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Speaker Dialogue
Koko Ci [V.O.] Power Spheras are high-tech robots carrying unimaginable superpowers. Coveted by many, these Power Spheras fled and hid themselves in various parts of the galaxy. However, one by one, Power Spheras have been hunted down and captured by those with ill intent. And now, their powers are used to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the universe. This is the story of Earth’s superhero named BoBoiBoy, and his quest to save the Power Spheras, and defend our galaxy.
[Open. ext. Desert.]
(BoBoiBoy and Gopal run past. Gopal is clutching a large sphere in his arms.)
BoBoiBoy (Pants.) Run, Gopal! Run!
Gopal (Pants.) Amma, appa, save me! I regret this, BoBoiBoy! I regret all of this! (Sobs.)
BoBoiBoy No use crying, Gopal! We gotta get out of here alive first!
(It’s revealed that they’re in an expansive desert on another planet.)
[“5 hours ago…” title card.]
[Open. ext. Park.]
(Koko Ci is standing behind a podium, speaking into a microphone on a small stage that has been set up in front of Koko Ci’s ship. BoBoiBoy, Gopal and MotoBot are onstage with him, while Tok Aba and Ochobot serve as the audience.)
Koko Ci Gentlemen and Power Spheras, we are gathered here today to inaugurate these two boys into becoming cadets of TAPOPS: BoBoiBoy and Gopal! Their duty is to travel across the galaxy, to seek out and rescue Power Spheras in need. With this, I hope that they will—
Gopal Hey, can you cut to the chase? No one’s got time for your blabbering.
Koko Ci HUH?! What did you just say?! (Growls. Pulls out a discipline rod and smacks Gopal’s arm.)
Gopal Ouch! That hurts!
Koko Ci Moving on. MotoBot, bring over their badges.
MotoBot Yes, Commander.
(MotoBot follows Koko Ci with a tray holding two badges with the TAPOPS insignia. Koko Ci pins on Gopal’s badge roughly.)
Gopal Ouch!
(BoBoiBoy’s badge is pinned on more gently. The badge shines in the light.)
BoBoiBoy Wow! This badge looks super cool—! Huh?
Koko Ci (Takes the badges back.) That’s enough! I need these back. Gotta save them for the next batch of cadets.
Gopal What? You’re a cheapskate, Cici Ko.
Koko Ci What did you just call me?! (Holds the rod in his face.)
Gopal (Stammers.) “Commander Cici Ko”?
Koko Ci Incorrect! In all official affairs, you will not address me by my alias, Cici Ko. Instead, you will address me by real name: Koko Ci (Puts on sunglasses.), Commander Koko Ci. (Puts on a second pair.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Yes, Commander Cocoa Beans!
Koko Ci Koko Ci! Not “Cocoa BEANS”!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Exclaim fearfully.) Sorry, Commander Koko Ci!
Koko Ci Very well. Congratulations on becoming official members of TAPOPS. Welcome, Cadet BoBoiBoy, and Cadet Gopal. (Salutes them.)
(They return the salute.)
Tok Aba and Ochobot Hooray! Yay! (Both clap.)
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Awesome!
Tok Aba (Claps and sniffs.) Mr grandson is a cadet now. (Sobs and wipes away tears.) A high-ranking post, too! (Sniffs.)
Ochobot Er, the cadet is the lowest rank.
Tok Aba Oh, really? Well, you’ll have to work hard then, BoBoiBoy. Don’t slack off, or you won’t climb the ranks.
BoBoiBoy Sheesh, you know I just joined the team, Tok.
Gopal Hey, Commander, now that we’re official members of TAPOPS, why don’t you give us our first mission?
Koko Ci Hmm…very well. Since the two of you are freshly appointed cadets, we will start off with something safe and simple.
Gopal Aw, just give us something tough! We’ve fought against all types of evil aliens before, right, BoBoiBoy?
BoBoiBoy Uh…yeah.
Koko Ci Hmm…so you want something tough, huh?
[Trans. ext. Desert planet, present time.]
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Both scream.)
(They run and take cover behind some rocks protruding from the sand.)
Gopal (Pants.) This is all your fault!
BoBoiBoy What? My fault?! You wanted the tough stuff, remember?
Gopal I said, something tough. I didn’t say impossi—
BoBoiBoy (Clamps a hand on Gopal’s mouth.) Shh! [hushed] It’s right behind us!
(A huge purple creature with spikes on its back lumbers past. It pauses, searching.)
[Trans. int. Koko Ci’s ship, past.]
(After the inauguration, Koko Ci shows them data regarding “Planet Gurunda”, a size 3XL desert-type planet on which a Power Sphere has been detected. The type of life it accommodates and population are unknown.)
Koko Ci This is Planet Gurunda, a desert planet.
BoBoiBoy Desert planet?
Gopal Aw, come on, BoBoiBoy. Where there’s sand, there’s gotta be a beach!
Koko Ci A beach? Don’t be ridiculous! Not only is water a scarce source, the temperature of the planet can reach up to 100 degrees Celsius!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Huh?! Uh…can we change missions?
Koko Ci Negative! (Holds out a tablet.) Mission data has been keyed in. You will still travel to the planet! Track down and retrieve this Power Sphera. (Hands Gopal the tablet.)
Ochobot Come in, come in! Everyone’s already here! (Ushers two people into the room.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Huh?
(The people are revealed to be Ying and Yaya.)
Ying and Yaya Hi, BoBoiBoy! Hi, Gopal!
BoBoiBoy Yaya! Ying! (He and Gopal run to greet them.) Whoa! It’s been ages! How are you guys?
Ying and Yaya We’re good!
Ochobot They just got back from their holidays.
(The friends’ conversation continues, muffled in the background.)
Ying [muffled] Hey, Yaya, I wonder how…
MotoBot Commander, who are those girls?
Koko Ci Yaya and Ying are also BoBoiBoy’s superhero friends. In fact, they are the best fighters in the team.
Gopal Huh? The best fighters?
MotoBot If that’s the case, we should recruit them into our team!
Gopal What?!
Yaya Team? What kind of team?
Ochobot Team TAPOPS!
Ying and Yaya “TAPOPS”?
Koko Ci Indeed. (Changes into one of his dancing costumes.) TAPOPS!
(A brief song and dance break ensues, this time with BoBoiBoy joining in the dancing with MotoBot and Koko Ci.)
Koko Ci TAPOPS travels across the entire galaxy. Securi—
Gopal Ah, that’s enough! (Pulls the plug for the stereo. The lights go back to normal.) We don’t have time to explain to you two. (Pushes the three dancers aside.) We’ve got an important mission!
Ying and Yaya An important mission? Where to?
Gopal Sorry, this is a classified mission for TAPOPS cadets. Members of the library and mathematics club aren’t allowed.
Ying Sheesh! What a show-off!
Yaya Hmph!
Gopal Come on, Commander, give us our the order to begin the mission!
MotoBot Huh? Didn’t you ask to change missions?
Gopal No need. We’re professionals, unlike those kiddies.
Ying and Yaya What did you say?!
Gopal (Yells and hides behind the ship’s dashboard.)
Koko Ci Very well. All important data regarding the mission can be found on that tablet. Read and study the data carefully.
(Gopal picks up the tablet and snapshots of information start filling up the screen, quickly overwhelming Gopal.)
Koko Ci Open the teleportal now, Ochobot.
Ochobot Yes, Commander. (Prepares the portal.)
Gopal Uh… Nah, we don’t need this. We’ll figure it out as we go. (Tosses the tablet to the floor.)
BoBoiBoy Hey, we need that tablet for the mission!
Ochobot (Yells and opens the portal.)
Ying and Yaya Wow!
MotoBot Vehicular Materialisation!
(BoBoiBoy and Gopal’s vehicles from the previous episode form around them.)
BoBoiBoy (Sees the tablet.) [muffled through his helmet] Hey, but—wait!
MotoBot And, go!
(The vehicles start up according to MotoBot’s command and send the boys through the portal.)
BoBoiBoy [in slow-motion] Wait!
(The portal closes as they pass through and are transported to the sky above Gurunda.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Both scream.)
Gopal (Yells dizzily as his vehicle skids to a stop. Sighs.) Whoa!
(As he admires their new surroundings, a twig bounces off his helmet.)
Gopal Huh?
BoBoiBoy What’s wrong with you? Without the data from the tablet, how are we gonna look for the the Power Sphera?!
Gopal What’s the big deal? we’re on a desert planet. when we find something round and shiny, that will be the Power Sphera. Hmm… (Examines the landscape and spies something round and shiny in the distance.) A-ha! Found it! See, I’m a professional! Come on! (Drives off.)
(BoBoiBoy follows.)
[Trans. int. Koko Ci’s ship control room.]
(Yaya notices the tablet on the floor, still presenting information.)
Yaya Huh? What’s this tablet doing here?
Koko Ci WHAT?! Why on Earth did they leave that tablet?!
Ying (Reads the tablet’s current snapshot.) Huh? “Stay alert on rocky areas”?
[Fade trans. ext. Exact rocky area on Gurunda.]
(BoBoiBoy and Gopal stop their vehicles and dismount in the rocky area. Gopal picks up the spherical object he saw earlier.)
Gopal There! One Power Sphera found. This mission wasn’t that hard! Easy-peasy!
BoBoiBoy Hmm… A bit too easy, if you ask me. Hey, let me have a look at that Power Sphera. (Receives a call on his Power Watch from Ying and Yaya.) Huh?
Ying BoBoiBoy! Put that thing back! You guys are in danger!
Gopal Dude, this line is only for TAPOPS members! (Hangs up.)
(Something in the distance shakes the ground.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Huh?!
(Spikes that resemble the protruding rocks approach them, sending sand up around it.)
Gopal Huh? What’s that?!
(The creature dives under the sand like a shark.)
BoBoiBoy (Pants.) What in the world was that? Wha… Where did it go?!
Gopal (Dons his helmet.) I don’t know. I don’t wanna know! (Screams and speeds off in his vehicle.)
BoBoiBoy Wait! Gopal, wait! (Receives a call from Koko Ci.) Huh?
Koko Ci Watch out! The creature is following Gopal!
BoBoiBoy What?! The creature?! What kind of creature?
Gopal (Pants.)
(A creature with a large bill rises up from the sand behind him. Turns around to look.)
Gopal (Screams.)
(The creature dives into the sand again, just missing Gopal’s jeep.)
Gopal (Screams and drives away.)
(The creature follows, occasionally leaping out of the sand. BoBoiBoy pursues both of them on his bike.)
Gopal (Sobs.) Please don’t eat me, I don’t taste good! (Sobs.)
BoBoiBoy (Groans and speeds up on his bike.)
(The creature dives under the sand then leaps out and dives for Gopal in slow-motion.)
Gopal [in slow-motion] (Screams.)
BoBoiBoy Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind!
BoBoiBoy Wind Wind Surf! (Yells. Drives up a protruding rock, then flips upside-down to grab Gopal and the “Power Sphera” from his vehicle before the creature gets it. Screams.)
(Gopal’s jeep crashes, but Gopal is safe. The creature remains undeterred.)
Gopal (Pants.) Thanks for that, BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy Wind Gopal, get the monster off our tail!
Gopal (Turns around.) Ha! Cotton Candy Transformation Blasts! Ha, eat this! (Shoots at the monster, but hits the sand and rocks that it throws in its wake.) Cheeky duck, stop playing hide-and-seek!
(Some of the creature’s back spikes fly off it towards Gopal.)
Gopal (Gasps.) Watch out, BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy Wind Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning!
BoBoiBoy Lightning Lightning…
Gopal Hey, dude, I’m right behind you—!
BoBoiBoy Lightning ...Dash! (Dashes away, accidentally electrocuting Gopal.)
Gopal (Grunts repeatedly and spasms into different positions. Sighs, and his hair poofs up in an afro under his helmet.)
(Lightning continues dodging the spikes that rain down around them. An incredibly large spike suddenly appears ahead.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Huh?! Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Earth!
BoBoiBoy Earth Earth Smash! (The ground in front of him shoots up and breaks the spike, and provides a ramp for BoBoiBoy’s bike.)
(The creature jumps behind them, flips over and smashes its tail into the ground, producing a shockwave that overturns BoBoiBoy’s bike, sending BoBoiBoy and Gopal flying through the air. They recover from the crash and remove their helmets before running to take cover behind some rocks protruding from the sand.)
Gopal (Pants.) This is all your fault!
BoBoiBoy What? My fault?! You wanted the tough stuff, remember?
Gopal I said, something tough. I didn’t say impossi—
BoBoiBoy (Clamps a hand on Gopal’s mouth.) Shh! [hushed] It’s right behind us!
(The creature does a quick sweep through the rocks behind them. Slowly, it rounds the rock that the boys are hiding behind.)
BoBoiBoy Huh?! (Carefully turns to look.)
Gopal Huh? (Whimpers.) Please don’t see me, please don’t see me! (Sobs. Realises it’s right in front of him and screams.)
(The creature roars and moves to slap them with its tail.)
BoBoiBoy Elemental Power—! (Grunts.)
(Its tail crashes into BoBoiBoy before he can transform, knocking him aside and destroying the rock in the process. Sand shrouds the area.)
Gopal BoBoiBoy? BoBoiBoy! Where did you go?! (Realises the creature has snuck up behind him and gasps.) Amma!
Yaya Gravity Lift!
(A pink bubble surrounds the creature as it lunges at Gopal, and it’s lifted into the air.)
Gopal Huh?! Wha?
(Yaya is revealed to be hovering in the air, her hands glowing pink and her boots glowing yellow as she lifts the creature with her powers.)
[Trans. int. Koko Ci’s control room.]
(MotoBot watches this happen in awe.)
MotoBot She can levitate and lift that monster?!
Koko Ci Yes! Yaya has the power of Gravity Manipulation!
[Trans. ext. Planet Gurunda.]
BoBoiBoy (Fixes his cap.) Thanks a lot, Yaya!
Yaya Hm? (Giggles.) You’re welcome! (Accidentally lets the creature fall.) Huh? (Gasps.)
Gopal (Screams.)
Yaya Oh, no! (Yells and flies down after it.)
Gopal (Screams and covers his face.)
Ying (Runs up and activates her powers.) Slo-mo Speed! (Slows time around the creature.)
Gopal [in slow-motion] (Screams.)
Ying H-hurry, Yaya! Stop the monster!
[Trans. int. Koko Ci’s control room.]
MotoBot She…she can slow down speed?!
Koko Ci Yes, but the problem with her Speed Manipulation power is…it consumes a vast amount of energy.
Ying (Groans as the energy level on her Power Watch drops, then retracts the field.)
Yaya (Yells and catches up to the creature.)
(The impact sends sand everywhere. When it clears, Yaya is revealed to have caught the monster by its bill and is holding it in place.)
Gopal (Pants.) Huh? Huh?
Yaya (Grunts and forces the monster’s bill shut.) I’m sorry, Mrs. Monster. I can’t let you eat my friend there.
Ying BoBoiBoy, Gopal! You guys okay?
BoBoiBoy We’re okay. Thanks, guys!
Ying and Yaya No problem!
BoBoiBoy It’s a good thing that Ochobot opened a teleportal just in time!
Ying Yep! If we hadn’t shown up in time, Gopal would’ve been monster food, am I right?
Gopal Ugh, whatever! Let’s go beat that monster up!
Yaya Hey! That’s not a nice thing to do!
(The monster’s pupils widen.)
Gopal (Scoffs.) In case you’ve forgotten, that monster was gonna eat us!
Yaya (Releases the monster.) Is that true, Mrs. Monster?
Platypus Mama (Growls.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Whimper.)
Platypus Mama (Stands up on its hind legs.) They were the ones who stole from me first!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal (Both stammer.) It can speak?!
Ying Man, of course she can! If you’d bothered to read the mission tablet, you’d know that already! (Shows them the tablet with information on the platypus monster, which highlights its ability to speak.)
Platypus Mama Return the egg that you stole from me!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal What egg?
Yaya That egg! That thing you’ve got there isn’t a Power Sphera, it’s Mrs. Monster’s egg.
Gopal (Sighs.) What are talking abo—? (The egg cracks in his hands.) Huh? What’s happening?!
(A baby platypus monster bursts out of the egg with a squeal.)
Yaya and Ying Aww, he’s so cute!
Platypus Mama Oh, my! There’s my cute little baby!
Gopal Y-your baby? But I thought—
Platypus Baby (Turns to Gopal.) Mama! Mama!
Platypus Mama “Mama”?! Are you trying to steal my baby?!
Gopal No! N-no, I’m not!
Platypus Baby (Squeals and hugs Gopal.)
Gopal Sheesh, I’m not your mama, kid! (Pulls the baby off him.)
Platypus Baby (Reaches out.) Mama, mama, mama! (Bites Gopal’s hand.)
Gopal (Screams in pain.) Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow! You ungrateful child! (Runs and tries to shake the baby off.)
BoBoiBoy’s gang GOPAL!
Gopal Dude, let go of my hand! (Hits the baby.)
Platypus Mama HUH?! You dare hit my baby?! (Roars and runs all fours after Gopal.)
Gopal (Pants.) Oh, no, your real mama’s angry! (Screams.) Help!
BoBoiBoy We’ve gotta go save Gopal!
Ying and Yaya Let’s go!
BoBoiBoy Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Wind!
(BoBoiBoy Wind yells and flies after them on a small tornado. Platypus monster growls and the thorns on her back glow.)
Gopal (Exclaims.) She’s gonna shoot those spikes again!
BoBoiBoy Wind Elemental Power! BoBoiBoy Lightning!
BoBoiBoy Lightning Lightning Blade!
(He brandishes his Lightning Blades and yells repeatedly each time he slices through an incoming spike. Platypus mama slams the ground with her tail, producing a shockwave that knocks Lightning out of the sky. He drops his blades and transforms back, leaving him vulnerable to the monster’s next tail slam.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Huh?! (Gasps.)
Yaya Watch out, BoBoiBoy!
(She flies in, the impact sending sand into the air. Once it clears, Yaya is reveled to have caught the platypus monster’s tail.)
Platypus Mama (Growls.)
Yaya Please stop, Mrs. Monster. I don’t want to hurt you.
Platypus Mama First you steal my baby away, now you want to stop me from getting him back?! (Roars and charges at her.)
BoBoiBoy and Yaya Huh?! Run! (Both retreat.)
Gopal Ow, ow, that hurts! Let go of me!
Ying (Runs up.) Hey, Gopal, transform those cacti over there into bubblegum! (Points to cacti in the adjacent ravine.)
Gopal Hey, can’t you seem my hand’s a bit occupied right now? Hm?!
Ying (Sighs.) Don’t you have two hands?
Gopal That’s not it. I need both hands to do it.
Ying (Groans.) Just do it already!
Gopal (Exclaims in fear.) Bubblegum Transformation Blast! (Yells and transforms the cacti.)
Ying Wow! Way to go, Gopal!
Gopal (Blows smoke coming off his fingers.) Heh! And I did that with only one hand!
Ying Oh, your right hand doesn’t hurt anymore?
Gopal Huh? (Exclaims in pain.) It still hurts! Let go of my hand!
BoBoiBoy (Screams.) Stop her, Yaya!
Yaya (Grabs her tail.) Ugh, I can’t! I’m running out of power! (Her Power Watch indicates her dwindling power.)
Platypus Mama (Roars.)
Ying (Her watch flashes.) Super Speed! (Runs back to BoBoiBoy.) Follow me! Let’s push her down over there.
BoBoiBoy Push her down the ravine? But that’s dangerous!
Yaya (Yells as she’s dragged along by the platypus mama’s tail.)
Ying Sheesh, what’s up with all these questions? Just trust me!
BoBoiBoy (Exclaims in fear.) BoBoiBoy, Triple…Split!
[Triple Split sequence.]
BoBoiBoy Earth Earth Barrier!
(Brings up an Earth Barrier in the platypus mama’s path. She tries to stop before it but skids across the ground and hits it, sending her flying. She recovers from the shock and fires thorns at Ying and BoBoiBoy Earth.)
BoBoiBoy Lightning Lightning Sword Slash!
(He yells, and rapidly slashes and obliterates every thorn in mid-air.)
Ying Push her down now!
BoBoiBoy Wind Wind Blast!
(He fires a wind blast that hurls the rest of the way down to the ravine, where she impacts.)
Yaya and Ying Yay! We did it!
(Lightning and Wind return to Earth and he transforms back.)
BoBoiBoy (Runs up to the ravine edge.) Huh?
(The dust clears to reveal that the platypus mama landed safely in Gopal’s bubblegum cacti, which sticks to her and prevents her from moving.)
Platypus Mama (Strains.) Let me go! (Groans.) Where’s my baby?!
Yaya Please don’t struggle, Mrs. Monster, because you might get hurt.
BoBoiBoy Huh? What exactly happened here?
Ying It’s all thanks to Gopal.
Gopal (Struggles and waves the platypus baby around.) Let go of my hand!
(He manages to pull it off, but inadvertently throws that baby down the ravine.)
Platypus Baby (Screams.)
Everyone (Gasps.)
Gopal Oh, no! (Jumps after it, but falls down too. Screams.) AMMA!
BoBoiBoy and Ying GOPAL!
Gopal (Screams.)
(He sees the baby and “swims” over to grab it, but they continue falling.)
Platypus Mama (Exclaims.) MY BABY!
Platypus Baby and Gopal (Both scream.)
Yaya No Gravity Lift! (Catches them in a zero gravity bubble before they land.)
Gopal Huh?! (Pants, sighs once they touch the ground.)
Platypus Baby (Exclaims gleefully.)
Platypus Mama (Wrenches herself free of the gum.) You…you saved my baby!
Platypus Baby (Crawls out of Gopal’s arms and jumps to the platypus mama.) Mama! Mama, mama! Mama!
Platypus Mama Thank you ever so much!
Gopal Heh. Don’t mention it! Just part of my job as a TAPOPS member. (Platypus Mama chomps his hands. Screams in pain.) Ow-ow-ow! My hands!
Platypus Mama Hmph! Serves you right! That was for taking my baby in the first place!
Gopal (Sobs.) My hands hurt! (Sobs.)
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Awesome!
[Trans. int. Koko Ci’s control room.]
(The exact shot of BoBoiBoy saying “Awesome!” is covered in “FAIL” stamps. Koko Ci switches off the screen then addresses the communication holograms of BoBoiBoy and Gopal.)
BoBoiBoy (Gulps.)
Koko Ci Reckless behaviour, insubordination, ignoring mission details, disrupting wildlife and failing to retrieve the Power Sphera!
(On Gurunda, Ochobot projects Koko Ci’s communication holo in front of the boys.)
BoBoiBoy and Gopal We’re sorry, Commander!
Koko Ci It looks like I have to punish you, Cadet Gopal and Cadet BoBoiBoy. You will both stay there until the mission is completed!
BoBoiBoy Huh?!
Gopal Huh?! WHAT?! (Sobs.) I wanna go home! Open the teleportal back to Earth, Ochobot! My mom’s making curry today! (Sobs.)
Koko Ci (Growls.) Don’t be ridiculous! I sent Ochobot there with you so he can help you track down the Power Sphera you were supposed to retrieve.
Ochobot Let’s get this mission over and done with. Besides, I need time to recharge my energy before I can activate my teleportation power again.
BoBoiBoy You’re right. Let’s just call it a day. We’ll continue this mission tomorrow.
Koko Ci (Chuckles.) Do not worry. Ying and Yaya will aid you in your mission as newly appointed members of TAPOPS!
BoBoiBoy and Gopal Huh?
Ying and Yaya Yay! We’re now members of TAPOPS!
Gopal Hey! They can’t just join in so easy! We had to fight off space pirates before we could join—!
Koko Ci Congratulations, Lance Corporal Ying and Lance Corporal Yaya.
(Ochobot pins on the girls’ badges as they wink at each other.)
Gopal WHAT?! They’re ranked higher than us?!
Yaya (Giggles.)
BoBoiBoy (Chuckles.) Awesome!
Yaya and Ying Yay! Thank you so much!
(Some distance away from the scene, a cactus rustles on its own, then moves offscreen.)
[End credits roll.]