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Nizam Razak

Nizam Razak

Mohd. Nizam bin Abdul Razak (birth August 14, 1983) is the Season 1 Director of the Series.

He is one of the people who worked Upin and Ipin, along with Kee Yong Pin, Safwan Karim and Anas Abdul Aziz, his most well known role is being the Director of the Movie "Geng the Adventure Begins". In 2009, they left Les Copaque to establish Animonsta Studios.

Nizam Razak BoBoiBoy

Nizam Razak holding a picture of BoBoiBoy

He performed the voices the characters, Papa Zola, Bago Go, Wak Baga Ga and the Burgerman in both Bahasa Malaysia and English Versions.

Aside from being the director, he is also one of the makers of the story of each episodes, editor of the audio and the Storyboard Artist.

He was replaced as the director of each episode by Yap Ee Jean and Dzubir Bin Mohammed Zakaria in Season 2.

He is the director for BoBoiBoy: The Movie and BoBoiBoy Movie 2.

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