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Speaker Dialogue
[Open ext. Alley at night.]
(A spaceship appears over an alley. Adu Du and Probe are beamed from the ship into the alley.)
Adu Du (Chuckles maniacally.) We have finally arrived.
[Cut to ext. Park at same time.]
(Tok Aba’s cafe is still operating at this hour. Koko Ci is repairing his ship with MotoBot.)
MotoBot Commander, how much longer are the repairs going to take?
Koko Ci Hmm…maybe a couple of days more.
MotoBot A couple of days?! What if the pirates find us first?! What do we do?!
Koko Ci Do not worry, MotoBot. We are under the protection of BoBoiBoy.
Tok Aba BoBoiBoy! Hand these drinks, will ya?
BoBoiBoy Huh? One second!
Ochobot BoBoiBoy, can you help me clean that table up?
Mr. Mat Excuse me! Cheque, please!
Tok Aba Hurry up, BoBoiBoy. The ice is starting to melt.
BoBoiBoy Uh…I need back-up. BoBoiBoy, Triple Split! (Performs Elemental Split.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Wind, you help out Tok Aba. Lightning, clean up the tables, and I’ll handle the customers.
BoBoiBoy Wind and BoBoiBoy Lightning Okay!
(Each Element carries out his assigned task. BoBoiBoy Wind picks up the ice chocolate on the counter and approaches the ship. Gopal has set up a photo booth in front of it.)
Gopal Step right up, everybody! Take a photo of the ship! 3 for $10, 3 for $10, 3 for $10!
BoBoiBoy Wind Are you for real? You’re still selling photos at this time?
Gopal Huh? Of course! Time is money. (Fans himself with the cash he’s earned.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Wow, that’s a lot of cash!
Gopal (Tsks.) Told you so. Lots of people came by to check out the spaceship, and they all wanted to take a photo with it! (Grabs Wind.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Agh!
Gopal Selfie!
BoBoiBoy Wind Huh?!
(Gopal snaps a photo with his instant camera.)
Gopal Okay, here—Gopal’s Photo Booth Service. (Hands Wind the photo, decorated with photo booth stickers.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Wow! This is pretty awesome! Huh?
Gopal Want one? Only 30 bucks for one!
BoBoiBoy Wind 30 bucks for one?! I heard you say 3 for $10!
Gopal It’s a special buddy price.
BoBoiBoy Wind (Scoffs.) Some buddy you are. I’d rather sell these drinks than pay that much. (Flies into the ship.)
Gopal Hey, dude! Fine, I’ll give you a discount. Special Best Buddy price: 20 bucks! (Chases after him.)
Adu Du (Laughs.)
(Adu Du emerges from behind the ship and uses a gun to rapidly spread sleeping gas through the area.)
Adu Du It’s bedtime. Sweet dreams!
MotoBot Why don’t we just use my powers and make a brand new spaceship and fly off?
Koko Ci That would be a waste of your energy, MotoBot. I can fix the spaceship and get it running again.
BoBoiBoy Wind Hi, Cici Ko! Tok Aba made you a drink.
Koko Ci Thank you, BoBoiBoy. Huh? Wh-what kind of drink is this?
BoBoiBoy Wind That’s Special— (Yells.)
Gopal (Knocks Wind away.) Behold! Tok Aba’s Special Ice Chocolate! Specially made from premium cocoa beans, handpicked by Tok Aba himself, mixed with fresh milk from Mr. Din’s dairy farm, and blended with cool ice cubes from Mr. [?...?...?]’s convenience store. Making it… (Grabs the drink.) …the best ice chocolate drink ever! (Drinks the entire cup.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Hey, Gopal! Tok Aba made that drink for Cici Ko!
Gopal Huh?! Uh, uh, er… (Chuckles nervously and gently gives Koko Ci the empty cup.)
(Sleeping gas seeps in through the open ship door.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Huh? What…what’s going on?!
MotoBot Don’t breathe in the gas!
Gopal (Sniffs, sighs dizzily, faints.)
Koko Ci Huh?! (Groans sleepily, faints.)
BoBoiBoy Wind (Sighs.) [slurring] Run! Run, everybody! (Faints.)
Gopal [slurring] So, so sleepy…
(The gas spreads to the cafe area and affects the customers, Lightning and Earth.)
Tok Aba Huh? What kind of gas is that Ochobot?
BoBoiBoy Lightning (Sighs, faints.)
Mr. Kumar Ahh! (Sniffs.) Huh? (Faints.)
BoBoiBoy Earth (Sighs, faints.)
(The Elements return to Earth, who reverts to BoBoiBoy.)
Tok Aba Huh?!
Ochobot Tok Aba, we gotta run! (Pulls Tok Aba away from the gas.)
Tok Aba (Yells.)
MotoBot (Sees figures emerging from the gas cloud.)Huh? (Whimpers.)
Adu Du (Laughs.) At long last, finally, I have captured my first Power Sphera!
MotoBot Who…who are you?
Adu Du What? Who am I? (Chuckles.) I am… Adu Du! (Removes gas mask.) [slurring] Power Sphera…hunter… (Sighs.) So sleepy… (Faints. Yawns, snores.)
Probe Hey, hey! Mr. Boss, Mr. Boss! Get up!
MotoBot (Gasps, pants. Runs for the ship’s door.)
Probe (Blocks MotoBot.) Hey, where do you think you’re going, huh?!
MotoBot (Gasps.)
Probe C’mere, you!
MotoBot No, no!
[Fade to black. Fade in to the next morning.]
BoBoiBoy (Snores.)
Tok Aba BoBoiBoy? Wake up, BoBoiBoy, wake up!
BoBoiBoy Oof. (Yawns.) Morning, Tok Aba.
Ochobot Gopal! Cici Ko! Wake up!
Gopal (Yawns, smacks lips.)
Koko Ci What…what just happened?
Gopal (Hallucinating Koko Ci as a pillow.) I don’t remember having a talking pillow. (Realises who he’s holding. Blinks, screams.) Cici Ko! (Throws him across the room.)
Koko Ci (Yells as he spins around a pipe and lands on his head.) Ow!
Gopal Eh, Cici Ko!
BoBoiBoy Wh-why are we sleeping outside?
Ochobot You guys were knocked out by sleeping gas! We were attacked last night!
BoBoiBoy Huh?! We were attacked?!
Koko Ci (Groans.)
Gopal [frantically] Uh, I’m sorry, Cici Ko! Are you okay or not?!
Koko Ci Ow… Help me, MotoBot.
Gopal MotoBot, help your commander out!
Ochobot MotoBot was kidnapped, Cici Ko!
Koko Ci Huh?! K-kidnapped?!
BoBoiBoy Yeah! Ochobot said he saw a spaceship take MotoBot away last night.
[Flashback begins.]
(Tok Aba and Ochobot watch from behind a tree as a shackled MotoBot is beamed up into a spaceship.)
MotoBot (Grunts.) Let me go! Let me go!
[Flashback ends.]
Koko Ci No! I…I have to find and get him back!
(He, Ochobot, BoBoiBoy and Gopal run through the ship to the control room. Koko Ci sits in front of a large computer and starts inputting something on a keyboard.)
BoBoiBoy How are you gonna find him, Cici Ko?
Koko Ci I have equipped a tracking device on every Power Sphera I have saved. If he’s not too far off, we can track his location. (“Target Located” appears on the screen.) There he is!
BoBoiBoy Where is he now?
Koko Ci He’s quite close. (The screen zooms past multiple galaxies, ending up 159 million light years away.) In sector G-14.
BoBoiBoy and Gopal How is that close?!
Ochobot What are we waiting for, Cici Ko? Let’s head there right away!
Koko Ci The spaceship isn’t fully functional yet. We have to find another way to get there. Hmm… we can use your teleportation power, Ochobot!
BoBoiBoy But the spaceship is not stationary. How are we supposed to teleport inside when it’s still moving?
Koko Ci Don’t worry, BoBoiBoy. I have an idea. (Brings up something on the screen.)
Gopal Huh?
Koko Ci Get ready for…Operation: Cloak and Swagger!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Operation: Smoke and Swagger?
Koko Ci Yes. You will have to disguise yourselves as aliens and teleport to a location where the spaceship will stop to refuel.
Gopal Hey, why do we have to disguise ourselves?
BoBoiBoy He’s right. Can’t we just teleport there and fight them head on?
Koko Ci Do not be hasty, BoBoiBoy. We do not know these aliens who took MotoBot. These Power Sphera hunters may be extremely dangerous.
[Fade in to Adu Du’s dream.]
(Adu Du is standing atop a small mountain of deactivated Power Spheras.)
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) It is I, the legendary Power Sphera hunter! (Laughs.)
(Alien hands clap for him.)
Adu Du Thank you, thank you very much. Louder! (Someone slaps him.) Ow! (Shouts in pain.) Hey! I demand to know who slapped me just now! (Shouts as he continues to be slapped.) Stop it! (Shouts.)
Probe (Repeatedly slaps Adu Du’s Face with large gloves.) Wake up, Mr. Boss. Wake up!
Adu Du (Wakes up.) How dare you slap your master’s face!
Probe Uh…calm down, Mr. Boss. (Chuckles nervously.) You were having a nightmare just now.
Adu Du (Groans.) My face hurts. Huh? (Sees MotoBot captured.) MotoBot?
MotoBot (Groans.)
Adu Du How did we manage to get him? I thought we were all knocked out.
Probe Have you forgotten? I’m a robot, remember? Sleeping gas doesn’t affect me.
Adu Du So you…you captured him? (Gasps, cackles.) Well done, Probe! Well done! (Pets Probe.)
MotoBot (Grunts.) Let me go! (Grunts.)
Adu Du (Laughs.) Let you go? Not a chance, MotoBot!
(An alarm starts blaring and red warning lights flash throughout the room.)
Adu Du Huh? What’s going on?
Computer Our spaceship is running out of energy, Mr. Boss.
Adu Du Hm. Locate the nearest fuelling station. We’ll have to make a pit stop there.
[Cut to Fuelling Station.]
(One of Ochobot’s teleportals opens there and Koko Ci and Ochobot walk through it. Gopal and BoBoiBoy follow them through.)
Koko Ci We have arrived. Begin Operation: Smoke and Swagger.
Gopal Hey, this is the worst alien disguise ever.
Koko Ci No time to complain. Come follow me.
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Sigh, and follow him.)
Gopal What now, BoBoiBoy? (Sees a spaceship.) Huh?
Koko Ci It’s time! Get in, get in!
(They run into the convenience store as the ship pulls up.)
Gopal Uh-oh, we’re doomed! Our disguise is not gonna work!
BoBoiBoy (Shushes.) Here they come! Get ready guys. (Pulls bucket disguise over his head.)
Ochobot Plush toy disguise! (Retracts arms, turns off his eye lights and lands in a basket of plush toys.)
Gopal Oh, no, oh, no! The hunters are here!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Gasp.)
(The aliens walk enter the store and are revealed to resemble BoBoiBoy and Gopal’s disguises.)
Alien Mop A (Speaks Mop.)
Alien Mops A, B and C (Speak Mop.)
Gopal Eh! They look exactly like us!
Koko Ci (Checks a detector device.) I can’t detect MotoBot’s signal on them.
Alien Mop B (Speaks Mop.) [in Mop] You got any toothpaste?
BoBoiBoy Uh…
Gopal Er… (Speaks random words in Mop.)
Alien Mop B [in Mop] Oh. You mean that aisle over there? Thanks.
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Sigh.)
BoBoiBoy How…how did you manage to—?
Gopal Huh?
(They hear another spaceship approaching and docking at the station. Koko Ci’s detector beeps.)
Koko Ci Huh? I’m getting MotoBot’s signal!
Gopal Huh?!
BoBoiBoy Where?
(A shaft emerges fro the ship’s underside, and Adu Du and Probe along with MotoBot are revealed to be standing in it.)
Koko Ci That’s…that’s Adu Du and Probe!
Gopal MotoBot is with them!
MotoBot (Pants.)
BoBoiBoy Hurry, Gopal! We have to—! Huh?!
Gopal [in Mop] That will be $15.50.
Alien Mop A [in Mop] Here, keep the change.
BoBoiBoy Sheesh! Come on, Gopal! (Drags Gopal out of the store.
Alien Mop A [quizically] (Speaks Mop.)
Gopal (Yells.)
BoBoiBoy So…it was you, Adu Du?!
Adu Du Huh? Y-you know who I am?
Probe Ooh, you’re pretty famous now, Mr. Boss.
Gopal Dude, who doesn’t know you, the worst Power Sphera hunter of them all. Not even one Power Sphera to your name. Look, see here? (Pulls Adu Du’s Wanted poster.)
Adu Du You mean… [excitedly] I finally made it into the Wanted list?!
Gopal Hate to break it to you: you’re bounty’s only one dollar.
(Koko Ci sneaks behind the ship and pretends to be cleaning the area to get closer to MotoBot.)
BoBoiBoy Enough! Give us back MotoBot—! (Yells.)
Alien Mop A [in Mop] Come on! We’re going home!
BoBoiBoy No! Stop pulling! Gopal, help!
Adu Du Huh? Gopal?
Gopal Hey, hey, let him go! (Grabs BoBoiBoy.) [in Mop] Let him go, you’ve got the wrong guy! Shoo! (Speaks Mop.)
Alien Mop A [in Mop] Hurry. We’re leaving already! (Pulls back.)
BoBoiBoy (Grunts.)
(Gopal grabs BoBoiBoy’s bucket and accidentally pulls it off.)
Alien Mop A (Gasps.)
BoBoiBoy Er… (Chuckles sheepishly.) Oops.
Alien Mop A (Sighs, faints.)
(The other Alien mops catch him and run to their ship.)
Alien Mops B and C [in Mop] It’s an earthling!
Adu Du You… It’s you, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Let MotoBot go!
Adu Du (Gasps.) Probe! Don’t let them take MotoBot!
Probe Don’t worry, Mr. Boss. MotoBot is right h—! (Realises MotoBot is gone.) Huh?!
Koko Ci (Speeds by riding MotoBot in vehicle mode.) Faster, MotoBot! Faster!
Adu Du Stop! (Stammers.) After them, Probe!
Probe Mode: Vehicular Probe!
[Vehicular Probe transformation sequence.]
Adu Du Chase them, Probe! (Fires up Probe’s boosters and chases after MotoBot.)
Gopal (Yells.)
BoBoiBoy (Grunts.) Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning! (Dashes ahead.)
Gopal W-wait for me! (Runs after him.)
(Adu Du and probe are closing in on Koko Ci and MotoBot. Koko Ci dons a pair of sunglasses and speeds MotoBot up, pulling ahead.)
Adu Du Full-speed, Probe. Faster!
BoBoiBoy Lightning Lightning Blade!
(The blade strikes next to Probe, briefly destabilising him, but Adu Du regains control.)
Adu Du (Shouts.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Stop right there!
Adu Du (Growls.) Chew on this! (Presses a button.)
(A dual blaster extends behind him and turns around to fire at Lightning. He manages to dodge the shots and moves to strike.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning (Grunts, yells.)
Adu Du Turn around, Probe!
Probe Right away!
BoBoiBoy Lightning Huh?!
Adu Du Fire! (Presses a button.)
(Missile launchers extend from either side of Probe and fire at missiles at Lightning.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning (Gasps.)
(MotoBot screeches to a stop when the missiles explode on impact.)
Koko Ci BoBoiBoy!
Adu Du (Laughs maniacally.) That’s what you get for challenging…the best Power Sphera hunter of all time! Huh?
(BoBoiBoy Earth managed to block the missiles with an Earth Barrier.)
Gopal (Pants.) Wait up, BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy Earth Earth Grapple! (Slams the ground.)
(Giant fists made of solid dirt rise up around Adu Du and Probe.)
Adu Du (Exclaims.) Transform, Probe!
Probe Got it!
[Mecha Probe transformation sequence.]
Probe Mode: Mecha Probe!
(The fists close around him, but Mecha Probe easily breaks through them.)
Probe (Yells.)
Adu Du Ha! You guys dare challenge me?! Very well. I will destroy both of you first! (Yells.)
(Two missiles launch from Mecha Probe’s arms.)
BoBoiBoy Earth Huh?!! BoBoiBoy Wind!
BoBoiBoy Wind Wind Deflection! (Grunts.)
(The tornado spins the missiles back towards Mecha Probe. They explode, but Mecha Probe jumps through the explosion.)
Probe (Yells.)
BoBoiBoy Wind and Gopal Huh?!
Adu Du Prepare to be crushed!
BoBoiBoy Wind Ru…
BoBoiBoy Run, Gopal! (Runs away.)
Gopal Hey, hey, I just got here! (Runs away.)
Koko Ci We have to help them! Let’s go, MotoBot!
(They turn back and speed towards Mecha Probe. Adu Du locks on to BoBoiBoy and Gopal and fires a dual blaster at them.)
Adu Du (Yells.)
BoBoiBoy Huh?
MotoBot (Drives up along the canyon wall and jumps into the air, emitting two blasts in BoBoiBoy and Gopal’s direction.) Vehicular Materialisation!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Scream.)
[Vehicular materialisation sequence.]
BoBoiBoy What’s going on?! Whoa!
(Their vehicles drive them out of the blast’s radius.)
Gopal (Yells.)
Koko Ci Success! Well done, MotoBot.
Adu Du How…how dare you, Cici Ko! Take this! (Fires a barrage of missiles at them.)
Koko Ci and MotoBot (Gasp.)
Gopal (Gasps.) Cici Ko! (Pushes a lever on his jeep, causing a dual blaster behind him to charge up.) Food Transformation Blasts!
(The blast envelopes the missiles and turns them into candy.)
Adu Du What?!
Koko Ci (Grunts.)
BoBoiBoy Awesome, Gopal!
Gopal How…how did I even do that?
Adu Du (Gasps.) Their vehicles have powers, too?!
Koko Ci MotoBot is no ordinary Power Sphera. The vehicles he creates can channel the powers of their users.
Gopal So, like, this car can shoot Food Transformation Blasts, too?
Koko Ci Exactly.
BoBoiBoy Ooh! That’s awesome, Cici Ko!
Adu Du (Growls.) Surrender MotoBot to me! (Growls.)
MotoBot (Gasps.)
BoBoiBoy Not on my watch! BoBoiBoy Elemental Split!
BoBoiBoy Earth Earthquake Drift!
Probe (Yells.)
Adu Du (Grunts.)
Adu Du and Probe (Scream.)
BoBoiBoy Wind Now my turn! Cyclone Spin!
Adu Du and Probe (Scream dizzily.)
Adu Du Put us down!
BoBoiBoy Lightning Lightning Dash! (Yells.)
Adu Du and Probe (Exclaim repeatedly.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning (Yells.)
Probe (Grunts.)
Adu Du Ow… It hurts everywhere…! (Grunts.) Huh?
BoBoiBoy You’ve lost, Adu Du.
Adu Du (Coughs.) Lost? (Chuckles.) I don’t think so, BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Huh?
Adu Du I will return!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Huh?
BoBoiBoy Stop, Adu Du!
Adu Du (Chuckles.) Oh, this is not the end, BoBoiBoy. I will return!
BoBoiBoy Adu Du managed to escape!
Koko Ci It’s okay, BoBoiBoy. What’s important, MotoBot is safe!
MotoBot Thank you everyone.
Gopal That was close! Everyone’s trying to capture you!
Koko Ci This is exactly why I invited the two of you to join TAPOPS!
MotoBot Hm!
BoBoiBoy Hmm…
Koko Ci Join us, BoBoiBoy. Are you not a superhero? There are more Power Sphera out there waiting for us to find and save them.
Gopal Hey, he’s right, BoBoiBoy. Also, we get to travel across the galaxy.
BoBoiBoy Hm. Alright, I agree to join this TAPOPS team.
Gopal Yep! Count me in!
Koko Ci Excellent! However, there is but one condition left.
BoBoiBoy and Gopal One condition? What is it?
Koko Ci Ready? TAPOPS travels across the entire Galaxy, securing Power Sphera that we track and seek.
BoBoiBoy Sheesh, I forgot about this part. Awesome.
[End credits roll.]