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Lieutenant Lahap, otherwise known as Lahap is an alien member of Captain Kaizo's team. He made his debut in "Enemies, Old and New" of BoBoiBoy.


In Enemies, Old and New, Lahap and Captain Kaizo arrive on Earth with a mission to seize all the Power Watches belonging to BoBoiBoy and his friends and the Power Sphere. Because they refused to surrender their powers, Kaizo told Fang to eliminate BoBoiBoy. When Fang stops attacking, Lahap scolds Fang for disobeying his captain's instructions and he is punished by Kaizo.

In Between Friend and Foe, Lahap attacks Yaya, Ying and Gopal who wants to save Fang. Lahap drinks toxic liquids from a barrel and convert them into plasma energy and attack the three of them relentlessly. Ying tries to defend his friends, but fails when the power of time is nullified which causes her and Yaya to be hurted of Lahap's attack while Gopal survives when he manages to hide in a barrel.

Meanwhile, Lahap ates Yaya's biscuits which were changed by Gopal's Food Transformation, he began to lick because of the taste. The effect of Yaya's biscuits has made Lahap to release all his toxic energy. Lahap praises Yaya's biscuits which were able to produce a very dangerous destructive attack and began to get addicted to the deliciousness of Yaya's biscuits. But then Captain Kaizo gives instructions to Lahap to get rid of them and Lahap begins to eat a plasma full of dangerous toxics from his backpack. However, Fang managed to use his power to take all the Power Watches from the hands of BoBoiBoy and his friends and he apologized to Kaizo. Then Kaizo, Lahap and Fang take off into space.

In See You Next Time BoBoiBoy, Lahap steered the spaceship as they were chased by the Adu Du's spaceshio piloted by Adu Du. Lahap continued to fire and shoot from his spaceship towards Adu Du's spaceship. Before it crashed to Earth, Adu Du told the BoBoiBoy's Gang to get into the space pod and go into Captain Kaizo's spaceship and then they launched the space pod. Pod took off quickly and broke into Captain Kaizo's spaceship while the Adu Du's spaceship crashed to Earth. BoBoiBoy told his friends to find Fang, but Captain Kaizo comes with Lahap and praises the actions of those who dare to come without any power. Then they urged Kaizo and Lahap to return all their Power Watches, although Lahap had time to remind them of their defeat in the previous fight. However, Kaizo is intrigued by their determination to regain power,

Fang, who was hiding in the airway, was reprimanded and scolded by Kaizo for his intention of stealing all the Power Watches. As a result of Fang's actions that angers them, Lahap drank a toxic liquid from the bag and continued to fire Energy Shots towards BoBoiBoy and his friends. Fang immediately protects them and returns all their powers, however they are attacked by Kaizo and stranded on the Combat Training Field. When BoBoiBoy and Fang fight with Kaizo, Lahap starts an attack on Yaya, Ying and Gopal. Yaya and Ying try to counterattack, and Lahap immediately uses his second level power by transforming his body structure into iron. It caused Yaya and Ying's attack to be ineffective. However, Gopal got an idea and told Yaya and Ying to throw the pieces of iron towards Lahap. After being tossed and accelerated by Yaya and Ying, Gopal converts the iron fragments into vegetables and eventually transforms Lahap's body structure into vegetables. Then Yaya and Ying defeated Lahap easily.

After the defeats of Lahap and Kaizo, they acknowledged that BoBoiBoy and his friends were eligible to use the Power Watches before explaining that their group's mission was to find all the Power Watches to be given to those who deserved it. Lahap objected to his captain's decision because those powers should have been given to their allies and friends. So Kaizo invites BoBoiBoy to join his team, which is later rejected by BoBoiBoy. Kaizo did not urge BoBoiBoy to join his team, but warned of an imminent threat to him and Ochobot. Lahap also instructed BoBoiBoy to take care of his friends and their Power Sphere before sending them back to Earth.

Physical Appearance

Lahap is a bulky, purple alien with yellow eyes, long arms, stubby legs and disproportionately large hands with long black fingernails. He also has two horns on each side of the head which, along with his bulging eyes and squat body, remind Gopal of a frog. His eyes and mouth appear to occupy the upper two-thirds of his body.

He wears black pants with a yellow stripe where a belt might be.


As Captain Kaizo's right-hand and lieutenant, Lahap is loyal to his leader to a fault. This is evident when he becomes enraged at the prospect of Fang disobeying the captain deliberately, and when he grows concerned over Kaizo's potential loss to BoBoiBoy and Fang. There are times when he disagrees with Kaizo's decisions, such as when he ordered Lahap to return to the ship before Lahap could unleash his toxic waste attack on their already weakened opponents. However begrudgingly he follows his orders, Lahap always acknowledges his captain's authority.

The previous incident mentioned also indicates that Lahap enjoys wreaking destruction and violence, especially on his enemies, even if it's clear his side has already won the battle. He was unsatisfied that his captain rescinded his earlier order to "finish them once and for all" with his final attack.

Skills and Abilities


The first ability he has shown to have was the ability to 'eat projectiles (beams, rays, etc.)' and shoot them back at the enemy. He has done this with the five PETAI who were with Ejo Jo in "Enemies, Old and New". In "Between Friend and Foe", it's revealed that he can eat anything that is toxic and shoot them in forms of toxic plasma beams.

  • Toxic plasma beams: Lahap drinks toxic waste and biologically converts it into plasma energy, which he shoots from his mouth in a powerful sustained beam. The more toxic the material he consumes, the more potent and long-lasting the effects are.
  • Plasma toxic attacks:
  • Material Absorption: Lahap's evolved power where he will be able to change the material of his body depending on the object he ate.

    Lahap has his metal skin.

As shown in Season 3, Episode 26 when he eats the pieces of the spaceship's metal platform to defend himself from Yaya and Ying's attacks. Gopal tricks him into eating vegetables and he is defeated by Yaya and Ying. His body can become strong, weak, tough, soft, etc. depending on the material he eats. For example: the spaceship's metal platform makes his body becomes hard and tough while the vegetables make his body becomes soft and weak.


  • His name means 'eat' in Malay, referencing his ability to eat anything, even objects that seem inedible.
  • He is the second character in the series who did not faint after eating Yaya's biscuits and loves Yaya's biscuits in Season 3, Episode 25. The first is Probe in Season 1, Episode 4.
    • However, he can still faint as shown by his first reaction when he immediately gagged. However, he likes this because Yaya's biscuit is making him become powerful as shown when his gag shot.
  • According to the mini-comics in the BoBoiBoy magazines, Lahap is a driving instructor and holds courses training students to drive vehicles in different extreme environments. Fang has taken these courses as part of his training in TAPOPS.



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