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BoBoiBoy The Movie OST - Track 09 (Kilang Sfera Kuasa - Extended)

Power Sphere Factory (Kilang Sfera Kuasa) is the 9th track in BoBoiBoy: The Movie. It is played when Klamkabot carries BoBoiBoy and his friends in a box and takes them to the Power Sphere Factory. However, they are being chased and attacked by Bora Ra and Gaga Naz.


  • Monsta accidentally uploaded the Power Sphere Lab soundtrack as the 9th track for BoBoiBoy: The Movie OST on YouTube before being taken down.
  • When Monsta uploaded the correct soundtrack, it was incomplete.
  • Monsta took down the previous incomplete video and uploaded the extended version of this soundtrack (actually the complete version) in September 6, 2016.