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The Power Bands (Jam Kuasa) are special bands that Ochobot gave to BoBoiBoy, Yaya, Ying, Gopal, and Fang. Each Power Band has different abilities and appearances depending on its wielder.


In the original series, the image and color of the strap on his band changes depending on the form BoBoiBoy is in (though BoBoiBoy and his Lightning form's Power Band remains the same).

Powers: Elemental Forms (Lightning-Thunderstorm, Wind-Cyclone, and Earth-Quake) and Elemental Split. In Season 3 and the movie, he obtains Fire-Blaze, Water-Ice, Leaf-Thorn, and Light-Solar.

In Season 1, he has two Power Bands. While in Season 2, he has only one Power Band.

Note: BoBoiBoy's Power Band usually shows a lightning symbol. When in watch mode, it displays time in analog form, instead of digital.

In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, his Power Band gets a new design and his Power Band obtained 2 new forms, which are Leaf and Light.

In BoBoiBoy Movie 2, BoBoiBoy gains a new ability called Elemental Fusion. The Fusions that debuted in the movie are BoBoiBoy FrostFire (between Blaze and Ice), BoBoiBoy Glacier (between Ice and Quake), and BoBoiBoy Supra (between Solar and Thunderstorm).

In BoBoiBoy Galaxy (Season 2), his Power Band is redesigned again, with him being able to choose which elemental form to use using a dial similar to that of a rotary telephone. He also obtains new Fusion forms: BoBoiBoy Sori (between Thorn and Solar), BoBoiBoy Rumble (between Quake and Thunderstorm), BoBoiBoy Sopan (between Solar and Cyclone) along with two third tier powers: BoBoiBoy Tempest and BoBoiBoy Jungle.


Ochobot gave the band to her to free BoBoiBoy from getting squeezed further by Super Probe. Yaya has the power to manipulate Gravity.

PowersGravity Manipulation

Note: Yaya's Power Band is a digital watch and it is pink with flower patterns. It is shaped like a leaf and it coils around her wrist.


Ochobot gave the band to her so she could distract Super Probe and Adu Du from shooting Yaya.

PowersTime Manipulation

Note: Ying's Power Band is blue and yellow color, similar to her hat. It is a digital watch and it is made of thick cloth.


The last character that Ochobot gave powers, but Ochobot had forgotten the details about Gopal's powers. They only knew what Gopal's power is at the time they were kidnapped by Adu Du.

Powers: Molecule Manipulation

Note: Gopal's Power Band is also a watch (Season 2, Episode 5). When in watch mode, it displays time in digital form.


Fang got his power from Ochobot. When Adu Du and Probe try to snatch Ochobot to get power, he gives Fang the power band and gets Power of Shadow. When Adu Du and Probe try to attack him, he responded by summoning the Shadow Dragon. But, he failed to control it. That's why Ochobot sacrifice himself and finally fainted with Fang.

Powers: Shadow Manipulation

Note: Fang's Power Band is blue in color (opposed to his favorite color, purple) and it is made of rubber. It has an LCD screen and it is a digital watch.


Season 2, Episode 13

Ejo Jo captured Yaya, Ying and Gopal and removed their power bands/watch, which means that they lost their powers.

Season 3

  • Ejo Jo used Yaya, Ying and Gopal's Power Bands against BoBoiBoy. After defeated by him and Adu Du, Ejo Jo stole Fang's Power Band to trap BoBoiBoy, Yaya, Ying, Gopal and Adu Du.
  • Ying, Yaya and Gopal's power bands were used by Tok Aba, Papa Zola, and Iwan as the Trio of Justice to defeat Ejo Jo.
  • In the final episodes of Season 3, it was revealed that Fang's mission is to confiscate the Power Bands for Captain Kaizo so he can give them to the worthy ones.
  • In the final episode of Season 3, Captain Kaizo allows BoBoiBoy and his friends to keep their Power Bands because they have proven themselves worthy of using those powers.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

  • In Episode 4, BoBoiBoy's Power Band is suddenly glitched, but it is revealed by Ochobot that his Power Band absorbs and updates itself in episode 5.
  • In Episode 14, it is revealed that BoBoiBoy's old Power Band almost broke. So, BoBoiBoy must regain all his Base Form (remaining Water & Light) in order to use the Evolved Forms (2nd Stage).
  • In Episode 17, it is revealed that since BoBoiBoy got a new Power Band, BoBoiBoy had forgotten all of his powers since the movie.
  • In Episode 23, BoBoiBoy increased his intellect, so he finally transformed into his Light element.
  • In Episode 24, after getting hit by Captain Vargoba, BoBoiBoy was shot into space and started to freeze. But when a sun's rays hit him, his body thawed and he got the ability to transform into his Second-Tier Element, which was Solar.


  • When BoBoiBoy is his normal self, the image on his power band is a Lightning bolt.
    • In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, when BoBoiBoy is his normal self, his Power Band shows his "B" logo.
    • In BoBoiBoy Galaxy (Season 2), his "B" logo is at the top of the watch. The symbols of his elemental forms are displayed and he can turn the watch to select which form to transform into.
  • Ochobot has modified all of the Power Bands of BoBoiBoy, Yaya, Ying, Gopal and Fang so they can:
    • Show holograms for communication.
    • Send messages to each other.
    • Track their whereabouts similar to a GPS.