet Earth for the sake of his friends safety. When Retak'ka landed on Earth, Hang Kasa meet him instead of BoBoiBoy. After a little chit chat, the battle between the two legends follows, Retak'ka taking the lead. He was about to finish Hang Kasa but suddenly BoBoiBoy showed out. After a little fight Retak'ka binds BoBoiBoy on a large rock and was about to crush him with Log Hammer but Hang Kasa saved him within nick of time. Hang Kasa apologized to BoBoiBoy for his betrayal and encouraged him to defeat Retak'ka. Retak'ka "killed" Hang Kasa and takes his Crystal Element, summoning Retak'ka Crystal. On the other hand BoBoiBoy fuses into FrostFire and easily overpower him. With the help of Ochobot, BoBoiBoy successfully takes his elements back and defeated Retak'ka using Super Supra Blast. Retak'ka was seen dead out of the Earth's atmosphere.


It appears that Retak'ka has no compassion for his opponents during the battle, especially BoBoiBoy, his toughest enemy. He is also intelligent, power-hungry and ruthless. However, as Hang Kasa stated he isn't like this when he was younger. This could indicate that he was once a good alien. As time passes on, his hatred for being a weakling causes him to be what he is now.

In the second movie, he definitely knows more about elemental powers than BoBoiBoy does, informing him that splitting apart will decrease the total power of each clone, indicating his experience with having the powers that BoBoiBoy currently inherits. Despite his superiority complex, he was shown to be petty and vengeful, as he refused to accept his defeat at the hands of BoBoiBoy and his friends.

The movie also highlights the fact that Retak'ka is old, due to the fact that he spoke with an old Malay flair/accent (in the Malay version) most noticeably when he adds a stiffer variant of the "-lah" phrase to some of his words, as well as saying words containing the letter A being pronounced like 'on'.

Hang Kasa tease Retak'ka like his own brother

In the comic, he appears to be grumpy when he was a child, often being teased by Hang Kasa like a younger brother.


His hair is light blue and has thick hair and both hands have the power of fire and ice which can repel various attacks. He wore a shield suit that had a cracked pattern and glowed on certain parts. On his left chest, his shield shows a blue emblem when Retak'ka is in its original form.

As a child, Retak'ka wore a red singlet and he had a plaster on the left side of his forehead, which may have bandaged a wound. His skin is completely blue and does not have any pattern pattern on his face.




In BoBoiBoy Movie 2, it is displayed that Retak'ka has obtained the powers of gamma radiation manipulation from obtaining GammaBot. This ability allows him to weaponize gamma rays and gamma radiation. This power-set also includes gamma radiation absorption, as displayed when he absorbed BoBoiBoy Solar's Solar Eclipse Attack, which only served to make him more powerful. This ability is due to the fact that gamma radiation is produced by the sun, which BoBoiBoy Solar's powers are derived from. He also appears to have some sort of absorption ability where he absorbs BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm, BoBoiBoy Cyclone, BoBoiBoy Thorn and BoBoiBoy Solar's powers completely and reobtaining his former elemental form. Retak'ka's absorption ability also appears to be strengthened his elemental form as he absorbs Planet Gur'latan's electricity and Planet Bayugan's great blowing winds. As shown in the movie, Retak'ka has 5 total 3rd tier elemental forms:

It was never shown what his Fire and Water's 3rd tier form would be as they were never shown in the movie and even in concept arts.


Regular Abilities

  • Explosive Power: Retak'ka can explode from itself by radiating their bodies and exploding so loudly that they release strong winds. This power only appears in the BoBoiBoy Movie 2 Official Trailer Teaser 2.
  • Eye Shots: Retak'ka can shoot yellow laser beams out of the eyes.
  • High Acceleration: Retak'ka has an acceleration with a higher speed compared to the speed of its opponent, can even teleport towards his opponent anywhere.
  • Gamma Drain: Retak'ka has the ability to inhale power from its opponent and keep it to its body.
  • Master Combatant: Due to his experience and the power he gained from GammaBot, Retak'ka is a very strong and skillful combatant. He is able to take down the whole TAPOPS station all by himself, even defeat both Admiral Tarung and Commander Koko Ci. He also defeated the Guruhan's Army with his Voltra mode all by himself, with the support of Planet Gur'latan's natural lightning energy.


  • Retak'ka's name is a play of the Malay word "Retak" which means "crack".
  • Retak'ka has probably already had some of the same elemental powers as BoBoiBoy even before he finds it maximally, like land, fire, and ice. It is still unclear why the reason might be that he could still survive on the previous planet with this power during Ochobot's inhalation to be shown to BoBoiBoy.
  • Retak'ka can be considered as the foil of BoBoiBoy due to both being the owner of elemental powers.
  • Retak'ka shares similarities with Bora Ra and Captain Vargoba since all three of them are the darkest and most terrifying villains in the franchise.
  • In the movie's English Dub, he speaks in a British accent.
  • According to the 100th issue of BoBoiBoy Comics Magazine:


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