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Lightning Dash (Pecutan Kilat) also known as Thunder Dash (Pecutan Petir) and its upgraded version Maximum Dash (Pecutan Maksima) is a vehicular ability of BoBoiBoy Lightning.


Power Sphera, MotoBot[]

BoBoiBoy Lightning used this to chase Adu Du.

Planet Gurunda Exploration[]

BoBoiBoy Lightning used it to escape from Platypus Monster.

Nova Prix Space Race[]

BoBoiBoy Lightning used Thunder Dash to catch up with the other racers. In the end, to win from Adu Du, Lightning used it's upgraded version Maximum Dash, to win the race, but got 2nd position.

Ability Usage[]

This power requires BoBoiBoy Lightning to focus on the target and then accelerate towards his enemy to strike with an electric shock. BoBoiBoy Lightning also uses this technique to avoid enemy attacks. In Season 1 Episode 15, BoBoiBoy Lightning has applied the lightning dash to the maximum and is the fastest compared to the others.