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The Kubulus race (YouTube English dub: “Kuboid” race.) is a race of square-headed aliens that inhabit Planet Ata Ta Tiga. They are mostly green colored, but there's even red colored ones like Bora Ra.


Kubulus Race is the race that inhabits Planet Ata Ta Tiga located at the tip of the Nusa Gima galaxy. They built the planet on their own with the technology development. They lived in peace for tens of thousands of years until one time; an evil alien race (Trianglians) attacked planet Ata Ta Tiga. They were attacked from the air, the land, and the sea. No one expected this to happen. Planet Ata Ta Tiga was at the brink of destruction, overshadowed by the extinction of Kubulus race.

In somewhere, hidden from the fleets of evil alien race, Kubulus race gathered all the specialists to create a premier weapon under the Power Sphere programme and finally Klamkabot was created. They tried to destroy it but failed. Those who were safe rebuilt Ata Ta Tiga together. They were more developed and greater than before, and the new generations of Power Spheres were also created.

Now, Power Sphere was a part of Kubulus life. But with such great ability, Kubulus race became greedy. Power Spheres were reprogrammed to be the weapons of mass destruction. Kubulus race became the new intergalactic conqueror empire! Klamkabot disagreed with the action that was done by the Kubulus empire. Who would have thought, their savior once ago, now was their primary opponent. But this time, the Kubulus empire was more prepared.

To save the Power Spheres left, with the remnants of power, Klamkabot used the teleportation power and sent the Power Spheres to all over the galaxy. Before escaping himself, Klamkabot promised, he will not allow any Power Sphere to fall to the evils. Since that, the Kubulus empire commands to hunt and catch all Power Spheres until today.

Extracted from Prologue Comic: Power Sphere.




  • In the first season of BoBoiBoy, Adu Du stated that he has no nose. However in BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 2, he fell asleep after smelling his own sleeping gas. Also in BoBoiBoy Movie 2, Adu Du had trouble breathing when he had his head stuck through the wall of Papa Zola's Spaceship while in outer space.
    • Either Kubulus have different respiratory system than humans or the idea of Kubulus race not having a nose was changed in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
  • The kubulus race is involved with the creation of Power Sphera.