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Fang's power is Shadow Manipulation (umbrakinesis/erebokinesis). Like his friends, his powers were given to him by Ochobot. The first shadow form he conjured was the Shadow Dragon, revealed in Season 2, Episode 8.

In early episodes, Fang summoned the shadow animals by making a shadow puppet of the animal then “bringing it to life” with his power. Later uses disregard the need for him to form a shadow puppet to summon a form.

His power upgrade in BoBoiBoy: The Movie, enables him to fuse himself with shadows.

Shadow Abilities

Image Powers Description
Shadow Tiger
Shadow Shield
Shadow Attack

Shadow Hands

Shadow Rat
Shadow Eagle
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon
Hallway Shadow
Shadow Hallway
Images (45)
Shadow Shifter
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Shadow Cat
Shadow Fingers
Shadow Fingers
Shadow koala
Shadow Koala
Shadow polar bear
Shadow Polar Bear
Shadow binds
Shadow Binds
Shadow Garuda Fusion
Shadow Eagle Fusion (Second-tier power)
Shadow Bear Fusion
Shadow Bear Fusion (Second-tier power)
Shadow Tiger Fusion
Shadow Tiger Fusion (Second-tier power)
Screenshot 20200823 183728
Shadow Dragon Fusion (Second-tier power)

Perforation Ability

Fang’s perforation ability is only activated when Fang taps the logo on his glasses.

BoBoiBoy Fanmails (Fang's Perforation Power)

Question on Perforation Power

With this power, Fang can turn intangible, meaning nothing can touch him. He can also extend this power to other objects and people, protecting them from possibly lethal harm.

As revealed in the fanmails, Fang no longer has this ability. Captain Kaizo took this power away because Fang was no longer a part of his team.


  • Some of Fang’s animal shadows show moments of sentience.
    • Shadow Tiger felt scared and ran away despite Fang's orders for it to attack in Season 3, Episode 14, felt angry with Fang in the movie when he mistakably summoned it, and felt contented when Fang petted it in Episode 22 of BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
    • Shadow Cat seems to be able to feel emotions as well since it appears contented when Fang pets it in the promotional image for Season 3 of BoBoiBoy.