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The Mystery Box Headed Child Ghost is a story written by A.R. Probe on a paper after Adu Du burned his Horror Books Collection. This calls as Misteri Toyol Kepala Kotak Di Markas Kotak in Malay version.

Toyol Mystery


It is about a rich people name Probe that have his luxury from a golden cocoa bean. One day, he go to the cocoa tree like usual. But, he don't found any golden cocoa bean. He try to search in all the village include the worm hole, but he don't found it. At night, he can't sleep because worry about his lost golden cocoa bean. Then, at 12 a.m he heard a scratch voice from the door. The sound is keep louder. WIth a nervous feeling, he go to his cocoa tree and see a green thing that try to pick some golden cocoa bean. He was introducing himself. He tell that his name is Toyo Yo. He try to chase Probe, then he was hiding his face. When he open his face, he see Toyo Yo was counting the golden cocoa bean that he get. But he can't count it because his finger is just only 4. So stupid this green thing. Adu Du was revolt and crossed out the comic. Probe was worry and panic when Adu Du know that he made a comic.



  • The motto of the story is "Siri Seram... Tapi Best! (Scary Story... But the Best!)"
  • It's look likes Probe that only making fun of his Boss because the Toyol looks like Adu Du.