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"Pirate Armada Invasion" ("Ancaman Armada") is the 23rd episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy and the 23rd episode overall in the series.


After their narrow escape from Captain Vargoba, BoBoiBoy and friends are entrusted with bringing StealthBot safely back to TAPOPS Space Station.


Continuing from the previous episode, BoBoiBoy and his friends has managed to escape from Captain Vargoba with the help of Ochobot's Teleportation Power. The spacecraft they boarded was about to arrive at Sunnova Station. Commander Koko Ci then appears on the call screen and asks where they are and is shocked to see the Power Sphere StealthBot in BoBoiBoy's hands. He was surprised because he looked different. Then Captain Kaizo explains that it was modified by the Space Pirates and it was discovered by them with a larger size but thanks to BoBoiBoy's idea, StealthBot was successfully reduced to normall size with the power of BellBot. Koko Ci congratulates the team after hearing the report.

Then, Fang saw something in space and called the others. It looks like a lot of spacecraft shaped like 'dishes' not far from their spacecraft, seeing them Captain Papa and Gopal feel hungry. Seeing the spacecraft, Captain Kaizo asked Koko Ci why they needed to ask for help from the TEMPUR-A team. Koko Ci insists that they should not look down on the Space Pirates. BoBoiBoy and Gopal were surprised to hear the team's name. Yaya and Ying, who were also surprised, agreed because they had managed to spoil the Space Pirates plan by getting StealthBot.

Koko Ci argues that, without StealthBot, the ability to attack by Space Pirates can be limited but does not mean that they will not attack their stations. Then BoBoiBoy insisted with his friends to defend Sunnova Station, but Koko Ci said it was not necessary because only Kaizo would be involved in the defense. While BoBoiBoy and others were instructed by the Commander to keep StealthBot at the TAPOPS Station. With that Kaizo asked himself and teleported himself to the Commander's location. BoBoiBoy tries to interrupt, but Koko Ci says that StealthBot will not be safe to stay there. Because Ochobot had run out of teleportation energy, Koko Ci instructed them to use full speed to TAPOPS Station.

Upon arrival at TAPOPS Station, it appears Sai, Shielda and Nut are already there waiting for their arrival. After the ship door opens, Gopal and Papa Zola appears to be in a hurry and eager to go to eat. Nut was very excited to see StealthBot because it is one of the most powerful Power Spheres ever created. Fang explained what StealthBot looked like before, but Nut said that he already knew everything based on a report from Commander Koko Ci and then explained himself in detail.

Cattus looks sad and worried about being away from BellBot, and Nut who realizes his reaction says that he has already prepared a place for StealthBot. Clearly, they will remove the BellBot from it and return it to Cattus. BoBoiBoy asked Nut if he could return SteahlthBot to its original state and in the most active voice, Nut said "No problem!" With Nut, Nut-a-problem! ". BoBoiBoy smiles to hear the slogan, then Shielda took them to the Power Sphere vault. Unbeknownst to them, there was apparently a small detector hidden on the StealthBot.

Meanwhile not far from Sunnova Station, a battle is taking place between the Pirate fleet and the TAPOPS team. Admiral Tarung with his Battle Suits instructed not to let them escape. Kaizo fought against the Pirate armies without mercy one of the pirates recognize Captain Kaizo and Kassim. At Sunnova Station, Koko Ci and Alien Mops were seen watching the battle from a distance. After being told of the arrival of a group of Pirate fleets, Koko Ci instructed the TEMPUR-A team to guard the right wing. The arrival of more and more Pirate spacecraft made Koko Ci stunned because Captain Vargoba's spacecraft was still no where to be seen. Meanwhile, Captain Vargoba's spacecraft had already arrived near the TAPOPS Station. When the Pirate Parrot announced their arrival, Captain Vargoba told him to block all communications at the station and the Parrot released some communication barriers from his spaceship towards the TAPOPS Station. Inside the station, the BellBot has restored the size of the StealthBot to its original state and returned to Cattus' neck, making it feel happy again. The giant StealthBot has been pinned on the left and right for safety. Suddenly, the detector fell and Nut criticized its design as a detector. Sai blamed BoBoiBoy for not noticing the tracker and he has putted them all in danger.

Meanwhile, After entering the station, Captain Vargoba told the Pirate Crew that the Power Sphere was inside the space station and told them to split up and look for it until they could. So the Pirate troops began their task by destroying all the spacecraft found there, including the Team's spacecraft and caused chaos throughout the TAPOPS Station. In the dining area, Gopal is worried about not being able to contact BoBoiBoy. Papa Zola saw a group of Pirates enter the area, Captain Papa and Gopal were spotted by the pirates.

Through closed-circuit camera footage, Yaya and Ying were frightened to see the Pirate robots had entered almost the entire TAPOPS Station while BoBoiBoy was sad to see their spacecraft on fire. At that moment, Sai continued to blame BoBoiBoy but Fang managed to say that they all did not noticed the detector. At the same time, Ying is also anxious not to be able to contact anyone, until Nut is able to identify and inform about the communication barrier. Shielda suggested that they all escape with the Ochobot Teleportation Power, but it was difficult because his energy had been used up and needed time to recharge.

Shielda suggested that it would be better if they will stay in the in the vault as it was built to withstand any attack from outside and at the same time, Ying said they needed to find a way to contact Commander. But suddenly, Gopal and Papa's voice was heard asking for help from outside the vault. Yaya said that they had been captured by the Pirates group. BoBoiBoy acted to help them but was stopped by Sai saying that they need a plan. Meanwhile outside, Captain Vargoba ordered his army to open the door of the room. However he told him that the door of the room was too strong and they needed a password.

Captain Vargoba laughed and said that the door was still not strong enough for his attack and he knew his password and pressed the shoulders of both Gopal and Papa Zola until they screamed in pain. There is a shout of "Stop!" from inside the room and Captain Vargoba released his pressure. The vault door opened, and BoBoiBoy yelled at Captain Vargoba to let go of Gopal and Papa who were exhausted. So Captain Vargoba threw them both so hard that they fainted. BoBoiBoy became more angry and scolded him again for his extreme attitude but he responded with a loud voice that echoed throughout the TAPOPS Station. Captain Vargoba says the same reason BoBoiBoy got into his spaceship and stole the Power Sphera StealthBot.

He threatened to seize all the Power Spheres on the Station. BoBoiBoy said that he is not getting StealthBot back to which Captain Vargoba respond that he don't need StealthBot he has come to take the Power Sphere of Teleportation. BoBoiBoy said he wouldn't let him do that.

Captain Vargoba starts a fight with BoBoiBoy and the TAPOPS team and manages to defeat them except Fang who hides in his own shadow while trying to recharge his power and Ochobot. It has been revealed that the plan was actually made before they opened the door. Which Ochobot is ready to teleport, and for Fang to unlock the second level power to attack him. The plan works.

Screenshot 20200705 144517

Fang attacking Vargoba using his Shadow Fusion power.

At first he manage to deal some damage against Vargoba by scratching his face. However, Vargoba later throws Fang to the wall and reveals that he has four hands which he covered with his cloak.

During that situation, BoBoiBoy tolds Ochobot to use the teleportation power, at least so they can get away from the communication jammer and ask for help. Ochobot agrees and use the teleportation power, taking them near the Sunnova Station. Commander Koko Ci receives the message and went to help along with Tarung. Back into the fight, BoBoiBoy gains his Light power and fought Vargoba.


Differences in the Comic Version[]

  • to be added


  • This episode was planned to be combined with episode 24th episodes of the season into a 1-hour special, which was planned to be release during Eid Mubarak on both TV3 and official Monsta channel at YouTube.[1]
    • Since there's an announcement that episode 19 was released a day earlier and so do the followed episodes[2], the finale episode was possibly release a day before Eid Mubarak.
    • However since the 24th episode was separated with this episode from the latest information, it was postponed and release on June 22, 2018.[3]
  • This marks the first time Fang demonstrates his Second Tier power (Shadow Fusion) since BoBoiBoy: The Movie.
    • It also implies that the others may not have lost their upgrades from the movie either.
  • This is the first episode where BoBoiBoy Light is physically shown.




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