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Maximum Fireball (Bebola Api Maksima) is a super-sized Fireball created by BoBoiBoy Fire and BoBoiBoy Blaze.

Short Comic: Fire vs. Water[]

BoBoiBoy Fire used this move against BoBoiBoy Water's Water Whale Sphere. The impact was so strong that it shattered the shield created by BoBoiBoy Earth and Fang.

Season 3, Episode 16[]

He created a small fireball with his hands and then made it bigger and jumped to the air with it. He threw the ball at Mega Probe and Adu Du, knocking them to the sky.

Season 3, Episode 25[]

He used this move to undergo a combo with BoBoiBoy Water's Water Whale Sphere against Captain Kaizo's shield but backfired.

Back in Action![]

BoBoiBoy Blaze uses it to attack Adu Du.


This move is very strong as its impact can knock out Mega Probe in one hit.