Potato is a character in BoBoiBoy.


He is Yaya's former pet cat.

He is a small brown cat, which could be a little bit sensitive, especially when it comes to Gopal.

The Series

Potato had made 6 appearances from episodes and 1 appearance from a commercial.

Adu Du Attacks

1.He ate Yaya's Biscuits that BoBoiBoy dropped on the floor and fainted.

2.He attacked Gopal after he stealing a fish.

Potato dan Ikan

Potato in S1, Episode 4

Team BoBoiBoy

3. He was accidentally sucked into Adu Du's Spaceship along with the Garbage can after he was hit by the laser to get Yaya.

BoBoiBoy's Fan Mails

4. (Flashback from S1, Episode 2, as told by Computer)

Awesome Neighbours

5. Ying reminded Yaya that he is outside her house.
Ying, Potato and the Bird

Close Encounters

6. He appeared when he was chasing a bird when Ying's Time Manipulation power was been described by Ejo Jo's Computer.

What Yaya Says

Episode 3: He was seen when Tok Aba almost crash into him, but thanks to Yaya that remind him, so he doesn't get hurt.

Episode 19: He was almost get hit by Tok Aba's car while crossing the street.

The Return of Probe

9. He appeared in a flashback with Sasha when Cocoa Guava is walking.


  • It's possible that he do not belong to the Yah family pet anymore, since ToToiToy (Yaya's baby brother) was born, maybe he's allergic to cats or it's not allowed for him. He was replaced by Mr. Alebi.
  • Potato's name is only revealed in the website of Animonsta Studios.
  • He is the first cat that appeared in the entire series, the others are Sasha, from Season 1, Episode 12 and the Crazy Cat (Season 2, Episodes 5).
  • He is also the first cat that scratched Gopal in the face, the second is the Crazy Alley Cat.
  • In the Disney Channel English Version of Season 1, Episode 3 , he doesn't have a voice at all.
  • Potato's name is a reference to a vegetable.


BoBoiBoy Potato the Cat

BoBoiBoy Potato the Cat